10 Lucky Ornamental Plants

Ornamental Plants

Do you have a hobby of growing ornamental plants at home? Not only can add aesthetics, through feng shui, ornamental plants can also be a way to bring positive energy into the house, you know.

Quoting from the Good House Keeping page , Susan Chan, a feng shui expert says that all rooms in the house need life energy, Mother. Well, feng shui plants are an easy natural way to bring Chi or life energy into the home.

Planting the following ornamental plants can help invite certain energies into your home, be it luck in love, wealth or health. Houseplants not only add dimension and color to a home but can also bring a touch of nature.

Plants according to feng shui

Want to know what ornamental plants can bring good luck according to feng shui, Mother? Let’s take a look at 10 lucky feng shui ornamental plants that have been reported from the Parenting First Cry page , below.

1. Palm Plants

Palm plants have a natural appeal with a tropical feel, Mother. Besides being able to attract good energy, palm plants can also activate the missing feng shui elements in the room.

This plant is also known as a plant that is able to absorb dust naturally, so that the air in your house becomes healthier.  

2. Pachira Money Tree

Pachira Money Tree is a plant commonly used in feng shui, which is believed to bring good luck and attract wealth, Mother. This tree has a unique trunk shape like in a braid.

Well, if you want to grow it at home, it is recommended to have three to five plants to bring good luck. Avoid planting four Pachira Money Trees, Mother.

3. Chinese Money Plant

According to feng shui, the Chinese Money Plant not only brings luck and money but also harmonizes humans with their surroundings, Mother.

Known for their deep roots and vibrant growth, this plant radiates positive energy. Its smooth, round, wavy leaves are a sign of great luck based on feng shui.

4. Bamboo Hockey

In Asian culture, the bamboo plant is considered a symbol of good luck, Mother. The Chinese call Bamboo Hockey as Fu Gwey Zhu with three symbols that signify Fu – Luck, Gwey – Power and Honor and Zhu – Bamboo.

The Hockey Bamboo plant brings the harmony of the five feng shui elements, so it can provide a positive life experience. In the arrangement it can also bring different luck, Mother. Like for example placing plants in the east to focus on family or southeast to attract wealth.

5. Tongue-in-law

Mother-in-law’s Tongue Plant can absorb and remove toxic gases from the air, you know, Mother. Well, it emits a strong protective energy and protects the occupants of the house from negative Chi .

To get good luck from this plant, feng shui recommends placing it in a secluded area around the house.

6. Jade Plant

Jade Plant or Jade Plant is referred to as the door of prosperity and success, Mother. It’s a good idea to place this plant at the entrance to the house. This is to attract profitable wealth and success.

7. Orchid Flowers

According to feng shui, orchids have the unique ability to bring good luck in love, Mother. Orchid flowers maintain relationships that are currently being established. In addition, Orchid Flowers can also increase the chance to find love and a partner.

8. Basil Leaves

Basil leaves scientifically called Ocimum Sanctum is a plant that is respected in India and is considered sacred in Hinduism, you know, Mother. Basil leaves have purifying properties, can eradicate negative energy and are able to attract positivity.

9. Lilies

Lilies in feng shui are considered a lucky plant, Mother. Lilies are also known to be very good at improving the air quality in the house. With the quality of this air purifier, placing lilies in any area of ​​the house can help improve air conditions and correct energy imbalances.

10. Rubber Plant

Rubber Plants have round leaves which are considered a symbol of money and prosperity in feng shui. Well, when planted at home, the plant will grow luck and increase wealth, Mother.

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