What is Nutrition According to Blood Type? Healthy Tips

Nutrition According to Blood Type

A few meals a day should be consumed in order for vital functions to take place without any problems. While eating, foods are preferred according to the body characteristics of each person. If there are 5 people at a table, 1 meal for those 5 people may not have the same effect. For this reason, nutrition programs should be determined according to the individual for whatever purpose. In recent years, a nutrition list according to blood group has been added to these nutrition programs. We will now explain the nutrients that are beneficial for each blood type on this page.

Nutrition by blood type is a subject studied by Aidin Salih. He added especially water consumption to his nutritional recommendations. He emphasized that it is healthier to drink water 30 minutes before a meal. Likewise, nutrition according to blood group was one of the discussions mentioned by Canan Karatay. He stated that he did not have a diet according to his blood group. This issue, which divides the experts into two, has been brought to the agenda by many doctors.

When nutrition by blood group is analyzed according to Mehmet Ali Bulut’s view, it is noteworthy that group 0 is carnivorous, group A is selective, group B is free, and group AB is in dilemma. In addition to all this information, nutrition according to blood type is supported by a book by Mehmet Öz. Mehmet Oz; He recommends a book by Peter J. D’Adamo on this subject to those who are curious. J. D’Adamo is considered a pioneer in nutrition by blood type. It states that those who choose food according to their blood group do not encounter health problems.

What is Nutrition According to Blood Type?

Nutrition by blood group is a nutrition program specially prepared for all blood groups. Each nutrient can have different effects on different blood groups. The diet, which is shaped according to this idea, is the popular topic of recent times, nutrition according to blood type.

When you want to lose or gain weight, nutrition should be arranged according to personal and biological characteristics, according to the blood group that advocates feeding with foods that your blood group will accept. The foods that each blood group should consume will be different from each other. This diet came to the fore in the early 1960s. When you prefer to be fed according to blood group; You can witness that your body functions work more healthily. In the books prepared on this subject, it is stated that people who are fed according to their blood group lead a healthier life.

Since processed foods and delicatessen products will be harmful in nutrition according to blood type, those who comply with this nutrition philosophy can attain a healthier body. It makes metabolic activities work more healthily. They also keep the immune system strong and stay away from diseases. In other words, for a healthy life, a communication must be established between blood group and nutrients.

Nutrition According to A Blood Group

Group A, which is called the farmer’s blood group, is generally happy with vegetable dishes. They believe that they will be healthier with agricultural nutrition and they put this idea into practice. Many people with group A are also known to be vegetarian. They do not include red meat on their plates. It is stated that red meat causes low energy in them. Stomach acids are less in A blood group compared to other groups. Therefore, they have difficulty digesting meat products. Just like meat, they are sensitive to dairy products.

People with A blood group do not experience digestive problems when they are fed with grain products and vegetables. They may complain about the edema. Because the bodies of people with blood group A are sensitive to edema. Since they have difficulty digesting red meat, they may prefer fish and chicken for meat.

Foods seen as harmful in the A blood group nutrition list include red meat, acidic fruits, tropical fruits, delicatessen products, desserts made with dairy products, and ice creams. They may experience digestive problems while consuming these foods. They can make a habit of brisk walking and swimming for a healthy life.

Nutrition According to B Blood Group

People with B blood group, who have a strong digestive system, can easily consume many foods. They do not experience difficulties while consuming dairy products. It can also be defined as the dairy blood group. However, their immune systems are weak and sensitive. Despite eating, they may experience a small low blood sugar after a meal. Foods that cause blood sugar to drop are lentils, corn, wheat and nuts. These foods will be somewhat harmful for B blood group.

Some substances in chicken meat can be dangerous for B blood group. Therefore, it is recommended to consume turkey meat. They can consume red meat. These people can easily eat dishes made with eggplant and potatoes and add red meat to these dishes. They can choose their fruit from watermelon, plum and banana. Green tea and mineral water are also good beverage choices. Cycling will be very effective for B group people.

Nutrition According to AB Blood Type

It should be noted that consumption of red meat is dangerous for people in this group. Their blood can clot easily. Therefore, they should make healthy choices. If they use the bread preference for whole wheat, they will have taken a healthy step. Red meat, which causes digestive problems, is not recommended for AB and A groups. Consumption of red meat can cause fatness for the AB group. In the case of a diet based on seafood, dairy products and vegetables, it will be easy to lose weight and strengthen the immune system.

AB group people, who are very sensitive to allergies and infections, should be careful about blood and diabetes diseases. Because he is at risk. They can consume very little amounts of vinegar, pepper and garlic as they will tire their stomach acids. They can easily spend fruit hours with kiwi, lemon and grapefruit. Because these fruits support the body resistance of AB blood group.

AB blood group is semi-vegetarian. It represents both group A and group B. It is sensitive to black pepper, cayenne pepper and allspice. When they want to use spices, curry and ginger will be healthy for them. Swimming and cycling will strengthen the immunity of AB blood group.

Nutrition by 0 Blood Type

People with O blood type usually have a low metabolism. Most people with O blood group have iodine deficiency. Therefore, thyroid hormones are not in balance. Weight gain is seen. Gluten-sensitive blood group 0 is sensitive to grains and grain vegetables. For vascular and heart health, it should be fed with olive oil content.

O blood group, which is good with meat, can consume all types of meat. For iodine balance, iodized salt should be preferred. It should also keep well with green vegetables. Meanwhile, they have to be very selective towards grain products. Gluten sensitivity affects food choice.

In cases where flaxseed, olive oil and seafood are fed, the risk of heart diseases for 0 blood group will be minimized. Processed and ready-to-eat foods are also dangerous. In liquid foods, green tea, prune juice, pineapple juice and mineral water will be a healthy choice. They may be interested in swimming or aerobics as a supplement to nutrition.

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