Snailfish: Benefits, Calories and Hunting Techniques


The Fish Most Consumed by the Chinese: Snailfish

Omega-3, which is necessary for heart and brain health, is taken from fish in the most and most efficient way. We also support the issue of fish consumption, which is brought up by experts at every opportunity. With our support, we will share with you the benefits of all fish species for a healthier and more peaceful life.

We are adding a new one to the fish culture of our beautiful country, which is home to hundreds of fish species and surrounded by seas on three sides: Meet the slug fish. When the season comes, those who love to experience the taste of fishing at their peak will already know about slingshot. Although it is related to the mackerel, which is often confused with fishermen’s stalls, it is not the mackerel itself.

This article about scallops, which we have prepared for those who give importance to fish food culture, will relieve the longing for scallops. It should not be forgotten that it is a preferred fish species not only in our country but also all over the world.

What Are the Benefits of Snailfish?

  • Used in medicine in China, snail fish is a type of fish that is effective in cardiovascular health. Since it is a low-calorie fish, it is added to diets.
  • It is also a fact that the Chinese people live healthier and longer with the scallop fish used in memory-enhancing drugs and immune drugs in Chinese medicine.
  • You can have a stronger memory with Omega-3. For this reason, you can use your fish preferences in favor of snails with peace of mind.
  • As with every fish, you can eliminate the risk of heart diseases thanks to the omega-3 found in snail fish.
  • Thanks to vitamins A and C, it has a protective feature from winter diseases.

What is Snailfish?

This type of fish, called mackerel fish , belongs to the mackerel family. It is confused with mackerel because it belongs to the mackerel family. Sometimes the difference is not even felt. It has a wide distribution worldwide. It is not just a fish species living in the waters of our country. In our country, it is found in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Marmara Regions.

Since they live in free waters and live in a nomadic state, they are included in the pelagic group of creatures. They live in flocks in the Pacific Ocean. It is mostly hunted in Spain in the world.

It is a blue-backed, silver-bellied fish in appearance. Their bodies are long and missile-like. To distinguish it from mackerel, it will be enough to look at its eyes. The eyes of the mackerel are quite small. The mackerel is much larger than the mackerel. The mackerel is a spotted fish. Mackerel has no spots. When you are in a dilemma at the fish counter, you can remember these criteria and make your choice of snail fish. You can also get help from tags. 

How to Catch a Snailfish?

When you want to hunt snail fish, you need to determine the right fishing time and place. Sedef Island and Yassıada are the best places for a pleasant snail hunting. You learned where the fish are. Now is the time for the best. At the beginning of summer, in the first part of June, you can easily catch snail fish.

In order to hunt snails, you need to have knowledge about snail hunting techniques , which are almost a secret among hunters. First of all, you need to determine where the snail herd is. You can cast your fishing line better if you know how many fathoms away and how deep.

Fishermen, who state that fishing with anchor is more productive, also state that fishing for snails is different from fishing for mackerel. As soon as you feel the fish caught in the anchor, you need to pull the fishing line slowly. When you pull the anchor, different fish may have fallen into your net together with the snail. In this case, you may think that you are lucky.

It would be more correct to use hard fishing line on the fishing line that is wrapped around the cork. The team required for the fishing rod is determined according to the current strength of the waters. According to this force, a sounder is used. Sounder; It is a device that measures the depth of the sea. For an efficient hunt, the sea depth is measured and the slug set is thrown away.

Snipe flocks usually travel in flocks. For this reason, it will be better to throw the hoe by counting the fathom. In order for your snail hunting to be fruitful, these snail hunting techniques should be kept in mind.

Calories and Nutritional Value of Snailfish

Like all fish, scallops are a source of omega-3s. Omega-3, on the other hand, is a substance that protects brain development and heart health, which is essential for every human being. There is 158 grams of energy in a 100 gram snail fish. Sea bream is a fish with high nutritional value and low in fat. It contains about 12 grams of fat. Snailfish, which is easily preferred in terms of protein, contains 40 grams of protein per 100 grams .

It is a strong type of fish in terms of vitamins A, C, calcium and iron. Omega-3, which is especially necessary for children in the developmental age, can also be met from snailfish.

How to Cook Snail Fish?

It is the most consumed fish among the snail fish species commercially sold especially in Japan and China. Of course, this consumption amount is not that high in our country. You can also keep it in the freezer as it is eaten fresh. If you want, you can cook it in smoked form and serve it. It is also a suitable type of fish for canned fish lovers.

Sea bream, which is ready to be cooked 4 hours after leaving the sea, should be marinated in a deep bowl with mineral water. For a delicious snails, you should apply this marinade process. You can taste your fish, which has been removed from the bones and marinated, by dipping it in flour and cooking it in hot oil. Frying or salting method will be a delicious choice, as it tastes a little more bland than mackerel.

For those who love grilled fish, it is necessary to hunt or buy snails when they are at their most oily. You can prepare it by marinating it with salt and pepper to cook on the grill. Snail fish should be cooked on low heat so that its nutritional value and flavor are not lost. It is the most preferred easy and practical scallop pan method.

Long ago, an appetizer was made with the internal organs of mackerel fish. This appetizer was called garoz in some places and garos in other places . Today, since the appetizer culture has changed a lot, there are very few places that make the kohlrabi appetizer.

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