What is Alkaline Water? What are the Benefits?

What is Alkaline Water

After oxygen, water is the most important requirement for human beings to survive. 75% of the human brain and muscles, 22% of the bones and 83% of the blood circulating in the veins consists of water. Water, which is the main energy source of the body, gives us life force by providing electrical and magnetic energy production in cells. With the increasing importance given to organic life, different claims are made about the water we consume every day.

What is Alkaline Water?

Consumption of healthier water allows the body to perform its main functions much more easily. Alkaline water, which is created as a result of purifying drinking water from harmful substances and increasing the pH value, is the healthiest form of water. pH is a value that indicates whether a liquid or solution is an acid or a base. A pH value of 7, which has a value between 1 and 14, is neutral. It is defined as 7 to 14 base properties and 1 to 7 acid properties. Our body’s blood pH level is between 7.35 and 7.45. Since these values ​​are closer to the basic properties, the basic properties of the foods and water are beneficial for health. The pH level of the water consumed is important for the body to perform its metabolic processes in a balanced way.

Natural water with antioxidant properties and high oxygen level, obtained as a result of purification of harmful components by increasing the pH level, is alkaline water. Alkaline water neutralizes free radicals and accumulated acidic toxins in the body. Alkaline water, which has the feature of strengthening the immune system, increases the quality of life and is the key to a healthy long life.

Water with a low pH value has the ability to dissolve heavy metals that are harmful to the body and should not be drunk due to these properties. With the foods consumed, the acid rate of the body increases and the pH balance is disturbed. In order to achieve this balance, it is recommended to consume water with a pH value above 7.5. As the pH value of the water increases, that is, as it becomes alkaline, its capacity to remove acid residues accumulated in the body increases.

What are the Benefits of Alkaline Water?

  • Alkaline water, which is a powerful antioxidant, protects the body against free radicals. It minimizes the effects of aging and reduces the risk of getting diseases. It also prevents the formation of cancer cells and prevents the spread of the formed cancer cells.
  • It has an important role in cleaning the toxic wastes accumulated in the large intestine. It regulates bowel movements and prevents constipation. With its regulating effect on body systems, it reduces the risk of catching infections such as colds, flu and flu.
  • It regulates the moisture balance of the body and prevents the skin from being dehydrated.
  • It strengthens the immune system by regulating the body’s pH balance.
  • It supports the regular functioning of the digestive system. It eliminates unwanted conditions such as indigestion, bloating and edema.
  • It has a protective effect against the formation of bone diseases.
  • It prevents diabetes.
  • It has a pain-relieving effect.
  • It protects the general health of the body and reduces the risk of developing heart diseases.
  • Alkaline water supports slimming diets to be more effective.

How Is Alkaline Water Made?

How about alkaline water, which has become one of the popular values ​​of recent times? The process of preparing alkaline water at home is quite easy. If you want to prepare alkaline water with tap water, you need to know the pH value of your water. You can measure the pH value of water with pH kits that you can buy in pharmacies. Alkaline water pH is ideal between 8 and 9. It is important that you prepare alkaline water daily and consume it fresh.


How to make alkaline water is a topic also discussed by Ahmet Maranki. Ahmet Maranki recommends fresh water and carbonate for alkaline water.

Preparation of:

To make alkaline water, it is sufficient to add 1 tablespoon of baking soda to 2 liters of water and mix until the baking soda is completely dissolved. You can drink the alkaline water you have prepared throughout the day whenever you want. In another alkaline water recipe, Maranki recommends squeezing 1 tablespoon of natural apple cider vinegar or half a lemon into 1 glass of water.

You can also prepare alkaline water by using alkaline water drops that you can get from pharmacies. The important point you should pay attention to when using the drops is that you should not use more than the recommended amount. Excessive dripping can spoil the taste of water and destroy your desire to drink water.

Apart from these, alternative options such as alkaline water purifier and alkaline water filter can be used to obtain alkaline water. With the alkaline water device, the efficiency of the minerals in the natural flora of the water is increased and they are made more basic by providing ion movement.

Does Alkaline Water Make You Weak?

It may be possible to lose weight with alkaline water. One of the main causes of excessive weight gain is the storage of toxins accumulated in the body in the adipose tissues. Toxic substances accumulating in body tissues can cause serious health problems. Those who use alkaline water can prevent the storage of fat that causes weight gain by removing the acidic residues stored in their bodies.

How to use alkaline water to lose weight? You should consume at least 2 liters of alkaline water a day, and making your meals with alkaline water increases the success of your diet. You should also prepare all your drinks using alkaline water. In addition to alkaline water, it is among the main rules of the alkaline water diet that you stay away from fries, carbonated drinks, caffeine, extremely salty foods, processed foods and ready-to-eat foods that make the body pH acidic.

What are the Alkaline Water Hazards?

Since alkaline water contains carbonate, it should be consumed in careful proportions. Excessive consumption of carbonate can lead to heart failure and serious problems such as nausea, vomiting, hand tremor, confusion, muscle twitching, defined as metabolic alkalosis. The sodium found in baking soda can lead to hypertension, kidney failure, and edema. Prolonged consumption of alkaline water may cause an increase in bacteria, fungi and yeast cells. Irritation of eyes, skin and mucous secretions may occur.

In addition, the ability of the stomach to secrete and regulate acid can be impaired, leading to digestive disorders. When it comes to the harms of alkaline water, the first question that comes to mind is who cannot drink alkaline water. It is not recommended for those with heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney failure, kidney stones, and pregnant and lactating women to drink without a doctor’s control.

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