Tips for curing dishes that are over-seasoned

Garnish Mashed Potatoes Recipe

You want to cook a delicious meal for the whole family but sometimes there are problems when one dish is too sweet, another is too salty, another is greasy… Just stay calm because there is a solution to everything.

1. Cure salty dishes

Sliced ​​raw potatoes are used to cure salty dishes.

You can use a tablespoon of sugar or add a little apple cider vinegar to dishes like soups and soups when they are salty. Alternately, you can also use sliced ​​raw potatoes to cure salty dishes. In addition, you can put flour or rice in a cloth bag, cover it and drop it in the pot for a while before turning off the stove to help reduce the salty taste of the dish.

2. Reduce fat

Food that is too fatty can be irritating and unappetizing. You can reduce the fat in your food in the following ways:

– Use some chicory to add to the pot of soup or soup. The vegetables will absorb the excess fat and make the soup bar back.

– Add a few ice cubes to the dish and stir quickly so that the fat sticks to the ice. Then, take it out right away to have a pot of sweet, low-fat soup.

Add ice to soups to reduce fat.

– Wrap the food wrap and gently drop it on the surface of the soup pot. Then gently stir and quickly let the fat stick to the plastic wrap and immediately take it out. In this way, you should consider the reputable brand of the wrap to avoid unsanitarily.

– When the dish is completely cooled, put it in the refrigerator so that the fat layer is scum on top. After a few hours, take out the fat layer to remove the scum and the pot of soup will be delicious again.

3. Cure foods that are too sweet

A little salt in a dish that is too sugary can reduce the sweetness. In addition, a few drops of apple cider vinegar can also help reduce the sweetness of the dish.

4. Keep food color

Potatoes are easy to brown during processing, you can add lemon juice to solve this situation.

Broccoli no longer retains its beautiful white color when cooked. A little milk or a little vinegar can help you whiten broccoli.

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