Narcissus Flower: Care and Home Growing Tips

Narcissus Flower

Narcissus Flower: Handsome Greek God Narcissus

As the winter season leaves us, it leaves fragrant flowers behind. One of these flowers is the narcissus flower. The narcissus flower, which has a very short lifespan, instantly changes the air in its environment and cleans the breath with its enchanting scent. In order to get to know this flower, which is very elegant and delicate among the bulbous plants, you can; We would like to present the information we have prepared about the story and characteristics of the narcissus flower.

Those who say what daffodil means and what are its general characteristics will reach the information they are looking for step by step in this article. You can see the narcissus flower, one of the good news of spring, on the corner stalls of your city. Even for a short time; Here are the unknown properties of the narcissus flower that will make your home smell delicious!

Narcissus Flower Meaning, Story and Features

  • The daffodil flower, which found its place in Ancient Greek Mythology, is a flower related to the Greek gods.
  • According to the stories in the sources; This flower is very famous.
  • Narcissus, one of the ancient Greek gods, considered the most handsome man in the world, is someone that all women in the vicinity fall in love with.
  • Narcissus is known as a very handsome and remarkable man who does not show any interest to anyone despite knowing the attention of many women.
  • One of the fairies, who fell in love with Narcissus, now wants Narcissos to be punished and begs God.
    The fairies who demand the punishment of this handsome man, who does not talk to anyone and does not want to meet any woman, wait for Narcissus to receive his punishment in life.
  • One day, while looking at his reflection in the water, Narcissus falls in love with himself, and while looking at himself on the water, he slips and falls into the water.
  • Unable to get out of the lake he fell into, Narcissus dies by drowning in the lake.
  • The fairies who want to save Narcissus, who fell into the lake, are trying to get him out, and they see that;
  • White and yellow flowers rise from the very spot where Narcissus fell.
  • The fairies call this flower Narcissos because they think it is Narcissus.
  • The name of this fragrant flower remains as daffodil, thanks to this story circulating from ear to ear and from tongue to tongue.
  • It is even believed that the origin of the word narcissist comes from this mythological story. This expression, which is used for people who love themselves very much and worship themselves, is actually a product of this story.

How to Grow Narcissus Flower at Home?

  • Narcissus cultivation is a hobby that is done efficiently in the home environment. If you want the breath-taking scent of this flower to disperse in your home; You can also grow the daffodil plant in pots at home.
  • You can grow this plant, which has yellow and white transitional flowers, from seed in a medium-sized pot.
  • If you are going to grow daffodils in pots; First of all, you should get daffodil bulbs.
  • After July, you can plant the daffodil bulbs in the ground.
  • You can plant daffodil bulbs in plant soil with high phosphorus and potassium content.
  • Fill half of the medium pot with soil that is high in vitamins and minerals recommended for the plant.
  • Place the daffodil bulbs in the middle of the soil and cover the bulbs with the remaining soil.
  • Wait for a while with very little watering with the spray bottle.
  • No later than November is suitable for planting onions.
  • You can protect the flower pot in mild and light environments.
  • Buds will start to appear on your onions before January comes.
  • By the end of January, your daffodil flowers will have given their first products.

How to Care for Narcissus Flowers?

  • Irrigation Request: Narcissus flower likes moist soil. You can check it frequently and meet your water needs with a spray bottle.
  • Lighting: You should keep the pot where the daffodil grows in a semi-shaded environment. It should not receive intense sunlight.
  • Soil Characteristics: Soils with natural fertilizers and high vitamin and mineral content are suitable for daffodils.
  • Pot Size: Medium pots will support the growth of daffodils.

Daffodil Time: When Does It Bloom?

  • In fact, the daffodil season is just the first moments of spring. However, since daffodils are grown in greenhouses in some provinces, daffodils appear at the beginning of February.
  • The daffodil flowers, which symbolize that the winter season is completely over and spring comes with joy, begin to be seen in the first days of March in its most abundant form.
  • You can see the narcissus flower on the streets in spring. If you have the opportunity to collect from the garden; You can collect bunches.
  • You can buy these sold flowers for an average of 10 TL and preserve them in a glass of water at home until they expire.
  • You should definitely have the narcissus flower, which spreads its scent to the rooms day by day, in your home during the spring months.
  • Because this flower is known as a flower that calms the nerves by taking the tension in the environment.

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