Gebre Grass

Gebre Grass

Gebregrass is definitely in front of puzzle solvers. First of all, let’s say that gebre has many different names. Gebregrass is also known as capers and although it has just started to become popular in our country, it has been consumed for years in many different parts of the world.

The plant whose bud is eaten, known as Gebre Grass, has small buds and fruits resembling the waterfall form, and these are consumed. CapersWhile most canned made, their pickles are also consumed a lot. In addition, tea and tablet forms can be preferred because of their benefits.

Pregnancy herb both strengthens the body to avoid diseases and is consumed as an aid in the treatment of many ailments. It can be added to garnishes, which are commonly added to soups, pizzas, and salads, especially in America and European countries.

What is Gebre Grass?

  • Like many other plants in our country, this plant is also known by different names. Some of them are kebere, green, herb, menginik, cat’s nail, Indian cucumber, and crow’s melon.
  • Gebert, which is quite at peace with nature, can grow on its own in green areas. It can spread as bushes by covering large areas with the effect of sun rays and natural water sources.
  • The buds and fruits of the short sturgeon are mostly used as food and brine and pickles are produced from them.
  • This plant is quite vigorous and long-lived. It has been observed that it lives for approximately 150-200 years in nature. Developing in the form of a bush, the caper can grow up to 1.5-2 meters.

What are the Benefits of Gebre Grass?

  • Among the benefits of the grebe herb, it primarily strengthens the immune system.
  • It fights harmful free radicals and creates a protective shield, especially for diseases such as cancer.
  • For those who suffer from anemia due to iron deficiency, the herb containing iron facilitates healing. This plant is also good for many ailments such as anemia and fatigue, which can also be caused by B12 deficiency.
  • Struggling with the damage that may occur in the cells, which are the building blocks of our body, it is also an antioxidant.
  • The answers to the question of what is good for Gebre grass are quite long. One of them is skin problems. For example, if you have skin problems such as acne, dryness, and redness, the herb can help you.
  • By helping the system to work more regularly, it is good for constipation and the problem of hemorrhoids, which usually occurs with constipation. In other words, the herb is also consumed in hemorrhoids.
  • The plant, which also cleans the intestines, can accelerate the purification of parasites by diuretic.
  • Garlic is beneficial for the stomach in the digestive system. It can have a relieving effect, especially for pain and cramping. For such problems, you can consume the plant as tea.
  • If you have kidney weakness in the excretory pathways, you can try to benefit from capers.
  • There are also those who say that fertile grass, which can affect body hormones for frigidity, increases sexual power.
  • Caper has the effect of protecting youth energy by fighting the signs of aging.

Where Does Gebre Grass Grow?

  • Although it is mostly Aegean and Mediterranean in Turkey, it has started to be grown in other regions as well.
  • The caper, which is from the Capparacear family and is a little difficult to collect with its thorny structure, has been attracting attention for its healing properties for the past years.
  • The name of caper is mentioned in Evliya Çelebi’s Travel Book.
  • Gebregrass, which can grow in drylands, can grow in most olive-growing regions.
  • Gabler grass, especially among blackberry bushes, is also grown in Africa and Spain.

Where Is Gebre Grass Sold?

  • The caper plant can now be purchased online, as in many products.
  • It is also possible to buy it in large markets and organic food stores.
  • It is usually sold in the form of pickles.
  • Apart from pickles, you can find caper tea, jam, and dried capers by doing a little research.
  • It can be found in village markets at a much more affordable price. Of course, you must have visited the Aegean villages for this.

How to Use and Consume Gebre Grass?

  • The most common form of consumption of grebe herb is pickled. You can buy the pickle ready-made, or you can make it yourself.
  • If you want to consume capers as tea, you can buy them from herbalists. For the way the tea is prepared, boil your water first. Then turn off the boiled water and pour it into a glass with capers or a french press. After a 5-minute brewing period, you can filter and drink your hibiscus tea.
  • Caper jam is also made.
  • In addition, capers can be preferred as an extra ingredient next to meat dishes and on pizza.

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