What is nursery support? How much is nursery support for working mothers?

What is nursery support

While trying to keep up with the work tempo of the mothers in business life, they may experience financial and moral difficulties regarding the place where they will entrust their children. Exactly at this point, İŞKUR continues to provide nursery support to working mothers in 2022. So, who can benefit from kindergarten support? How much is nursery assistance?

Nursery support will continue in 2022. Details regarding the kindergarten aid provided to working mothers within the scope of İŞKUR and Mother at Work Project are being wondered. So, who can benefit from kindergarten support? How much is nursery assistance?

In order to increase women’s participation in employment, nursery assistance will be given to insured working mothers this year as well. So, who can get kindergarten assistance? How much is nursery assistance?


SGK Specialist Özgür Kaya gave the following information on the subject in CNN Türk’s live broadcast: “The state will continue to pay nursery support to working mothers who are in financial difficulties in 2022. Of course, there is not only kindergarten support, but also the Here is the Mother Project organized by İşkur. ‘Here is the Mother Project’ İşkur This year, nursery support and trained caregiver support continued to be implemented in previous years, and this support will continue in 2022.

With the increase in the minimum wage in 2022, these figures have increased. This year, 1531 lira kindergarten aid will be provided. In order to benefit from nursery support, the mother must actually be working in an insured job. They have to get this service from institutions affiliated to the ministry, such as nursery care home, day care home or kindergarten, which are affiliated with the Ministry of National Education.


Monthly income should not exceed 2 times the gross minimum wage. In other words, it should not have an income of more than 8400-8500 liras in 2022. If you have an income of less than 8500 TL, you can benefit from this fee.


Mothers participating in the courses will be paid 3300 liras per month. In this course, which will last for 3 months, mothers will be paid a total of 9900 liras.

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