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High carb foods 0

High carb foods that are good for you

There are speculations that carbs do more harm than good to the body. This is not entirely true as there are several carb foods that provide lots of amazing health benefits. Below, we provide...



Now and then, you like to cook something that excites everyone at the dinner table. Crab dishes will undoubtedly make everyone excited as they taste amazing. It is not every day that your kids...

Honey Refractometer 0

Honey Refractometer: use and comparison 2022

The honey refractometer is an essential tool to ensure the correct humidity level of your honey. Summary What is a honey refractometer used for? How to measure the humidity level? How to calibrate a...

Where to buy beeswax 0

Where to buy beeswax?

To know where to buy beeswax, three criteria must be taken into consideration. Let’s discover them and then look together where to buy them. Summary What quality of wax do you want? What form...

beeswax bar 0

How to use the beeswax bar?

Molded in a block form, the beeswax bar makes it easy to use wax at any time. Containing many properties, wax can be incorporated into a multitude of preparations. Totally natural homemade products are yours! Let’s see together...

Gingerbread Recipe 0

The Traditional Gingerbread Recipe

The traditional gingerbread recipe will surprise you. Only three ingredients are needed to make the gingerbread of yesteryear. We will also discover the traditional recipes of certain French cities. Let’s discover this delicious iconic...

Buckwheat Honey 0

Buckwheat Honey | Benefits of Buckwheat Honey

Buckwheat Honey is a local honey with pronounced flavors. It is difficult to find because the cultivation of buckwheat honey is still too little developed in France. Let’s discover this unique honey! Where is...

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