Busy During Ramadan? Peek Practical Tips for Meeting Family Needs During Iftar

Busy During Ramadan

 During Ramadan, do you often feel weak and thirsty? This condition is considered a common thing in people who fast. However, things like that can be prevented, you know, Mother.

Of course with a healthy and balanced diet. Remember, fasting does not mean reducing the portion of food consumed by the body. However, the shift in eating and drinking schedules that move at night must be utilized as best as possible, yes.

The right diet will not cause a decrease in energy during the day. This can prevent dehydration. This proper eating pattern must start from choosing food to break the fast.

After the body does not get the intake of nutrients and minerals for more than 12 hours, it must be filled with the right foods. Do not let the wrong food choices, and make the body so weak and limp when fasting the next day.

Duh, if that happens, it can interfere with daily activities, yes, Mother, including worship. You need to know, the impact of dehydration can interfere with cognitive function that affects emotions. In addition, cognitive also plays an important role in regulating perceptions, ways of thinking, the ability to remember, and feel emotions.

For that, try to always pay attention to the quality of food and drink intake at dawn and iftar. So that the body can be fit all day, even though fasting Ramadan in the midst of hot weather.Wow, that means it’s very important to prevent dehydration. Especially in the current conditions, there are many mothers who have normal activities outside the home along with the decline in cases of COVID-19.

Now, talking about food, you can fulfill your nutritional intake from rice, fruit, vegetables that are rich in vitamins and protein. Iftar food holds an important key so that the body is refreshed to continue daily activities.

For busy mothers, of course this becomes a bit of homework when they are required to provide healthy food. However, you don’t have to worry anymore now, there is a practical food ordering service.

Online food delivery service, GoFood can be a mainstay to meet these needs. Mothers can find a variety of iftar menus as well as various attractive promos to keep your pockets frugal.

In addition to eating healthy and nutritious foods, it is very important to meet the intake of minerals in the body. One of them by consuming quality mineral water.

Make sure to always choose quality mineral water that contains essential minerals that are important for the body such as Le Minerale. Happy fasting!After a day of activities, consumption of mineral water at home when breaking the fast and at night can help metabolism, increase endurance and work concentration more optimally when fasting.

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