20 Healthy Foods That Are Good For Anemia

Foods That Are Good For Anemia

You should have a blood test at regular intervals and review your blood values. Blood tests help detect the proportions of minerals in your body and various diseases. If there is a decrease in your blood values, drug treatment is started with the control of a doctor. When it is determined that there is not enough red blood cells, drugs are given for anemia and the patient’s diet is reviewed.

When a person has too little red blood cell, or hemoglobin, the person feels tired. Problems such as frequent fatigue, sleep problems, and cold are experienced due to anemia. Anemia is considered a serious problem both during pregnancy and at all times. In order to avoid this problem, we will now present you the foods that prevent anemia. Those who say what is good for anemia and what are herbal solutions should not miss the information on this page.

Anemia, ie anemia healing foods that relieve the discomfort in this list!

20 Most Effective Foods for Anemia

1) Orange Juice

  • It is recommended to drink 1 glass of freshly squeezed orange juice every morning for expectant mothers who think about what is good for anemia during pregnancy.
  • Orange juice contains vitamin C, and vitamin C supports iron absorption.
  • To cure anemia; You can consume orange juice frequently during the season.

2) Lemon

  • Lemon, which is among the sources of vitamin C, is one of the foods that find a solution to anemia.
  • If you want to be fed with drinks that are good for anemia; You can consume homemade lemon juice.
  • Lemon will strengthen your immune system and aid in iron absorption.

3) Broccoli

  • What is good for anemia is a topic brought up by Canan Karatay and other experts.
  • If you want to solve anemia by eating healthy; You should definitely add broccoli to your diet list.
  • Broccoli contains fiber, antioxidant. It will help the red blood cells to multiply.

4) Celery

  • What is good for anemia was explained by İbrahim Saracoğlu with medicinal plants and foods. One of these foods is celery.
  • When you consume celery regularly and in a measured amount, you prevent blood values ​​from falling.
  • You can see an increase in the number of red blood cells by consuming fresh celery in season .

5) Raisins

  • Raisins are among the foods that contain iron and improve anemia.
  • By consuming 1 handful of raisins in your snacks, you can prevent anemia and problems that may occur due to anemia.
  • Raisins not only relieve anemia, but also strengthen the immune system.

6) Spinach

  • One of the ways to prevent anemia is to consume green vegetables.
  • Green leafy vegetables contain iron. It has the task of preventing anemia.
  • You can maintain your body resistance by consuming spinach regularly. Spinach is one of the vegetables that helps to increase the iron rate. You should add it to your meals.

7) Pomegranate

  • One of the foods recommended for combating anemia is pomegranate, which draws attention with its color.
  • Pomegranate is an antioxidant fruit. It supports iron absorption.
  • It cleanses the body of toxins and prevents the reduction of red blood cells. Pomegranate juice and pomegranate seeds will help you in this regard.

8) Red Beets

  • Red beet draws attention as one of the foods that supports the healthy increase of red blood cells.
  • You can consume red beet as a detox water. If you wish, you can add it to the salad and enjoy it.
  • It is recommended to consume red beet regularly to relieve anemia.

9) Sesame

  • Sesame, which is among the sources of B vitamins, cures anemia in a short time.
  • It is recommended to add sesame to the salad to consume. Vitamins and minerals in sesame protect the number of red blood cells and are good for anemia.
  • It is recommended to consume in moderation. You are more likely to gain weight with excessive consumption.

10) Liver

  • It is recommended to consume meat to increase the iron rate in your body.
  • When it comes to meat selection, you need to choose healthy ones. Liver is one of the meats that is good for anemia.
  • When you want to consume liver, you should get it from reliable places. You should take care that it is well washed and well cooked.

11) Red Meat

  • One of the most obvious causes of iron deficiency is not consuming red meat. This means that red meat consumption will increase the iron rate.
  • To prevent anemia, you should not neglect the consumption of red meat.
  • By choosing beef, you can increase the iron rate in your body.

12) Banana

  • 1 medium-sized banana consumed during the day will support iron absorption.
  • Banana is one of the foods that keeps you full for a long time and suppresses the feeling of hunger in people with low blood value.
  • It is also a fruit that is good for fatigue caused by anemia.

13) Egg

  • Egg, which is a panacea, is also an important food for anemia.
  • For anemia in children and adults; Regular egg consumption is recommended.
  • You can cure anemia by consuming 1 egg (preferably boiled) every morning.

14) Turkey Meat

  • In order to eliminate anemia, it is necessary to consume foods containing protein.
  • Turkey meat is one of the white meats that contains protein and is good for anemia.
  • You can choose smoked turkey for regular consumption.

15) Lentils

  • Pulses should be consumed to bring blood values ​​to an ideal level and to maintain the number of red blood cells.
  • Lentils should take their place in your kitchen as one of the foods that are good for anemia.
  • Since red lentils and green lentils contain B vitamins, they support the iron ratio.

16) Tahini Halva

  • Anemia during pregnancy causes serious problems. To prevent it, expectant mothers should consume tahini halva.
  • Tahini halva helps to accelerate the absorption of iron and prevents anemia.
  • Thanks to tahini halva, which is consumed in a measured amount, problems that may occur due to anemia are prevented.

17) Molasses

  • Molasses is a traditional food recommended for anemia for many years.
  • Consuming 1 spoon of molasses every morning is good for this problem.
  • Grape molasses is one of the natural remedies for anemia, which is recommended to be consumed in moderation.

18) Fig

  • Figs contain high levels of B vitamins. Thanks to this feature, it becomes one of the foods that prevent anemia.
  • Figs should be consumed fresh in season. Dried figs can be consumed out of season.
  • It is recommended to consume dried figs in between meals to increase red blood cells.

19) Peas

  • It is recommended by experts to consume vegetables containing folic acid to increase the iron rate in the blood.
  • Folic acid is important in every period of life. Peas also contain folic acid and are good for anemia.
  • When you buy canned peas, there is a slight decrease in nutritional value. Therefore, you should take care to consume fresh peas.

20) Whole Grain Bread

  • Bread selection for anemia is an important issue. While the health benefits and harms of white bread are the subject of debate, experts recommend consuming whole grain bread.
  • Whole grain bread contains B vitamins.
  • Those who want to be fed with foods that are good for anemia should prefer whole grain bread.

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