Geranium Care: Propagation, Pruning, Watering Tips


Geranium Flower; Sometimes you will see that the balconies of some houses are covered with colorful flowers. “What a colorful balcony!” you can say. One of the flowers that color these balconies is geranium, you know? To get to know this flower, which blooms when summer comes and adorns balconies and halls; We wanted to present you an article with a scent of geranium. Maybe you can admire your balcony by making small changes on the balcony this summer.

Geranium, which will be a good choice for sweet lovers who have not yet expressed their feelings, can remove many emotional obstacles. Geranium flowers are often gifted to express love for a person. If a person cannot find the opportunity to express his feelings towards the person he loves, he can get a great opportunity with geranium. Because with its scent of geranium and its peaceful appearance, it creates an effect of happiness in the person. It is also our recommendation for the first meetings 🙂 It is said that this sardinian tradition, which has been going on for many years, has brought many couples in love together.

Geranium Flower Characteristics and Varieties

Sardinia, whose homeland is South Africa, has also found life in our country. It has such a strong structure that even if it is without water for a few days in summer, it never gives up and does not fade. It adapts to the winter season and protects its life. It is among the long-lived plants. In general, it is seen abundantly in Mediterranean cities in our country borders. Geranium varieties, seen in red, white, yellow, pink and purple, create a visual feast in pots.

Although geranium is grown in a living room environment, its main need is the open air. Therefore, it is easier to care and grow geraniums in gardens, balconies and terraces. It is very difficult to experience tension in an environment where geranium is present. Because geranium takes tension and stress due to its structure. It spreads positive energy to the environment it is in. Isn’t that the general structure of flowers anyway? Flowers are the plants that best understand and cure the human soul.

A special substance is secreted from the plant structure. This substance also fights bacteria and allows the plant to protect itself. It is also known that people who smell geranium leaves will solve the sleep problem. Geraniums growing in color have a meaning according to their color. According to their color, the meaning of geranium is red; It represents love and trust. Purple conveys a sense of romance and loyalty.

How to Care for Geranium?

  • Positioning: In order for geranium to be long-lived, warm and humid weather is necessary. Geraniums, which are frequently seen in homes and gardens in the Mediterranean Region, become even more lively when they are in front of a glass. Sun and enough oxygen are indispensable for them. Geranium, which blooms in spring days, continues to bloom and bloom until November.
  • How to Plant: To transplant the geranium you purchased into a new pot at home, clear the soil at the root of the flower. Then pour soil halfway through a pot. Place the flower in the middle and pour the remaining soil without damaging the flower. Make sure that the soil is not too dense. After giving her life water, let her rest in a lighted environment.
  • Temperature: We recommend that you do not leave the geranium below 7 degrees in winter days. If you want to see the geranium colorful and lively, you can make sure that it stays at an average of 15 degrees. When it comes to the flowering period, it will be good to stay in the shade a little. If it is exposed to too much wind, the leaves and flowers of the plant will be badly affected.
  • Pot Change: As with every flower, you need to change the annual pot of the geranium. You can change the pot and fertilize at the beginning of March or April. If you give the first fertilizer in the spring and the last fertilizer in the fall, it will have a long life. After soil change, be careful not to compact the soil too much. If it stays a little airy, it will be better in contact with oxygen. You can also naturally fertilize your flower with egg shells at home.

How to Make Geranium Propagation?

If you want geraniums not to die and end, it is best to have solid information about geranium reproduction. This information is hidden in these lines. When you want to propagate geranium, first take a look at the root of the plant. If you see roots sticking out, separate the branches that grow from those roots without damaging them. You can plant the rooted leaf you bought in a different pot.

When you want to propagate geranium from leaves, we can recommend the soaking method. In this method, leaves are taken from the plant and these leaves are kept in half a glass of water for a day or two. After the waiting period, development and growth are seen in the root of the plant. In this way, you can transfer the root plant to the pot you want.

How to Trim Geranium

When you prune geranium, you extend the life of the flower. In the pruning process, dried and yellowed leaves should be removed. When these dead leaves are removed, damage to other leaves is prevented. In addition, if there is a bacteria on the leaves taken, it is prevented from spreading to the whole flower. Usually pruning is preferred in February or March. Trimming the branches that grow too long in the pot will also ensure that other flowers get enough oxygen. You can give some water after pruning.

Geranium Irrigation Techniques

Geranium is neither too good nor too bad with water. If it is dehydrated, it can continue its life for a while. But it cannot withstand heavy water either. It can maintain its vitality with a very small amount of water. Check the soil with your hand and water when you think it is lacking moisture. Geranium, which needs water during the flowering period, once a week on cold days; On very hot days, it will be good to water twice a week.

The point you need to pay attention to when watering the geranium is to distribute the water equally to each region. We recommend that you water it in the morning hours in order to benefit from the water sufficiently and to be productive. The temperature of the water will also be important at this point. A glass of room temperature water will invigorate and saturate the geranium.

How to Make Geranium Bloom?

If you have multiplied the geranium and are waiting for it to bloom with great excitement, we recommend that you pay attention to the following sentences. We can say that there is a negative development in the health of the geranium that does not bloom. Our recommendations in the list for the colorful bloom of geranium will be very effective:

  • Review the position of Sardinia. Think again about whether it is in the right place of the house. Remember, if it will be indoors, it will want a lighted environment.
  • Check the soil daily according to the seasons. If the humidity has dropped, he is thirsty. Don’t forget to water.
  • If infestation occurs, use insecticide intended for flowers. Afterwards, take and apply geranium vitamin to regain health.
  • Vitamins are monthly care products. Applying once a month will suffice.
  • If your plant’s soil is too compact, loosen it a little. It is necessary to get air to the roots of the flower.
  • Be selective in irrigation water. Very calcareous waters inhibit the growth of the plant. Very cold water is also not suitable. Water the geranium with distilled water. Because geranium flower care is a very sensitive and attentive subject. Be detailed.
  • Protect from the wind. The geranium, which is exposed to the wind at the time of its full bloom, wears out and its flowering is delayed.

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