Plant your own orange tree at home – aromatize, decorate and enjoy its fruits

planting an orange tree at home

Planting a tree produces one of the greatest personal satisfactions and of course you manage to contribute your grain of sand to the environment, with this action you will clean the air, increase the production of oxygen and if it is a fruit tree you will enjoy consuming its fruits. Today you will learn how to plant an orange tree in your home in a simple and successful way and achieve the wonderful antioxidant effects thanks to the fact that oranges are a citrus that for every 100 grams of fruit consumed give you 53.2 mg of vitamin C. Likewise, a tree manages to absorb 4.5 kg of polluted air and produce up to 115 kg of oxygen.annually.

In addition, the fruit of the orange is ideal for hydrating yourself thanks to the fact that they are made up of 86.75% water and full of fiber so that you have a healthy digestion capable of eliminating toxins and working as a perfect depurative (you must consume the bagasse) by providing 2.4 grams of dietary fiber for every 100 grams of fruit consumed as well as maintaining a great skeletal system thanks to its 40 mg of calcium .

The orange tree perfectly admits being planted either directly in the soil of your garden or patio as well as in pots, and accepts being cultivated both indoors and outdoors, always maintaining the necessary care for each particular case.

Steps to follow to achieve the success of planting an orange tree at home

Whether you adore the smell of oranges or you love the delicious flavor of its fruit , it is important to have the maximum information at hand to achieve a successful cultivation of this plant, I leave you below with the necessary steps to achieve a great cultivation of this beautiful fruit tree.

Do you know this type of plant?

Without a doubt, knowledge is a fundamental part of achieving success in any company you want to tackle, so it is essential that you know all the relevant information about orange trees. These need humid and temperate climates, because they do not support low temperatures or frost.

Choose the ideal place

When it comes to planting an orange tree at home, it is essential to be able to choose the most appropriate place to locate it, it must have an excellent share of sunlight and it must be protected from the wind.

planted type

To plant an orange tree you can perfectly have various options, from using seeds to carrying out other lesser known methods such as stake or layering . It is also possible to get small trees already planted in pots in nurseries and that you simply have to transplant directly from the pot to your garden, to a larger pot, to the garden or to a specially chosen site.

Do it in the right season

The most suitable season to plant an orange tree is in spring, especially towards the beginning of March and trying to ensure that the climatic and meteorological conditions are ideal to avoid as much as possible that they can harm the development of the plant.

the type of land

Of incredible importance for the proper development of the plant, this soil must maintain a pH between 5 and 8 and maintain the ability to retain the greatest amount of moisture. In addition, it is important to try to help with the incorporation of specialized fertilizers for citrus fruit plants, creating the most suitable conditions for their cultivation.

Set a constant watering

Orange trees need plenty of water and therefore it is imperative to offer the plant specific access to a certain amount of this vital liquid, but taking into consideration that there should be no waterlogging. Therefore, a correct balance between humidity and dryness must be maintained, both in the soil and in the same environment in which the plant develops.

How to carry out the planting of the orange tree on the ground

  1. Take the size of the root ball into account and dig a hole twice its size.
  2. At the bottom of the hole you add stones to achieve effective water drainage and avoid harmful stagnation as much as possible.
  3. Next, you moisten the roots and you can cut the longest ones.
  4. You plant the tree in the hole and hold it in place using stakes in its roots, then add soil and water abundantly until the entire surface is very well moistened.
  5. Finally, you tie and efficiently fix the stakes to provide the correct anchorage to the tree, while it manages to develop and support itself.

Can I plant it in a pot and indoors?

Undoubtedly, it is possible to carry out this planting indoors, as well as being an instructive experience and providing a valid option for those homes where there are no outdoor conditions to do it (patios, gardens). So you can enjoy the countless benefits of this delicious citrus fruit and get the best antioxidant qualities of the orange .

In the market there are innumerable varieties of orange plants of the dwarf type or specially conditioned to offer you the maximum possibility of enjoying a successful crop within the facilities of your home, the varieties of calamondín or quinoto stand out, which offer you fruits delicious, full of the same nutritional benefits , as well as vitamins and minerals and that in addition to needing very little space, they fulfill an excellent decorative function.

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