Cranberry Benefits: Strengthens the Immune System!


The reddest fruit of September, which is the most beautiful month of autumn, cranberry is known in different regions with names such as fern, adolescent, kiran, cranberry cherry and kiren. Cranberry, which can only be consumed fresh in September and October, is made into jam, marmalade and tarhana so that it can be consumed in all seasons.

Cranberry, which has a distinctive taste, is the size of an olive and has a sour taste. Although the sour taste of the fruit, which has a different aroma, is not liked by some people, it is recommended to be consumed due to its health benefits. Not only the fruit itself, but also the stem, root, leaf and bark of the dogwood tree contain useful components.

Cranberry, one of the historical fruits of centuries ago, belongs to the cultures of Eastern Europe, Anatolia and Asia. Unknown in most of the world, the fruit is one of the rarest natural foods that has remained as it was centuries ago. The cranberry plant grows in Greece, Serbia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Croatia and Turkey.

What Is Cranberry? What are the types?

  • Although its history dates back to ancient times, cranberry, which is not known much, is one of the most useful fruits of autumn, which attracts attention with its red color.
  • It is a small, fleshy and juicy fruit with a high fiber content.
  • Cranberry, which is primarily consumed in the kitchen as a fresh fruit, is rich in vitamins K, E, C, A and B group vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin and pyridoxine. In addition, cranberries are a good source of sodium and potassium.
  • In addition, what makes cranberries, which also contain manganese, copper, iron and calcium minerals, is the content of the hormone melatonin.
  • Cranberry mucilage containing fructose and glucose also contains flavonoids, citric and malic acid.
  • There are approximately 50 varieties of cranberry herb all over the world.
  • It is a type of C. Sanguinea L. cranberry known as wild cranberry grass, which is suitable for the climate and soil of Turkey.

What Are the Benefits of Cranberries?

  • It helps to balance blood pressure and prevents high blood pressure. With these two features, it reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
  • It accelerates the healing process of cardiovascular patients, stroke and heart attack patients.
  • There is a positive relationship between cranberry and diabetes. There are studies showing that cranberry consumption prevents diabetes and high cholesterol.
  • Among the benefits of the cranberry plant, there is also an increase in the strength of the body. Cranberry cherry supports the immune system, increases the body’s resistance to diseases and protects the body from microbes.
  • The scientific benefits of cranberry have also been the subject of thesis studies. Containing antioxidant substances, cranberry facilitates the excretion of harmful substances in the body.
  • The melatonin hormone in the content of cranberries is effective in preventing insomnia, provides sleep and regulates the body’s biorhythm.
  • The proanthocyanidin substance in cranberry protects the teeth by forming a protective layer on the gums. In particular, it prevents dental disorders such as tartar and plaque and minimizes dental discomfort as a result of acidic food consumption.
  • It plays an important role in the treatment of inflammation in the body. It contributes to faster healing of wounds and is effective in the treatment of urinary tract infections.
  • It prevents the formation of cancer cells and the spread of formed cancer cells.
  • It eliminates the problems of overeating and inability to digest what they eat. It even helps to overcome stomach ailments such as ulcers.
  • Cranberry is among the favorite fruits of women, especially with its benefits to the skin.
  • Thanks to its antioxidant content, it destroys the agents that damage the skin and ensures that the skin shines and the effects of aging are minimized. You can provide a healthy touch to your skin with a cranberry mask that you can easily prepare at home.
  • Cranberry prevents the formation of kidney stones. It is recommended to consume cranberry juice to reduce kidney stones.
  • The question of whether cranberry, which comes to the fore with its benefits, is harmful during pregnancy, can be confusing.
  • Those who have serious chronic diseases, are pregnant or are allergic to cranberry should not use it without consulting a doctor.
  • Cranberry benefits are also available sexually, it is said to increase sexual potency.
  • Searches on the internet about the benefits of cranberry also look at different cranberry uses, such as the benefits of cranberry soup, the benefits of cranberry compote, the benefits of cranberry paste, the benefits of cranberry sour.
  • For the most efficient results, it is recommended to consume natural cranberries raw or to prepare cranberry juice using natural methods.
  • Of course, you can try different recipes according to your taste, but we recommend that you take into account that the more the process is, the benefit rate of fruit pulp may change.
  • Cranberry pills are also used abroad and in our country due to its benefits.
  • The plant, which is referred to as Cranberry, is actually produced from cranberry, which is from the cranberry family.
  • You can get the results you want more easily by doing a good word research on supplements.
  • The benefits of cranberry tea are as intense as the direct consumption of the fruit, if you like to drink tea, you can consume cranberry as a hot drink. What is important at this point is the use of natural cranberry in cranberry tea and the absence of additives.

Where Does Cranberry Grow? When?

