10 Benefits of Dry January

Benefits of Dry January
The Dry January is gaining more and more followers, to the delight of our health, especially that of our liver.

It gathers

The Dry January is a challenge from Great Britain which consists of not drinking alcohol during the whole month of January. It achieves great success every year to the point of becoming a truly international movement and creating communities. Groups and apps exist to provide real support.

It sounds a new beginning

The beginning of January marks the end of a period of excess due to the many festivities. Abstaining from drinking alcohol for a given period allows the body to rest and detoxify it: an opportunity to reset the counters.

It allows you to take stock of your alcohol consumption

In France, there are twice as many excessive drinkers as alcoholics. Out of five million people in difficulty with alcohol, only one million perceives their addiction problem.

Not drinking alcohol for a month allows you to take stock of your consumption and eventually realize that alcohol has become a need.

It gives energy

Alcohol tires the body and can cause concentration problems. It clogs up the body through toxins: the body busy getting rid of it, spends a lot of energy that it cannot put elsewhere.

Stopping alcohol completely allows you to be in better shape.

It makes the skin softer

Alcohol has deleterious effects on health, especially on the skin, which it dries out and dehydrates. Abstaining from alcohol for a month makes it supple and tonic, with a good-looking effect as a result. Results are almost immediate and encourage you to moderate your alcohol consumption throughout the year.

It makes you lose weight

Alcoholic beverages are high in empty calories. Cocktails are particularly high in sugar and bad for blood sugar, yet too much insulin in the blood can lead to adverse health consequences, including weight gain or diabetes.

Without modifying your diet, but simply by eliminating alcohol, weight loss is often there.

It allows you to sleep better

Alcohol is a stimulant, just like coffee or tobacco. Reducing or stopping alcohol consumption helps you sleep better and avoids nocturnal awakenings.

However, if there is an addiction to alcohol, stopping it can cause sleep disturbances.

It makes you more serene

Alcohol is an anxiolytic that allows you to relax in case of difficulties (couple, work, etc.) or simply when returning from a hard day. But its anti-stress properties only act in the short term. In the long term, alcohol aggravates the feeling of anxiety and disturbs the psychological balance. 

It allows you to regulate your alcohol consumption over the long term

Abstaining from alcohol for a period of one month has an impact on the ability to control and regulate alcohol consumption over the long term. It was found that after a period of abstinence, weekly alcohol consumption decreased upon recovery. 

It saves money

Alcohol is expensive. Abstaining from drinking for 1 month saves money, to the chagrin of the alcohol lobbies who are trying to block Dry January even if the health benefits are certainly there.

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