What is Lightgrass? What are the Benefits?


Its scientific name is “Reun Ribes” and it is also known as “ışkın”, “uçkun”, “rebez”, “ohçun” . In Anatolia, it is known as the “highland banana”. This name comes from the feature of eating the ray by peeling it like a banana. This plant, which belongs to the sorrel family, is reminiscent of kiwi with its extremely sour taste. It is the first wild rhubarb species grown in Turkey.

It consists of yellowish and white flowers and leaves resembling elephant ears. It has triangular, reddish brown-winged fruits. Light grass leaves are said to be poisonous. Therefore, only the stem and root are consumed. The flowers of the plant are also fragrant. Although it has not yet taken the place it deserves in our homes, the light herb is actually a source of healing with its extraordinary benefits.

It deserves much more of the attention it receives today. This vegetable, which is good for many ailments, especially cancer, is natural medicine.

What are the Benefits of Radish Grass?

  • The substance called polyphenol, which is found in many different red vegetables is found in high amounts in the light herb. The anti-cancer effect of the plant comes from this feature. The polyphenol substance is produced by cooking fenugreek, so it is recommended to consume this herb after boiling. Thanks to its cell regenerative effect, the light herb has become a source of hope for cancer patients. The conclusion that this plant, which is still being studied, stops the development of cancerous cells, has emerged as a result of experiments conducted in America and England. Fenugreek, which has such miraculous effects, has taken its place among the substances that should be used in the content of cancer treatment drugs. Light grass is used especially in the fight against leukemia.
  • The plant, which has a rich content of vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, and K, is good for many diseases that are potentially life-threatening.
  • It also has an appetizing effect and helps people suffering from weakness gain weight.
  • Among the benefits of light grass, there are effects such as making the body more resistant and strengthening the immune system.
  • It is used to reduce the fever that occurs in the person during jaundice and convulsions.
  • The water obtained by boiling the root of the light root has blood pressure and sugar regulation effect.
  • It regulates digestion, helps to relax the stomach, provides relief from complaints such as nausea.
  • It has aphrodisiac properties.
  • It has anti-wrinkle, skin rejuvenating and refreshing properties. It can be used as a successful anti-aging product.
    It is known that light herb affects the acetylcholine mechanism, and accordingly, it is considered preventive for Alzheimer’s disease.

When Does Fenugreek Come Out?

As it can be grown in many cities of Turkey, it is mostly seen in the Eastern Anatolia region. The reason for this is that the plant grows in high mountain areas where the height reaches between 1000 meters and 4000 meters. With the melting of the snow, its trunk, which appears in the high plateaus, is cut by the villagers and brought to the cities.

After the iris grass seed is left in the soil, it starts to sprout towards the middle of May. It continues to grow and is collected until early June. This plant, which can reach an average of 50 centimeters in length, is especially common in Erzurum and Van.

Where Is Ginger Grass Sold?

So, where is the light root that comes out with all these healing effectsUnfortunately, it is not that easy to find the medicinal plant in question. For example, this product is not sold in Istanbul markets.

With the spring, especially children in that region love to consume this useful plant, which falls on the markets especially in Van.

The easiest place to find this product in Istanbul, like many other herbal products, is herbalists and some markets.

For this, you can buy the amount you need from a shop that sells fresh products and herbal supplies you know and trust, and store them for a long time in a dry and cool environment. You can also find the product in a package in some big markets. You can also order the plant from reliable addresses online.

What is the Price of Fenugreek?

Although it is not yet a well-known and used plant in our country, the herb is known and used especially in European countries such as England and Germany. Among the herbal products, especially some types of the light herbs are sold at prices that can be considered expensive. In Europe, some types of horseradish find buyers for up to 30 Euros. In our country, the average selling price per kilo varies between 10 and 20 TL.

How to Use Fenugreek?

The herb, which is recommended to be consumed mostly fresh, also has the ability to be eaten raw. The easiest way to consume this plant is to boil it and drink its water.

In addition, an effective cream can be obtained by mixing dried fenugreek seeds with yogurt. The cream in question is applied to the skin surface and used to eliminate problems such as acne and skin blemishes.

The removal of some spots, especially during pregnancy, is facilitated by this medicinal herb. In addition to being mixed with yogurt and consumed, it can also be used by rubbing the inner side of the shells on the stained areas.

Fenugreek is also a plant used to make medicinal drugs.

How to Eat Fenugreek?

Eastern Anatolia, which stands out as the region where rhubarb is grown the most, is also the region where the plant is consumed the most. Here, a variety of olive oil dishes such as rhubarb and rhubarb egg and skin kapuska are made, as well as eaten as jam. In addition, this herb adds flavor to salads. Since its taste is similar to kiwi, the product is also consumed as a fruit.

Some dishes, such as skin roast, prepared by adding tomatoes, rice, onions, and olive oil from the herb, are offered to customers in restaurants serving in big cities such as Istanbul.

In fact, it deserves to be one of the main vegetables in your kitchens and there are many different ways to eat it. For example, when you wake up in the morning, you can start the day with an omelet with light, so you can feel healthier and fitter all day. In addition, it is possible to easily consume this miraculous herb as soup or syrup. Just ask!

Let’s come to the question of how to prepare light herb tea. This tea is extremely easy to prepare. 100 grams of cleaned and sorted rhododendron root is left in two glasses of water and left for 12 hours. At the end of this period, the tea is filtered. It is boiled after adding one or two teaspoons of sugar to taste. After boiling, it is filled in bottles and kept in the refrigerator and it is recommended to be consumed daily. The drink has a slightly sour taste. This tea, which has no side effects to date, is enjoyed with pleasure.

Finally, the white and fragrant flowers of the ray can be used in the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. In addition, it often appears in the content of delicious desserts of British cuisine. Whether it’s ice cream, pie or crumble! Its tart taste makes it an ideal auxiliary product for desserts. Perhaps the secret of the British desserts lies in the light herb.

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