Does Ice Cream Make You Gain Weight?

Does Eating Ice Cream Make You Gain Weight

Does Eating Ice Cream Make You Gain Weight? Ice cream, which is the indispensable food of the summer months, is also a food that sometimes makes you think while eating it. Due to the amount of calories it contains, it leaves dieters in a dilemma. Ice creams with added sugar make both diabetics and weight controllers think for a while. Which ice cream is healthy? Do you have sugar free ice cream? Does ice cream make you gain weight? These questions are frequently asked to dietitians. If you love ice cream and you can’t stop eating; First of all, you need to learn the answer to the question of whether eating ice cream makes you gain weight.

Ice creams prepared with fruit flavor, milk and milk cream get their sweet taste from sugar and fruit. Sometimes ice creams are also prepared with fruit powders and sugar syrups. It is stated that such easy-to-use ice cream types are not very beneficial for health. If ice cream is to be consumed, it should be prepared with natural ingredients as much as possible. Natural ice creams, which are prepared without ingredients that raise blood sugar, become more beneficial for the body than harmful. In order to understand these criteria, the consistency, color and taste of ice cream is examined.

Here we will answer the questions that are consumed before the diet, before sports, in the winter, before going to sleep, when you wake up in the morning, or whether eating ice cream during pregnancy will make the baby gain weight. The time period and periods when you will eat the ice cream will be effective on your weight. But how? Let’s see them all now.

Does Ice Cream Make You Gain Weight?

When the general characteristics of ice cream are considered, it is a food that makes you gain weight. Because it is prepared by adding cream, milk powder, fruit syrups, refined sugar. These features belong to the ice creams that are available in the market in an unlimited way. But homemade ice creams are also available. More natural homemade ice creams are made from yogurt and homemade jams. The two types of ice cream should not be confused with each other.

If you are on a diet and you rarely want to eat ice cream, there may be moments when you cannot prevent this request. In such cases, there is no harm in consuming ice cream in moderation. Until it comes to eating ice cream in countless ways every day of the week. If you eat ice cream that you can’t even count the number of; You may be frequently warned by your nutritionists. You ask why? Let’s put it this way:

  • 100 grams of vanilla ice cream average; It contains 207 calories. It is possible to get this calorie value from a balanced fruit plate in a satisfying way. However, if you want to get ice cream, you will have to pay attention to the next meals.
  • If you want to eat chocolate ice cream, you will get an average of 217 calories from a 100 gram portion of chocolate ice cream. If you agree to take this amount of calories, you can consume ice cream.
  • If you eat ice cream in the morning and evening every day of the week, you can see the numbers rising when you get on the scale after 1 week.
  • Because ice cream is one of the foods that raise blood sugar suddenly. The feeling of fullness it gives takes an average of 20 minutes.
  • It makes you want to eat more after 20 minutes. This will eventually cause you to gain weight.
  • If you eat ice cream while on a diet, this will not spoil your diet. After establishing the calorie balance, you can easily eat ice cream.
  • Compared to sherbet and pastry foods, there is no serious harm as it is a more innocent dessert. It is enough to remember that it will be beneficial to consume only in moderation.

Does Maraş Ice Cream Make You Gain Weight?

  • 1 scoop of Maras ice cream is 60 grams on average.
  • The calories you will get from this ice cream are approximately; It is 105 calories.
  • If you want to eat Maraş ice cream, you can consume it in a measured amount according to your diet.
  • Since Maraş ice cream is prepared from goat’s milk, it is a healthier choice than other types of ice cream.

Does Magnum Ice Cream Make You Gain Weight?

  • Magnum branded ice cream options are ice creams with a lot of sugar and fat.
  • In addition to these products, there are chocolate, biscuits, fruit pieces, nuts and layered chocolate fillings.
  • Nutritionists state that Magnum ice cream has no place in the diet list.
  • A person eating 1 piece of any Magnum ice cream is 250 calories on average.
  • 250 calories is a very high figure in both diet and routine nutrition.
  • 250 calorie intake for just 1 piece of ice cream can cause weight gain.

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