Orange juice: its benefits, and is it the best time for breakfast?

Mistakes When Making Orange Juice

The legends that accompany orange juice at breakfast are incredibly fruitful, this is obviously due to its great popularity and its extraordinary acceptance to combine wonderfully with the various foods throughout our lives, but today we will reveal the best time to consume it and thus be able to take advantage of each of its incredible benefits for food and health. Rich in vitamin C with 50 mg to maintain a first level antioxidant effect on the cells of your body and capable of hydrating you as well as strengthening your entire immune system .

Whether you consume it in the morning to accompany your breakfasts or at any time of the day to alleviate the effects of heat and achieve proper hydration, orange juice is ideal for refreshing and providing minerals and vitamins such as calcium with 11 mg per each 100 grams consumed to maintain a healthy bone system and energy thanks to its 8 grams of sugars . However, let’s go into details and see the scientific aspects that support the fact of knowing if breakfast is the best time of day to consume it?

What does orange juice offer us in addition to Vitamin C

A question that you may think is easy to answer, but that hides something in the background and is the fact of the amounts of sugars and fiber delivered , this is of the utmost importance because by obtaining orange juice we are getting an excessive amount of sugars while discarding the pulp that is full of fiber. How do we calculate this large amount of sugar? Simple: knowing that each orange maintains an average of 18 grams of natural sugar and if you drink the juiceFrom about 4 oranges you manage to ingest 72 grams of free sugars with 0 grams of fiber, an exaggerated amount and very dangerous for our body, since it obviously far exceeds the total sugar recommended by the WHO for the whole day.

Be very careful with the amounts of carbohydrates that will be converted into fructose and that will flood the body in a resounding way, being able to exert excessive pressure on the glycemic index with disastrous results, in addition to obviously discarding packaged juices, which also contain high doses of added sugars, flavor correctors and sweeteners.

That is to say, no one doubts the benefits of orange juice, but we must be somewhat cautious regarding the figures, because as we have just demonstrated, this amount of sugar in the early hours will produce a spike in the glycemic index that is very unhealthy and even dangerous. . But let’s be calm that there is also a solution to this sweet problem of proportions and that we will indeed propose and explain later.

The importance of time in the intake of orange juice

In order for this delicious and citrus juice to be able to exert all its possible help, it is important to mention the time at which it should be ingested, experts have declared ad nauseam that the best time to consume it is in the morning and specifically on an empty stomach . With what can effectively achieve the following objectives in the human body, let’s see:

  • An explosive vitamin bomb for the body.
  • Increased defenses and strengthening of the immune system .
  • Excellent contributions of collagen to the skin.
  • Ideal for the timely reduction of constipation .
  • Allows you to lose weight by increasing metabolism .
  • It manages to reduce the incidence of anemia , thanks to the fact that vitamin C is absorbed more efficiently when fasting.
  • Reduces the chances of cardiovascular problems and the incidence of heart attacks.
  • Controls blood cholesterol levels.
  • An incredible source of energy thanks to the added sugars.

But since not everything is pink, orange juice also has certain contraindications, which are well worth keeping in sight to avoid any unexpected surprises. Let’s take a look.

Orange juice contraindications

Although orange juice represents multiple benefits when consumed, the ideal is to achieve it including its pulp , in this way fiber would be included in its antioxidant effects , capable of achieving a perfect balance with sugars and unparalleled digestion .

For this reason, the ideal amount estimated for the consumption of orange juice is half a cup in order to avoid adverse effects, among which stomach heaviness, nausea , gastritis and abdominal pain stand out. In addition to achieving an intake that is accompanied by a healthy diet , inclusion of a daily physical exercise routine.

The famous carbohydrates versus the miraculous fiber

This paradigm is easily explained, since when an orange is squeezed, obviously the fiber tends to stay behind in the pulp that is wasted, in addition to the sugar remaining intact in the form of natural fructose . For this reason, just consuming the juice has a gigantic impact on blood glucose levels , very different from consuming it with its pulp, which works as a kind of mattress to slow down said absorption by the body.

It also influences the natural fact that generally after breakfast exercise is not the activity to develop, and that the most common thing is that we spend a quiet day behind a desk achieving that these high blood glucose levels activate the action of our insulin and therefore the inflammatory scale of the organism will be activated.

But you have to be careful because this does not mean that orange juice is harmful at breakfast, nor that it is the culprit in many cases of obesity , you simply have to be somewhat careful in relation to the management of carbohydrate consumption in breakfast.

Although the solution is not easy, the most concrete and ideal thing is to be able to consume the orange juice with its pulp without the need to strain it, either processed or simply consume the orange in the form of natural, unsqueezed fruit , it is also possible to add another type of fruit that can reduce the incidence of the levels of sugars provided or increase the nutritional quality by providing other components that can slow down the absorption of these amounts of fructose.

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