4 Kinds of Honey: Every person should know!

kinds of honey
kinds of honey

Honey comes in many different colors, flavors, and thicknesses. In this blog, we will discuss the major kinds of honey. Honey gets its flavor from the flowers the bees visit. Each type of flower gives the honey a different flavor. Honey can also be packed in different ways.

Followings are the major kinds of honey:

1. Single-flower honey

Beekeepers place groups of hives in different places, called bee sites. The flavor, color and thickness of honey from each site depend on the kind of flowering plant in the area. Honeys vary in color from nearly white to very dark brown. In the United States there are even purple, Red and green honeys. In Australia two of the most tasty single-flower honeys are leatherwood and yellow box.

2. Blended honey

Honey packers can mix honey collected from many bee sites. This makes blended honeys cheaper to produce than single-flower honeys. Most of the honey produced m factories is blended liquid honey.

Honey can be eaten straight from the honeycomb.

3. Candied and creamed honey

As well as liquid honey, honey packers sell candied and creamed honey. Some types of honey candy, or form crystals, very quickly. Creamed honey is a thick creamy paste made by whipping candied honey with liquid honey.

4. Comb honey

Instead of removing the honey from the honeycomb, sometimes beekeepers cut the honeycomb into sections with the honey inside. The honey fills your mouth when you chew on the honeycomb.

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