  • The dogwood tree, which belongs to the Cranberry family, is 4-8 meters long. The trunk of the dogwood tree is covered with pinkish gray small scales.
  • The cranberry leaves, which have prominent veins and a short stem and bright green color, turn pink and red in autumn and fall.
  • In March-May, the dogwood sapling gives light yellow flowers, 10-15 of them together, on each branch before shedding its leaves.
  • So, when do cranberries bear fruit? The cranberry flower turns into an olive-sized fruit that was previously green in color and had a bitter taste. Later, in August and September, these fruits mature and their colors turn red.
  • The distinctive aroma of cranberry emerges in SeptemberThe dogwood tree, which can live for about 100 years, can also have the appearance of a bush with multiple trunks.
  • The most striking feature of the dogwood tree is that although it blooms very early, its fruit, namely the dogwood, matures late.
  • The dogwood tree, which is produced with seeds or cuttings, can grow in any type of soil. The tree, which likes moist, sunny, calcareous soils, is resistant to -25 degrees cold.
  • Northern Hemisphere grows cranberries in our country in the world Trabzon, Tekirdag, Kutahya, Izmir, Istanbul, Mersin, Izmir, Erzurum, Corum, Bursa, Bolu, Artvin, Antalya and Ankara can be found in cultivation in every corner of Anatolia, especially.

How to Dry Cranberries?

  • In order to consume cranberry in all seasons, dried cranberry is prepared. Cranberries are dried in two ways. One is drying in sunlight and the other is drying in an oven.
  • In both drying methods, cranberry preserves its characteristic sour taste and its color changes from light red to dark red-black.
  • Cranberries are harvested for drying in sunlight. After washing with water, it is dried thoroughly. Cranberries are laid out on a clean cloth tarpaulin, ensuring direct contact with the sun, taking care not to be crushed.
  • It is mixed once in the morning, afternoon and evening. Cranberries, which are kept in the sun for a week, are kept in storage containers.
  • In the process of drying cranberries in the oven, after the cranberries are washed, they are placed in a large pot and boiling water is poured over them. As a result of this process, the skins of the cranberries come off and this is an indication that they are ready to be dried.
  • After draining the juice of the cranberries, the cranberries are arranged on the baking tray by laying baking paper. Drying in the oven at 175 degrees for about a minute is enough to prepare dried cranberry.
  • So, how to store dried cranberries? Let’s get to the question.
  • You can store the dried cranberries in the freezer bags in the amount you want and store them in the freezer. Or you can choose to store it in a cool room that does not contain humidity.
  • The most important point to note is that you should not keep dried cranberry and spice type together. The spice scent may combine with the cranberry, which spoils the flavor of the cranberry.

Does Cranberry Lose Weight?

  • Half a glass, that is, approximately 100 grams of cranberry fruit, is 64 calories. Cranberries are not much different from other fruits in terms of calories. However, it contains high fiber.
  • In recent years, there are studies showing that cranberry, which is frequently encountered in the treatment of obesity, which is one of the most important diseases of our age, helps to lose weight.
  • Especially among the benefits of cranberry juice obtained from cranberry, it is on the agenda with its weight loss facilitating effect.
  • Since cranberry is not high in calories and leaves the stomach late due to its fibrous structure, it can create a feeling of satiety.
  • In addition, antioxidant components and cranberry vitamins in the fruit have a metabolism-accelerating effect.
  • Thanks to its fatty acid content, which is effective on the fat in the body, cranberry, which accelerates fat burning, also accelerates the removal of toxins from the body.
  • When all these effects are combined, it can be said that the presence of cranberry in weight loss diets increases the effectiveness of the diet.
  • With cranberry included in weight loss diets, does cranberry cause gas, does cranberry cause diarrhea, does cranberry cause constipation? such questions arise.
  • Cranberry causes constipation, in other words, it has an anti-diarrheal effect.
  • Those with intestinal problems and allergies may need to be careful when consuming cranberries, considering their gas-producing properties.

Where to Buy Cranberries?

  • Cranberry, a local fruit, is offered for sale in markets, especially in September and October.
  • If you want to consume fresh fruit, which can grow everywhere in Turkey, it is possible to find it in the markets during these months.
  • Since the demand for cranberry has increased with the increase in the importance given to organic nutrition, you can often come across cranberry in big markets recently.
  • You can buy dried fruit, jam, marmalade, tarhana and water, which you can consume fresh for a few months of the year, from herbalists, big markets, shops selling herbs, organic products stores or online.

How Much Does Cranberry Cost?

  • Fresh cranberry prices vary regionally.
  • The fruit, which is generally very cheap in the regions where it grows, is offered for sale between 7-10 liras per kilo.
  • However, the price of dried cranberries is slightly higher than fresh.
  • The weight of 1 kilogram of dried cranberries varies between 75 liras and 250 liras.
  • It is common for a price difference between fresh cranberries and dried cranberries, as the water content drops considerably when dried.

3 Delicious and Rich Cranberry Recipes

1) The Most Delicious Shade of Red Cranberry Marmalade

Bringing a new flavor to breakfasts with its unique sour taste, cranberry marmalade is the focus of attention especially for sour lovers. When the magnificent red color of the mashed cranberries is combined with a sour taste, a completely different atmosphere comes to the breakfast tables. Are you ready to try the most beautiful shade of red on toast?

2) A Short Journey into the Past: Cranberry Sorbet

We are sure that the cranberry sherbet made with cranberry, which is the apple of the eye of those who eat healthy with its rich vitamin and mineral content, will also decorate your tables with its taste. You should say hello to both delicious and healthy meals with cranberry sherbet, which is especially suitable with rice, pasta and meat dishes.

3) Colorful Breakfast Option: Cranberry Jam

You won’t believe how delicious it is to protect both your heart health, your skin and your teeth. You should bring healthy and delicious touches to your breakfasts with the spilled cranberry jam.

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