Green Plum: Benefits, Calories and Nutritional Value of Green Plum

Green Plum

The green plum, which is mouth-watering in the fruit aisles at the end of the spring days, is consumed by many people with its health benefits. Those who salt and eat plums and eat them in one bite are certainly aware of these benefits. We also thought of those who wonder about the benefits of green plum and prepared an article containing healing information that will change the minds of those who are in love with green plums and lemon.

We examined the effects of green plum, which makes the summer season beautiful, for human health, one by one. You will have many reasons to consume green plum, which is a source of antioxidants and vitamin C. Now is the time to remember the long-awaited benefits of green plum. Make room for green plums in fruit plates!

Benefits of Green Plum – 7 Miraculous Properties That You Didn’t Know About

1) Gut Friendly

  • Green plum, a fibrous fruit, cleans the intestines and allows you to have a healthier intestinal system.
  • In summer days, you can give the task of relieving digestion to green plum. Thus, you will prevent stomach swelling.
  • You can eliminate the risk of stomach and intestinal diseases by eating green plums.

2) Energy Source

  • Green plum contains minerals and plenty of vitamins that neutralize lactic acids in its structure. With this feature, it gives energy to the person.
  • Green plum, which prevents fatigue, is one of the energy storage fruits consumed in summer.

3) Vitamin Store

  • On hot days, you can get the vitamin your body needs from green plum.
  • If you are wondering what vitamins are in green plum; Vitamins C and K are abundant.
  • Thanks to these vitamins, you can feel more vigorous.

4) Cell Regenerator

  • Thanks to green plum, your cells are renewed faster.
  • In addition, green plum, which delays aging, should be consumed abundantly in summer.
  • It makes the skin look cleaner and livelier.
  • Being skin friendly and cleaning the skin is among the benefits of green plum.

5) It weakens

  • You can increase the consumption of green plums to leave excess weight in the past.
  • You should control the daily amount as it will cause stomachache in excessive consumption.
  • Green plum, which accelerates metabolism, makes the process of those who want to lose weight easier.

6) Balances Blood Sugar

  • The natural sugar found in fruits is also found in green plums.
  • It prevents sudden sugar drop during the day by balancing blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • You can easily eat green plums in between meals.

7) Protects the Immune System

  • Green plum is a fruit rich in vitamin C.
  • It should be consumed to prevent diseases and to have a healthier body.
  • It is also known that those with a weak immune system feel better by consuming green plums.
  • Green plum is a source of vitamin C and K in fruit dishes.

Green Plum Calories and Nutritional Value

We are with you with a title that will attract the attention of those who eat healthy and those who pay attention to weight control. What is the nutritional value of green plums? If I eat 1 handful of green plums, will I gain weight? Let’s address your concerns with numbers such as:

  • 1 green plum: 9 calories
  • 1 cup of green plums: 47 calories
  • 1 cup of green plums: 94 calories
  • 50 grams of green plums: 24 calories
  • 300 grams of green plums: 141 calories

Nutritional values ​​of 1 serving of green plums:

  • 10.2 grams of carbohydrates
  • 0.6 grams of protein
  • 0.2 grams of fat
  • 1.7 grams of fiber
  • 2mg sodium
  • 220mg of potassium
  • 14mg calcium
  • 61 iu of vitamin A
  • 5mg of vitamin C
  • 0.44 grams of iron

Does Green Plum Gain Weight or Lose Weight?

  • Green plum is a low-fiber fruit with a low sugar content.
  • It will increase the metabolic rate of those who want to lose weight. Thus, fat burning occurs easily.
  • If you add green plums to your healthy diet, you can lose weight more easily by activating the digestive system.
  • Fibers and antioxidant substances in the structure of green plum are among the elements that make it easier for you to lose weight.
  • The probability of green plum to gain weight is very low.
  • When you eat it with salt, it causes edema in the body. Green plum consumed with salt can trigger weight gain.
  • In addition, if you are wondering where to find green plums, you can see them in fruit aisles in markets and markets towards the end of spring.

What Is Green Plum Juice Good For, How To Drink It?

You can consume green plum as a fruit, or you can get its benefits by preparing green plum juice. When you are looking for a refreshing taste in the summer heat, you can prepare a natural drink from green plums and store it in the refrigerator for emergencies. The benefits are explained with the following list:

  • It clears the inflammation in the respiratory tract.
  • It ensures the removal of excess water accumulated in the body.
  • It solves digestive problems in a short time.
  • It eliminates stress and controls sleep patterns.
  • It removes the fatigue from the body and allows you to be more dynamic.
  • It purifies your skin from oil and adds health.
  • It meets the vitamins C and K that your hair needs.

How many times a day can you drink green plum juice?

Consuming too much green plum juice causes heartburn. It is not recommended to drink more than 2 glasses a day to avoid stomach problems .

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