Mortadella Salami: What is it, How is it Made?


Mortadella: Traditional Italian Pistachio Salami. The dazzling and appetizing types of salami in the deli section are diversifying day by day. Mortadella salami, a type of salami that attracts the attention of those who like to consume salami for breakfast and in various recipes, is consumed with pleasure thanks to the special ingredients in it.

When sliced ​​thinly, this special salami, consumed in one bite, leaves a pleasant aroma on the palate. Mortadella salami, which is often recommended by famous chefs, gourmets and those who know their mouth, is ready to meet you in these lines with its unknown properties!

What Is Mortadella Salami?

  • In order to expand your palate culture and introduce new tastes, we would like to give you the answer to the question of what is mortadella first.
  • Mortadella salami is a special kind of salami with peanuts in it. According to its original recipe, this salami contains lard.
  • It is Italian salami and it is pink salami containing at least 15% lard.
  • Before consuming this salami, you should make sure that you find salami prepared without any additives.
  • If you do not consume pork and its products; You can get green pistachio oily salami prepared from beef.
  • Mortadella salami, which is a special flavor for Italians, is considered a food flavored with peanuts.
  • Ground or ground black pepper, one of the secrets of taste of salami, leaves a slightly bitter aroma on the palate.
  • If you have found an original mortadella salami, it will definitely contain fruit.
  • Mortadella salami, which keeps bitter and tastes together, is preferred as an appetizing food at every meal of the day.
  • Mortadella salami is a Protected Geographical Indication for Italy. This means that; It is an indispensable part of Italian cuisine. The production of this salami is carried out under special controls in various regions of Italy.
  • In Turkish conditions, this salami is prepared from 100% beef and flavored with green pistachio.
  • Mortadella salami was consumed by nobles in ancient times, as it required expensive spices during preparation. However, thanks to the developing technology and opportunities, it has now become a delicatessen product that everyone consumes according to their preferences.
  • In 100 gram portion of mortadella salami, which has high nutritional value; There are 193 calories.
  • It is a salami rich in protein, sodium and carbohydrates. It is recommended to be consumed in moderation in diet nutrition.
  • This special salami has become known in many countries of the world thanks to Italian immigrants. In our country, it is prepared by using veal, depending on preference.

How to Make Mortadella Salami

  • The question of how to make mortadella, which attracts attention with its pistachio, light pink color, is a matter of curiosity.
  • It takes a few steps to make this salami.
  • To make a real mortadella cheese, the fatty tissue from the back of the pork is taken.
  • Coconut, black pepper, garlic and pistachio pieces are crumbled for spice flavor.
  • After mixing the meat and spice mortar, it is left to wait for approximately 24 hours after it takes the form of salami.
  • The waiting phase takes place in special furnaces that are almost the size of a room.
  • Heat-treated salami goes through the safe packaging process to be presented to the consumer and goes out for distribution.
  • Mortadella salami is obtained by using veal and fatty pieces from veal instead of pork.

How to Eat and Use Mortadella Salami?

  • You can consume Mortadella salami raw or cooked. You can diversify your recipes completely according to your taste.
  • If we talk about the suggested consumption patterns; This salami is very delicious in an omelet.
  • You can double the flavor of the sandwich by using a thin slice of salami when preparing hot and cold sandwiches.
  • If you like to add salami to salads; You can use mortadella salami.
  • While serving Mortadella salami, you can provide color transitions on your plate with thinly sliced ​​cheddar cheese.
  • You can add mortadella salami to the appetizer plate you have prepared next to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • When you want to eat toast, you can add as much mortadella salami as you want between the delicious toast bread and consume a warm snack.
  • If you want to try this salami especially on pizza; You can serve a delicious pizza by adding it to the pizza dough.

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