Garlic: Know everything that happens to your body if you eat garlic every day


Eating garlic every day is the door to a long life as it works as extra protection for the bones and the heart . Garlic is a very versatile and great – tasting food . It can be eaten in different ways, chopped, fried, crushed and crushed. In addition to preparing stews, fish and vegetables . It comes from the herbaceous plant and is an essential food in the Mediterranean diet . It is usually the main protagonist of some dishes, for example, garlic bread and garlic soup. It is also the usual seasoning in many recipes., because it gives a very particular flavor to meals.

In the kitchen, garlic is known as a very special flavouring . But in addition, it has fulfilled a medicinal role throughout history thanks to the properties it contains, among which selenium, vitamin B6 , vitamin C , magnesium and fiber stand out , which have demonstrated their great effectiveness in the health of the human being for all the benefits it brings. Garlic is closely related to other species such as onions , leeks and chives .

What happens if you eat garlic every day?

History has recorded many benefits of garlic. The biological effects highlight the ability to prevent some types of cancer and detoxification of the body. Remember that some foods in excess tend to leave negative traces in the body, garlic helps you eliminate them. As for the opinions expressed about its flavor and aroma, the account is divided due to its powerful flavor and strong smell. However, what you think of garlic becomes more present or recedes, knowing what happens to your body if you eat garlic every day.

Protection against heart disease

Garlic has favorable effects on neurodegenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis , as well as cardiovascular conditions . Eating garlic daily lowers blood pressure and improves cholesterol levels, as cardiac compounds help reduce the risk of disease. If you want to feel a healthier heart , do not forget to add garlic to all your food, although you can also eat garlic on an empty stomach.

According to scientific research, red blood cells convert the sulfur in garlic into hydrogen sulfide, which expands blood vessels, facilitating blood pressure regulation .

Less risk of cancer

Science certifies it through different studies, garlic in test tubes kills cancer cells . There is a detailed test on the evaluation of more than 40 thousand middle-aged women who consumed garlic on a regular basis, showed a 35% lower risk of colon cancer . It should be noted that in some of the studies they used supplements, while in others they highlighted that the benefits are obtained in a greater percentage if fresh garlic is eaten .

You will feel less inflammation

Garlic works as an anti-inflammatory . According to scientists, when a person suffers from chronic inflammation they may be at risk for other chronic diseases such as arthritis . In that sense, by eating garlic every day you help the body to inhibit the activity of some inflammatory proteins. If you are a woman and suffer from rheumatoid arthritis , a thousand milligrams of garlic supplements a day will help you lower inflammatory markers. You’ll feel less pain , less fatigue , and less tender joints . Garlic oil also works to reduce swelling in a localized area with massage.

Your body will be much more active

In Chinese culture, garlic is a good ally to reduce fatigue and improve work capacity . The benefits of garlic have been known for centuries, according to some records, it was consumed by Olympic athletes in ancient Greece. Studies have also been carried out on the behavior of the body after entering garlic into the body, resulting in high performance in sports , however, these evaluations have been carried out mostly in rodents.

Beware of excesses

Like everything, excessive consumption is not always good. If you eat raw garlic in large quantities, you run the risk of irritating the digestive tract , causing a burning sensation in the chest or stomach. People with gastroesophageal reflux disease should lower their consumption of garlic to avoid heartburn. Discomforts such as diarrhea, bad breath, body odor, bloating and upset stomach can also be generated.

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