Oxidative stress: spinach helps you for this

spinach good for oxidative stress

Spinach is a very important source of nutrients for our body. First of all, it is a great source of fiber , which helps our digestive system to function properly and avoid possible intestinal problems.

But it is also an ideal food to include in diets since they are mostly made up of water and their caloric component is very low.

However, they have another essential advantage: they help us fight against oxidative stress. If you want to know what this consists of and how spinach can help you, read on.

What is oxidative stress?

When we talk about oxidative stress we refer to the cellular aging that occurs in our body.

This is due to the presence of free radicals , which convert part of the oxygen we consume into elements that produce an oxidation process in our cells.

In this way our body deteriorates and can lead to the appearance of serious conditions. So it is important to consume some foods that help us stop this oxidative process and spinach is one of them.

Why is spinach good for oxidative stress?

As you have just seen, oxidative stress can generate certain diseases in our body, so it is important to try to reduce it as much as possible. And the way to do it is by including foods in our diet that allow us to fight against the agents that produce this cellular oxidation process.

Spinach can help us achieve this and this is due to the large amount of antioxidants they contain, which allow the aging of our body to be delayed.

What spinach does is fight against free radicals, the main cause of this oxidation process in our cells, thanks to the antioxidants present in them ( mainly flavonoids and carotenoids ). In this way, it prevents the oxidation process of the same from going further, with the consequent health problems that it could have.

How does spinach help us?

But in addition to helping us fight against the aging of the body and oxidative stress, spinach has many other benefits for our body.

For example, it has been seen that they can also help fight diabetes or even prevent the onset of certain diseases such as cancer . More than compelling reasons to start including this vegetable in our diet.

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