10 Naturally gluten-free foods

gluten-free foods
When you are gluten intolerant, it is not always easy to make the right food choices. Here are 10 naturally gluten-free foods.


To replace wheat, rich in gluten, and its derivatives such as pasta, there are many alternatives such as potatoes, sweet potato, yam, corn, rice, millet or buckwheat.


Legumes are perfect allies in a gluten-free diet because they are totally devoid of them. On the other hand, they provide vegetable proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals essential to the body. Among them, lentils, dried beans, split peas and soybeans.

Some flours

Some flours are naturally gluten-free, such as rice, buckwheat, chestnut, millet, corn, chickpea, soy, coconut and quinoa flour. These products make it possible to make gluten-free preparations: bread, pancakes, cakes, pizzas, muffins, sweet and savory pies, etc.


Fruit does not contain gluten. Be careful, however, if you buy them prepared (pie, cakes, etc.) because the other ingredients may contain them. Better to buy them fresh and cook them yourself in fruit salads or cakes with naturally gluten-free flours.

The vegetables

Vegetables are naturally gluten-free. All fresh, canned or frozen vegetables can be eaten, but avoid buying them already cooked because they very often contain gluten.


Animal protein from meat does not contain the slightest trace of gluten. The latter can therefore be perfectly integrated into a gluten-free diet, provided that you are vigilant about their method of preparation: meat in a crust will contain gluten, for example.


Fried, poached, hard or in omelettes, eggs do not contain gluten and are very rich in protein. Eggs are nevertheless, with milk, one of the main causes of food allergies, their consumption should therefore be monitored in gluten intolerant people.

Dairy products

Simple and natural dairy products such as yogurts, fromage blanc, petit-suisses and fromage frais are gluten-free. On the other hand, desserts such as creams, entremets and flans are to be banned.

Some sugars

Sweeteners do not contain gluten: sugar, honey, agave syrup, fructose or jams. Only icing sugar is to be banned because it contains starch, but wheat starch contains gluten!


Some cheeses, especially processed cheeses, may contain gluten. Blues, Roquefort and Gorgonzola were traditionally grown on bread, but today this procedure is done chemically, so they no longer contain gluten.

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