How to ensure sleep patterns in twin children?

sleep patterns in twin children

As with single babies, twin babies can be given very comfortable sleep training. Among the most frequently asked questions for twin babies, does one wake up the other when they cry? This question is asked the most, and twin parents have a hard time getting their twins to sleep. But don’t worry, it won’t always be like this and don’t worry, don’t worry, they need to be big kids to establish a sleeping pattern. You don’t need to wait either. If you are consistent, stubborn, and calm, sleeping with the twins will be much easier than you think, and it will be worth the effort.

Don’t be in a hurry

Go step by step; don’t be in a hurry. Teaching your babies something is not something you will get results quickly. They need time to get used to this routine in order to learn their new routine. Make your plan your schedule first, and then put your plan into action when you think they’re most ready. It is generally not reasonable to embark on a new path with babies who have gas, are sick, have teeth, or are in the attack phase.

Supply your needs

You want to establish a sleep routine for your babies and you have a plan. If you need some materials to implement this plan, first procure what you need and then start practicing the routine. For example, if going into their room to check if they’re undressing wakes them up, it might work to buy a sleeping bag depending on the temperature of your home.

Feed at the same time

Babies fed at the same time fall asleep at similar times. Feed your babies at the same time, burp them, play with them. When the sleep time you set approaches, calm down, reduce the ambient lights, start talking in a calm tone and put them both to bed at the same time.

Be consistent and stubborn

You put them in their beds, but someone is not sleeping. Calm down, he will sleep. If you have planned the sleeping hours appropriately for your babies, if you know that your baby is sleepy, do not take him out of the bed, if he is crying, calm him down, but put him to bed again. Don’t be in a hurry to wake up your brother, they will get used to each other’s voices in a very short time.

Deposit at the same time

Sleep at the same time during daytime naps and nighttime naps; It is very important that your babies’ routines are shared. Because their needs are very similar. They need similar sleep times, so they should go to bed at the same time both day and night.

If one wakes up, wake the other.

If a baby wakes up during a daytime nap, wake up the twin as well and schedule the next nap time according to the time they wake up. Make sure there are no more than 15 minutes between their awakenings.

Create a sleep routine

Make sure you have a certain time to go to bed every night and complete your routines just before that time comes. A short and warm bath before sleep, a few minutes of massage and a fairy tale you read with your calmest voice can teach your babies that it is time to sleep, even if you think they do not understand. Stick to your routines, babies don’t like to be surprised.

Be patient

Instead of being sleepless for years, it is up to you to make an effort for a while – sometimes a few days, sometimes a few months – and lead an easier life with sleeping babies. If you are patient, both your babies and you will wake up happier.

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