7 Ornamental Water Plants with the Best Colors, Some Are Symbols of Hockey

Water Plants

For mothers who like ornamental plants, there is no harm in trying to take care of ornamental water plants. Besides being beautiful, this ornamental plant is also considered easier to maintain.

Why is that? Because Mother no longer needs soil or fertilizer as a medium. Just provide water media, then the  plants can grow well.

If you are interested in ornamental plants in water, here are the types of ornamental water plants that you can choose:

Types of ornamental water plants

1. Calla lily

Native to Central Africa and South Asia. It has flowers that are soft in color and look beautiful, shaped like a funnel with a pistil in the middle area. Calla lyli come in a variety of colors, including white, orange, purple, red, and green.

2. American white lilies

This ornamental plant is known to have a distinctive sweet fragrance and its flowers are pure white with a large number of petals and beautifully shaped. American white lilies care is also not too difficult because you only need to trim the parts that have rotted.

3. Amazon lily

Often used as decoration during special occasions, such as holiday celebrations and weddings, especially in their home countries, namely Colombia and Ecuador. This ornamental water plant can still grow even though it is placed in a small glass. So the amazon lily can be the best choice for mothers who like ornamental plants in the house but don’t have much space.

4. Paperwhites

This ornamental plant comes from the Mediterranean region and only takes four weeks to enjoy the beauty of its flowers. At first glance, paperwhites look like paper flowers but are smaller in size. The maintenance is also relatively easy because you only need to change the water every three days.

5. Lotus

In Indonesia this plant is often called lotus. Lotus has a very important function in Hindu culture. This is because the sacred lotus is believed to be a celestial flower that symbolizes eternal life and a symbol of the god of fire. The treatment is quite easy, namely spraying every two weeks with pesticides to avoid aphids, especially during the rainy season.

6. Water jasmine

This ornamental plant has a short blooming time, that is, it blooms in the morning and begins to fall in the afternoon. How to care for jasmine water is quite easy, just put it in a cool place.

7. Bamboo water

Water bamboo ornamental plants have a size or height of about 100 cm. Not a few people in East Asian countries, such as China, Japan, and Korea believe in water bamboo plants as plants that bring good luck. How to take care of it? It is recommended to check regularly and if there are stems that turn yellow or brown then cut them immediately.

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