Posof Apple: 5 Useful Properties of Posof Apple

Posof Apple

Posof Apple: Ardahan’s Inside Out Red Fruit

Registered as a geographical indication by the Turkish Patent Institute, the red apple managed to attract the attention of all countries of the world under the name Posof apple. This endemic fruit, which is red inside and out, was very effective in the promotion of Turkey.

This astonishing red apple is very different from the apples you are used to. Posof apple, which is distinguished from other apples by the structure of its skin and flesh, is also very popular with its health benefits.

Posof apple , which is curiously researched and tried to be obtained all over the country, has become the favorite fruit of many people with its features. In this article, you can get to know the Posof apple, which is always on the agenda and recommended by doctors, in detail.

Posof apple is the sought after fruit of fruit aisles for its taste and protection against various diseases. Here are the curious features of the Posof apple, whose fame spread around the world!

What is Posof Apple?

  • Ardahan, one of the precious lands of our country, has recently been on the agenda for growing apples with an eye-catching red color inside and out.
  • Posof apple, whose production has become more widespread especially in the last 5 years, is known as an endemic fruit that makes its inner fruit soft and red after the ripening period.
  • This special and colorful apple, which is consumed as medicine around Ardahan, has a light color when it is raw.
  • From the moment it enters the maturation period, it has a structure that makes every surface fry.
  • When you cut the Amasya apple, the star-shaped cores that draw your attention on the inside will also appear in the Posof apple.
    Posof apple, a soft, juicy apple type, was introduced as a registered fruit in 2017.
  • An application was made to the Turkish Patent Institute by the Ardahan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2017, and after the necessary examinations were completed, this red apple was registered as a geographical indication for Ardahan.
  • Thanks to the efforts of the apple producers in Ardahan, this apple, which has been recognized throughout the country, also cures many diseases.
  • In particular, their active roles such as regulating blood sugar and preventing intestinal diseases are in the foreground.
  • The red Posof apple, which was produced only as a hobby a few years ago, is now grown on an area of ​​500 decares within the scope of Ardahan University and the European Union project.
  • Posof apple, which is produced in a controlled and conscious way, is waiting to mature to be a cure for many people.

5 Useful Properties of Posof Apple

1) Balances Blood Sugar

  • Thanks to the benefits of Posof apple, diabetics will smile. Those who consume this apple do not increase their blood sugar.
  • Thanks to the antioxidant substances in its structure, the sugar rate in the body is balanced.
  • You can consume Posof apples to keep blood sugar balanced and prevent sudden sugar changes.

2) Activates the Bowels

  • Posof apple contains dietary fibers. In this way, it helps the intestines to be more active.
  • It is recommended to be consumed in intestinal problems and dietary nutrition.
  • When you consume Posof apples regularly, you can increase your metabolic rate and help the intestines work better.

3) Increases Body Resistance

  • Posof apple, which has high nutritional value, is a source of vitamins and minerals.
  • You can consume Posof apples to protect your body against infections and infectious diseases.
  • It will help you feel better by fighting free radicals.

4) Protects Oral Health

  • Posof apple, which is strong in terms of vitamin C and antioxidant substances, prevents tooth and gum diseases.
  • It is very effective in cleaning the bad odor and bacteria in the mouth.
  • When you regularly consume Posof apples; Your teeth will be stronger and cleaner.

5) Provides Cleaning of Toxin Substances

  • One of the reasons why the Posof apple is red is that it contains a lot of antioxidants.
  • Thanks to this fruit, which is rich in antioxidant substances, you can get rid of toxins in a short time.
  • Posof apple is a fruit that helps your body get rid of toxins by urinating frequently.

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