Mushroom Poisoning: Symptoms, Treatment and First Aid

Mushroom Poisoning

“Let me lie down under a tree so I can breathe.” Think about the moments you said. The mushrooms at the bottom of the trees on which you lean your back must have caught your attention. They look pretty cute with their looks, don’t they? It comes to life in your imagination as a small house or umbrella. Let’s express that sometimes they are not as innocent as they seem. We are here to inform you a little about those mushrooms.

When you examine the mushrooms, you observe that they are a tiny plant without roots and stems. Mushrooms, which can live anywhere that is humid and warm, have also found a place in kitchens. They can share delicious tastes by taking part in meat dishes and sautes, even in pasta and soups. Of course, healthy and clean mushrooms are included in these delicious flavors.

It is necessary to be very careful about mushroom consumption. Another factor that causes poisoning is fungi. With the article we have prepared, we will inform you about mushroom poisoning and suggest what to do in case of poisoning. Let’s be careful, don’t forget to make room in your kitchen for mushrooms bought from places you trust, not every mushroom.


How Is Fungus Poisoning Treated?

In mushroom poisoning, treatment first begins with the necessary tests. A large amount of water loss occurs in the poisoned person. Along with drug treatment, a treatment process continues in order to prevent fluid loss. The patient’s fluid balance is ensured. Tests to be done include kidney and liver tests. By checking their functions, the patient is kept under observation until normal values ​​are found.

According to the severity of poisoning, the stomach of the patient is washed and serum is applied. With early diagnosis and treatment, the patient’s life can be saved. For this reason, the first place to go when symptoms appear should be the hospital. Usually, the news of mushroom poisoning takes place in the press that it results in death. However, it should be known that in poisonings that result in death, liver failure is usually seen in the person. With the right treatment, the effect of poisoning is removed from the body in a healthy way.

At the end of poisoning, the liver and kidney functions of the patient will weaken. This mushroom poisoning will lead to the need for a liver transplant. Because the body of patients who do not have a liver transplant, ammonia accumulates in excess. Accumulation of ammonia will cause death of the patient.

Is Yogurt Good for Fungus Poisoning?

Among the people, the poisoned person is immediately fed yoghurt or drink milk. Yes, yogurt will reduce the poison effect in some poisonings. But it does not destroy the harmful toxins in a poisonous mushroom. At the time of poisoning, it is necessary to go to the hospital without any food supplements or medication. In the hospital, the doctor will take the necessary actions for the treatment of the patient.

Making the poisoned patient vomit naturally is also an important factor. A little salt water will suffice for this. Since there will be fluid loss due to poisoning, the patient should be ensured to drink plenty of water. If the patient vomits himself, you should turn his head to the side. Otherwise, if he swallows liquids from the stomach, this will also affect the liver.

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