Mixing white salt with shampoo

Salt is a common condiment that every home has. Salt is not only for cooking but also used to clean household items, to bathe or soak feet to help relieve pain, fatigue, etc. Meanwhile, shampoo is what is used to clean the hair.

Shampoo with a little white salt, use this mixture to gently massage on the scalp for about 1 minute, then rinse to help smooth hair, reduce stickiness. In addition, if you incubate your hair with a mixture of salt and conditioner for about 20 minutes before washing it with clean water, this will stimulate hair growth, overcome split ends, and make hair stronger.

Note, do not do this more than once a month. Because if you do it too often, it will make your hair and scalp dry.

In addition, this mixture also brings many other benefits

Used to clean the house

In addition to cleaning hair, you can also use salt and shampoo to clean the house. The method is very simple, just add half a glass of salt and a few drops of shampoo into a bucket of warm water, stir and you can use it.

If the floor is wooden, the wood will be more shiny. If the floor is made of ceramic tiles, the tiles will stay clean longer. In addition, you can use this solution to clean wooden furniture in the house.

Shoe polish

If your shoes are getting old or have stubborn stains and you don’t have a special thick cleaning product in the house, you can use shampoo to clean your shoes. It will help remove stains, keeping shoes shiny like new.

Silk fabric cleaning

The fabric is inherently very fragile and cannot be cleaned with ordinary detergents. You can use shampoo to wash silk clothes, it both helps clean the stains and keeps the fabric soft.

Fix a stuck zipper

If the zipper of a garment or bag is stuck, you can put a few drops of shampoo on the stuck area, gently pulling it back and forth a few times. As such, the lock will work as smoothly as new.

Clean comb

After a period of use, your comb will definitely accumulate a lot of dirt. You can soak the comb in hot water mixed with shampoo for a few minutes. Then, use a clean brush to make the comb shine like new.

Carpet cleaning

There are stains on the carpet that are not clean. You can take shampoo mixed with water, use a towel to absorb this solution and wipe the carpet several times. Thus, the stain will quickly disappear.

Lubricating hinges, screws

When you need to lubricate hinges and screws without specialized products, you can use shampoo as a lifesaver.

Clean the kitchen

Shampoo is also a cleanser, in addition to cleaning the scalp you can use to clean the gas stove. First, mix a few drops of shampoo with half a glass of white salt in warm water. Next, pour it into a spray bottle and spray it on the stovetop, gas stove wall.

Leave it for 5-10 minutes for stubborn grease stains to dissolve, now you just need to wipe it off with a damp cloth. The stains will be easily removed, returning the kitchen as clean as new to you.

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