Areka Palm Care Tips

Areka Palm Care Tips

Decor plants, which are frequently preferred in home and office environments, attract attention with their different leaves and colors. One of these plants is the areca palm. The areca palm is the most common plant of the tropics. This plant, which has the opportunity to grow in humid and warm environments, has been used in many homes and office environments in our country in recent years. The areca palm, which instantly changes the atmosphere of its environment, is known for its different features from other plants with its ability to reproduce from the bottom.

The homeland of the areca palm in Madagascar. It is a type of plant belonging to the palm family. It has green, thin and dangling leaves. It grows from root to tip. When placed in a pot, the leaves close to the roots are smaller and the leaves near the tip are wider. It undertakes the task of cleaning by absorbing the bad air in the room it is in. This plant attracts attention with its evergreen feature.

We have prepared this article for those who want to learn about the characteristics of the areca palm. If you like growing plants as a hobby, you should make room for the areca palm in your home. The areca palm, which is very easy to maintain and grow, should take its place in your home as soon as possible.

How to Care for Areca Palm?

We will explain the tricks to those who want to grow an areca palm at home. After you have mastered many details from soil to water, you can grow the areca palm in pots in a healthy way. Here is the list of information you need to know:

  • The growth rate of the areca palm is directly proportional to the sunlight it receives. It is recommended to place it in a location that sees the sun directly during the day. You can make all the leaves grow by taking advantage of the sun by changing the direction of the pot frequently.
  • The light-loving areca palm does not like dark environments. For this reason, if you have areca in your home or office, you should make sure that it is close to the window.
  • Areca palm irrigation should be done with frequent control. It is recommended to water twice a week in the scorching heat of summer days. If you are trying to grow this plant in a cold area, once a week watering will be sufficient.
  • When watering the areca palm, be careful not to rot the soil. For this, you can water the leaves with a spray and pour water on the soil drop by drop.
  • It will be important in this regard that the water to be used is rested water.
  • For those who ask how the areca palm soil should be, let’s first state that mineral-rich plant soil will be good. The pH level of the soil can vary between 6.5 and 7.5.
  • If you have observed any wilting and yellowing of the leaves of the flower, you can use a plant vitamin.
  • When the leaves are good, they will not need vitamins.
  • Areca palm requires precision in repotting. It is recommended to add some soil to the pot every year. Pot change should be done once every 2 years in spring.
  • When changing the pot, a transition from the old pot to 1 size larger pot should be ensured.
  • If you want to grow the areca palm in cold climates; You should not forget that it will last up to -7 degrees at most. This plant needs a temperate environment to grow well.

How Big Does the Areca Palm Grow?

  • As the areca palm receives care and attention, it will grow in a healthy way.
  • Growing from the root, the areca palm can grow to an average height of 6 meters.
  • In environments such as gardens and outdoors, it can grow up to 12 meters if good conditions are provided.

Areca Palm Leaf Drying Causes, What to Do?

  • Drying of the leaves of the areca palm may occur from time to time. The reasons for this are multiple.
  • Since the decay in the soil of the plant will affect the leaves, it will dry out. Rotting, which prevents the flow of oxygen to the leaves, damages the plant.
  • If you water with chlorinated water, this will cause the plant to dry out. Before irrigation, it is recommended to rest the tap water and even boil it and cool it. If possible, irrigation should be done with drinking water.
  • If the areca palm gets too much wind and sunlight, it dries out its leaves. For this, a humid and temperate environment should be prepared.

How to Propagate Areca Palm?

You can get as many plants as you want by applying the areca palm reproduction process. For this, you should know detailed reproduction tricks.

  • You can use the spring months to reproduce the areca plant.
  • Since it is a plant that grows from the root, you should separate the sprouts from the root.
  • Put the separated roots into a transparent bag and tie.
  • Leave for a few days in a warm and bright room. The root process in your hand will eventually come to life.
  • You can witness the growth of the areca roots that come to life and shoot by planting them in a suitable pot.

How to Prevent Areca Palm Fungal Disease?

  • Thanks to the benefits of the areca palm, the oxygen rate is increasing in many homes. This plant is important for the house to have fresh air.
  • The areca palm, which destroys the bad energy in its environment, can sometimes get a fungal disease. In such cases, precautions must be taken.
  • In order to prevent the fungus, you can use it by obtaining medicine for the fungus from the places that sell herbicides.
  • To protect the areca palm from fungi and various diseases, be moderate in watering. Keeping the soil moist will preserve the life of the plant.

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