Elegant Presentations with 9 Edible Flower Types

Elegant Presentations with 9 Edible Flower Types

Flowers are among the most beautiful and colorful gifts of nature. When we say flowers, we think of fragrant gardens or bouquets gifted on special occasions, but in fact, flowers also adorn the tables thanks to their nutritious content.

Edible flower names include violet, hibiscus, lavender, rose, squash flower, daisy, dandelion, hibiscus, honeysuckle, and nasturtium. Flowers add flavor to meals not only in the kitchens of homes but also infamous restaurants in many countries of the world. Of course, we should not be deceived by their pleasant appearance and fall into the illusion that we can eat all the flowers. After doing your research, it is necessary to decide which flowers can be added to the dishes.

Edible flower species enrich food in terms of color and fragrance and also contribute to health thanks to their medicinal ingredients.

What is an Edible Flower?

  • When the edible flower is examined within the framework of gastronomy, it is the plant suitable for consumption as a meal.
  • Flowers, which do not cause any harm to the body in terms of digestion and in general, can be consumed as food.
  • Of course, it is important that it tastes good too.

Even if a flower is okay to eat, we recommend that you test for allergies. For example, flowers such as oleander can cause serious damage to health with their poison.

Elegant Presentations with 9 Edible Flower Types

1) Violet

  • Although it is generally used as an ornamental plant, pansies actually taste good and are nutritious.
  • It usually has a light, woody flavor, but the pungency varies depending on the species.
  • The edible flower violet has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Although it is used especially for cakes and desserts, violet rice is an alternative recipe. It can also be finely chopped and added to salads.

2) Amber Blossom

  • There are hundreds of different varieties of the hibiscus flower, also known as the Japanese rose among the people.
  • They come in shades of red, white, pink, and yellow.
  • It is often used in jams and salads. Its tea is also very famous and helps in blood pressure and cholesterol control.

3) Lavender

  • Lavender with purple flowers has a unique and relaxing scent. Its scent is so relaxing that those with sleep problems are recommended to put a small sachet of lavender under their pillow.
  • It is popular in desserts because of its vibrant color and beautiful aroma.
  • Since it has a sharp taste, we recommend you to be moderate and careful when using it in meals.

4) Rose

  • Every type of rose, which has many different colors and varieties, can be eaten. Taste differs according to the rose variety.
  • Rose petals have a special floral aroma and taste.
  • You can consume the rose fresh and raw, and add it to salads. You can use dried rose petals as a spice.
  • Rose is especially preferred for jams and marmalades.
  • There are studies showing that rose reduces stress and relaxes people.

5) Pumpkin Blossom

  • Zucchini flowers can be consumed raw or added to salads. The most beautiful and most troublesome recipe is stuffed zucchini flowers.
  • The female flowers turn into zucchini, so eating the flowers does not prevent the formation of squash. If the full harvest is desired, you can eat only male flowers. The females are near the middle of the plant, and the male flowers are on the outer parts of the plant.
  • The Zucchini flower is a complete store of vitamins and minerals. Zucchini flower contains vitamins A, B, C, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, vegetable protein, starch, iron, copper, folate and zinc.

6) Daisy

  • It is known that chamomile relaxes people, especially when consumed as a tea.
  • Chamomiles with a slightly sweet aroma add a special aroma to dishes.
  • Although chamomile is a favorite flower in making herbal tea, it is also frequently used in pastries and desserts.

7) dandelion

  • Dandelion is a garden plant and has flowers of 2-4 cm in diameter.
  • Apart from the flowers, the roots, stems, and leaves of the dandelion can also be eaten.
  • The flowers can be consumed raw, but frying is also a good option.
  • You can use dandelion raw in salads and sandwiches, and add it to meals.

8) Honeysuckle

  • It is believed that honeysuckle, which has an important place in Chinese medicine, has positive effects on health.
  • It is preferred in tea making and syrups. One of its interesting uses in the food world is as a substitute for sugar in bread.
  • The nectar of the flower is healthy; However, if the fruit of some honeysuckle species is consumed too much, it can poison people. It’s good to be careful.

9) Latin Flower

  • It is also used in kitchens as a different taste with its bright colors and the peppery aroma of the Latin flower spreading positive Latin energy to the world.
  • The flowers can be consumed raw or cooked. It is a great complement to pesto sauce, especially.
  • It appeals to our body health with its benefits to the eyes with the image of nasturtium, which supports the removal of harmful toxins from the body.

Where Are Edible Flowers Sold?

  • If you know which edible flowers are, you can find the types you are looking for in or near the fruit and vegetable aisles of large supermarkets. In addition, when you search the internet, you can access brands that work specifically in this field.
  • You can buy edible flowers directly in the plucked form, or you can also buy them in pots. While watching the beautiful colors of your potted flower, you feed your soul, and when you add the flowers to your food, you feed your stomach.
  • Edible flowers are also very beneficial thanks to the antioxidants and anti-inflammatories they contain. You can eat it raw, cook it with vegetables or sprinkle it on your desserts. The choice is yours. Flowers can color both your environment and your kitchen, that is, every area of ​​your life!

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