What Is Turnip? Benefits of Turnip?

What Is Turnip
  • What Is Turnip?
  • What is Turnip Calorie and Nutritional Value?
  • What are the Benefits of Turnip?
  • What Is Turnip Good For?
  • Does Turnip Make You Weak? Does it make you gain weight?
  • What Is Turnip Made Of? What are the Ingredients of Turnip Juice?
  • How Is Turnip Made?
  • Does Turnip Go Bad?
  • Turnip Prices
  • Colorful and Aromatic Recipes You Can Prepare with Turnip

Curious About Turnip Plant

Turnip juice, which is known as a taste peculiar to the southern regions of our country, attracts attention with its interesting flavor and is preferred. It also helps you feel stronger and more energetic with the benefits it provides to the body.

Turnip, which can accompany meals with its slightly bitter taste and is a taste that is liked to drink, also has many interesting properties. Also known for its distinctive color and carrots that are often consumed together, turnip has significant benefits for those who drink it.

What Is Turnip?

  • It is one of the important species of the turnip plant, which is included in the radish family.
  • The most important and famous feature of the plant is the production of turnip juice. Added to various dishes, turnip is also used for garnish.
  • The plant grown from its seeds has a wide planting range. It is easily available at any time of the year.
  • The drink, which is generally known for the unique taste of its water, shows almost an antibiotic property.
  • The turnip carrot added to the turnip in a glass also adds a delicious detail to the drink. Eating carrots while drinking the turnip tasted from the glass is a different element of pleasure.

What is Turnip Calorie and Nutritional Value?

  • The answer to the question “how many calories in 1 glass of turnip” can be explained as 28 calories per 100 grams.
  • Turnips also important and beneficial in terms of nutritional value, but it is not ideal for people who need to consume less salt because of its high salt content.
  • Turnip, which is rich in carbohydrates and protein, is also high in fat and fiber.
  • In general, it can be said that the nutritional value ratios are good. Turnip fruit isalso consumed in its own form because it is useful.
  • Turnip root and turnip leaf also have high nutritional value. Turnip grass is mostly preferred as a feed in livestock.

If you drink turnip juice while dieting; You can see the effects on your body in the list:

  • Turnip is a beverage that facilitates the removal of toxins. If you consume regularly; prepares your body to weaken and saves from edema.
  • Turnip, which gives energy before sports, is also known as a beverage that balances blood pressure.
  • Turnip, which has the task of balancing blood sugar, is also known to relax the intestines.
  • If you consume turnip during sports and diet; You can support the continuation of fat burning.

What are the Benefits of Turnip?

  • Vitamins along with iron and calcium in its composition increase the strength and resistance of the body.
  • Turnip juice, which has an aphrodisiac feature, positively affects sexual life.
  • Its appetizing taste and feature are among the benefits of drinking turnips. It helps people who are underweight to gain weight.
  • Helping to remove harmful substances and toxins from the body, turnip supports better functioning of every organ.
  • Turnip benefits are also good for the digestive system. It has a positive effect on the stomach and liver.
  • Turnip, which is rich in iron and calcium, contributes to dental health and strengthens the gums.
  • Turnip, which solves problems in the lungs and bronchi and many other body problems, must be consumed for a healthier life.
  • Turnip juice is also helpful in blood pressure. It has a positive effect for those with low blood pressure. However, those who have high blood pressure problems should be careful. Due to the salty nature of the turnip, their blood pressure may increase.
  • “Does turnip juice increase sugar?” The answer to the question is also curious. Turnip creates a good alternative for diabetics as it reduces the sugar rate.

What Is Turnip Good For?

  • Turnip has many benefits for drinkers. As a result of being good for the stomach, it affects digestion positively.
  • It also prevents all cold diseases, especially the flu. It also helps to solve digestive problems such as constipation and diarrhea.
  • As a result of accelerating blood circulation, it makes blood and strengthens metabolism. It also contributes to increase breast milk when consumed within a certain amount.
  • It also contributes to the problem of hemorrhoids, in other words, hemorrhoids. Another beneficial aspect of turnip is that it reduces and balances the cholesterol ratio.

Does Turnip Make You Weak? Does it make you gain weight?

  • Among the positive contributions of turnip juice to the body, there is also a weakening feature.
  • It accelerates metabolism due to its high calcium content. This effect is better observed if consumed regularly.
  • It is possible to see changes, especially in the belly area, by applying the turnip diet.
  • Drinking turnip makes a great contribution to the digestive system. Thus, the difference in the belly can be felt after a while.
  • Such a result is obtained because the carrot and garlic in turnips are extremely effective in burning fat.
  • Especially the turnip radish in it is good for digestion.

What Is Turnip Made Of? What are the Ingredients of Turnip Juice?

  • The main ingredient of turnip is the plant of the same name.
  • Carrots arealso used to turn into turnip carrots later on. Beetroot is another ingredient added to the mix.
  • As sweeteners, substances such as lemon salt, rock salt and sugar are also found in the content of turnip juice.
  • You can make a healthy choice by purchasing organic turnip juice containing products obtained from nature .
  • Theleading black turnip among the turnip varieties is used in the making of the beverage.

How Is Turnip Made?

  • Although turnip juice is generally known to be bought ready-made from the market or drunk from kiosks, it can be easily prepared at home.
  • During this process, care should be taken to keep the consistency. Turnip is formed as a result of adding sugar, water and lemon juice to main ingredients such as turnips, carrots and beets.
  • Rock salt and half a loaf of bread appear as other elements on the way to create the delicious drink.
  • If you like to drink a turnip with a high bitterness, you can adjust its taste by adding pepper.
  • After putting the beets, carrots and turnips on the bread base in the cheesecloth, lemon salt, rock salt and sugar are added and a little water is added on top, and the turnip material is ready.
  • After you close the mouth of this recipe and wait for 15 days and the bread part is removed from the mixture, you can serve the turnip and drink it.
  • You can prepare many recipes using turnips. Turnip, which makes a name for itself in many recipes from sweet to salty, creates a feast on the tables thanks to the color it gives to the product you prepare.
  • Turnip, which is indispensable for salads and appetizers, creates a colorful presentation when used in bakery foods.

Does Turnip Go Bad?

  • The usage period of turnip juice varies according to the season in which it is
  • Turnip, which can stay fresh for a long time during the winter months, may enter the process of deterioration if it is not kept in the refrigerator during the summer months.
  • In other words, hot weather affects the turnip negatively. In case of deterioration of turnip juice, its taste also changes negatively and it is immediately understood that it is spoiled.
  • Therefore, care must always be taken to store it correctly.
  • You can keep the turnip you have opened in the refrigerator for 7 days. If it stays longer, it will experience a constant air change, so a slight change in taste occurs.
  • The best consumption recommendation; To drink and use fresh in a short time after opening the lid.

Turnip Prices

  • The prices of turnip juice vary according to the place where it is purchased. In general, it can be said that it has economical prices because it is a popular beverage.
  • Turnip is a very affordable beverage with economic value. The price of small bottles varies between 3 TL and 5 TL. If you are going to buy a large turnip; this figure will be multiplied.
  • When purchasing turnips, make sure that the bottle is safe and has not expired.
  • The price feature of turnip juice drunk in an outdoor place may be a little higher, but it is still offered to turnip lovers in a way that will not shake the budget.


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