Snowdrop Flower: Characteristics, Where Does It Grow?

Snowdrop Flower

Snowdrop flower is known as a flower that has been the subject of legends for centuries. Many people have learned to be courageous and loyal thanks to the stories about the snowdrop flower that have been passed down from generation to generation. Despite all the hardships in the fertile lands of Anatolia, snowdrop flower varieties have entered the list of the most curious plants with both their scent and medicinal properties.

Are you ready to get to know the snowdrop flower, which is the protagonist of love stories and friendship stories? The curious features of the snowdrop flower, which is the subject of poems and songs, are with you!

Snowdrop Flower Story and Meaning

According to rumors, the snowdrop flower has two different stories. These stories are as follows:

1. Story

  • One day, the snowdrop flower falls in love with the Sun. Although he never saw the sun he fell in love with, he lives in his dream.
  • Although he knows that he will die the moment he sees the sun, he wants to see her very much.
  • He prays to Allah to see the sun and expresses that he wants to see it even once.
  • The snowdrop flower, appearing in the presence of Allah, tells as if begging that it wants to see the sun, even for a short time.
  • Allah, on the other hand, knows the delicate nature of the snowdrop and says to it: “O snowdrop, don’t you know that you are a delicate flower and the moment you meet the sun, you can lose your life. Think about it, I’m giving you two days, either the sun or your life!”
  • Snowdrop flower does not give up on her love for the sun after a while and says that she is dying to see him.
  • He looks forward to the day he will see the sun, knowing that he will die.
  • God; He congratulates the snowdrop for his courage and is very sad that he will lose his life.
  • The day will come, the sun will appear overhead. However, at this time, snow also covered the entire land.
  • While he was going to pierce the snow and greet the Sun, he could not stand his delicate structure and dies there.
  • The elders, who have passed this story down from generation to generation, advise to be brave like a snowdrop in love.

2. Story

  • Years ago, there were two flowers that loved each other very much and were jealous of other flowers.
  • These flowers are snowdried, which attracts attention with its white beauty.
  • The male one of these flowers; He dreamed of not opening in the middle of the snow and staying alone in all the countryside in the season when every flower blooms.
  • He also told his beloved about his idea and they agreed to open it on the winter day when no flower dared to open.
  • The beautiful days of spring are over, the heat of summer has passed, and the expected winter has come.
  • The male flower pierced the ground full of white snow and opened it to meet his lover.
  • However, he saw that the flower he loved was not yet in sight.
  • The male flower, who could not see his beloved, could not stand all the cold after piercing the snow and succumbed.
  • The flower that keeps its promise to its loved one is named snowdrop.
  • The flower that left its lover in the middle of the road was also given the name Hercai.
  • The message that the people who tell this story want to give is; It is described as keeping the promise made to the lover until the end and being faithful to love.

What are the Features of Snowdrop Flower?

  • Among the answers to the question of what is a snowdrop flower, the characteristics of this flower should also be included. For this, we will tell you about the properties of snowdrops.
  • Known as the snow-like milkweed, this elegant flower belongs to the daffodils.
  • This flower does not bloom only in cold weather. If there are suitable seasonal conditions; Snowdrop can bloom in any condition and in any environment.
  • This flower, which does not like contact, is quite sensitive.
  • There are an average of 20 different species of snowdrops, which can reach 25 to 30 cm in length.
  • Snowdrop, one of the symbols of spring, is among the flowers that bid farewell to the winter season.
  • Known as the first flower of the year, the snowdrop is a symbol of both love, loyalty and spring.
  • Among the benefits of snowdrop flower, there is a pain relief effect. It will be good for you to smell the snowdrop flower or drink its tea, especially during menstrual days and migraine attacks.
  • The bulbous part in the root of the snowdrop helps to clear the inflammations.

Where Does the Snowdrop Flower Grow?

  • Among the features of the snowdrop flower, the direction of growing in a humid environment draws attention.
  • This flower has the opportunity to grow in all conditions in all seasons. When it finds a little moisture and a little water, it grows through even the most difficult soils.
  • To grow snowdrops at home, you need to protect them from the wind and high heat. Because this flower does not like direct wind.
  • The snowdrop flower, which does not need much water, expects regular watering on dry days.
  • To grow snowdrops in pots, it is recommended to give vitamins once a year.
  • In our country, it can be grown in any city that is exposed to the sun and remains humid.
  • Snowdrop flower care is very easy. You can keep this flower alive in a pot at home in spring by regular watering.
  • It is recommended to protect it from wind and direct sunlight.

When Does the Snowdrop Flower Bloom?

  • Snowdrops blooming as of January adorn the countryside and plateaus.
  • These flowers, which can stay alive until the end of March, bloom once a year.
  • Announcing the arrival of spring, the snowdrop leaves its place to summer flowers after giving the last flowers.

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