Burn Scars: 11 Herbal Remedies at Home

Burn Scars

Burn marks on the skin is a condition that upsets people. Ointment and medication support should be taken to prevent the burn scars from being permanent. Your doctor, who decides the size of the burn, also determines the most appropriate treatment method for you. Thanks to the drug support it offers you, the burn marks are gone. In addition to drug treatment, you can also heal burn scars and renew your skin cells with natural methods.

Burns on various parts of the body need some time to heal. In order to repair the damaged tissue, you need to take care of yourself and not neglect the treatment. Burn scar treatment continues for a while in order for the skin to regain its former health. During the treatment process, the burned tissue first dries up, then sheds and a new tissue formation takes place.

Burns are examined at 4 degrees. Its degree is determined according to the effect it creates on the skin.

  • 1. Degree: It is the least felt burn. It occurs in the outermost layer of the skin. A little reddening is seen.
  • Grade 2: Forms tiny blisters on the skin.
  • 3rd Degree: It is felt in the lower and upper layers of the skin. It evokes a feeling of pain.
  • 4th Degree: It is the most severe burn. It can lead to bone pain. Severe redness and swelling occur.

Now you will see natural methods to avoid burn marks on these lines. You can renew your skin by applying herbal treatment methods. Those who wonder how to remove the burn mark will find the answers they are looking for here.

You should read our article to the end to learn the most effective herbal answers to the question of how to get rid of the burn scar!

How is the Burn Permit Passed? 11 Herbal Remedies at Home

1) Coconut Oil

  • Coconut oil is one of the effective answers to the question of what is good for burn scars.
  • Thanks to coconut oil, which is a source of vitamin E, damaged tissues are quickly repaired.
  • Apply coconut oil on minor burns and massage for a few days.
  • With regular use, the tissues will be renewed and the burn scar will go away.

2) Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Apple cider vinegar prevents inflammation in the burn area. Thus, it cleans the inflammation caused by the burn.
  • Mix apple cider vinegar with some water and apply it to the area with a cotton ball.
  • Thanks to the antiseptic substances in apple cider vinegar, you can prevent the formation of stains.

3) Cold Tea

  • Cold tea is a method that prevents burn marks and relieves pain caused by burns.
  • Leave the cooled tea bag on the burned area for a while.
  • With this method, you can prevent swelling and prevent infection in the burning skin.

4) Egg White

  • For moderate burn marks, you can use home eggs. Apply the egg white to the burned area and wait for it to dry.
  • Thanks to the beneficial substances in egg white, damage to cells is stopped and new cell formation begins.
  • Egg white can be remembered as the easiest method to prevent the burns on your body from leaving any traces!

5) Honey

  • Honey is a food that relieves pain in the area where the burn scar is formed. Thanks to the minerals in its structure, it also prevents skin irritation.
  • Apply honey like a cream, depending on the size of the burn area.
  • Wait for the honey to remain on the trail for a while.
  • If you wish, you can cover the burned area with a bandage.

6) Potatoes

  • The effect of raw potatoes on burn marks has been known for years. Potatoes containing potassium are used for minor burns.
  • Peel the skin of the potato and cut it into thin slices. Place the potato slices on the burned area.
  • You can cover it with a bandage.
  • When the potato slices remain in the area with the burn scar for a few hours, it will relieve the pain and itching.

7) Lavender Oil

  • Those who say how to get rid of the burn scar and what are the herbal solution suggestions should immediately provide lavender oil.
  • Lavender oil is an antioxidant essential oil and prevents inflammation.
  • It also heals tissue damage on the skin in a short time.
  • You can massage with a few drops of lavender oil so that the burns on your skin do not leave traces.

8) Chamomile Oil

  • Chamomile oil is a vegetable oil that saves the skin from blemishes. Thanks to the vitamins in its structure, it keeps the skin away from stains.
  • Chamomile oil is a herbal supplement that should be found in every home, especially where you can get productive results in getting rid of burn marks.
  • Apply a few drops of chamomile oil to the area with burn marks regularly and wait for the oil to be absorbed.
  • Continue this practice for at least 1 week. If you do not neglect it, you can pass the burn mark.

9) Suna Dumankaya Burn Spot Mask

Suna Dumankaya has a special cure recommended for various burn scars. The ingredients of this cure are as follows:


  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of carrot juice
  • 1 teaspoon of aloe vera juice
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice


  • Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl and apply the resulting mixture to the tissue with the burn mark.
  • If the burn mark is very new, take care to apply with light touches.
  • If you apply this mixture once a day for 1 week; You can get rid of the burn mark.

10) Carrot Juice & Lemon Mix

  • We will propose a very special mixture that promotes the regeneration of skin cells. This mixture is very effective for burn scars.
  • Mix carrot juice and lemon juice evenly.
  • Rub a clean cloth on the burn marks on your knees, arms and legs.
  • This recommended effective mixture will make the burn scar disappear quickly.

11) Centaury Oil

  • Centaury oil is often recommended for burn scars.
  • You can open the centaury oil with a few drops of water and apply it to your skin.
  • Do not forget the regular use requirement for very large burn marks.
  • Centaury oil, which removes minor burn scars in a few days, will be one of your herbal treatment methods!

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