Pumpkin Benefits, Calories and Nutritional Value

Pumpkin Benefits, Calories and Nutritional Value

The pumpkin, which is famous all over the world as the symbol of Halloween, is known for its unique appearance and interesting taste. Delicious flavors can be created with pumpkin, which is also used as an ingredient in many different dishes.

Pumpkin color adds a special value to the food with its unusual orange appearance. Although it is generally used in desserts in our country, it is also preferred as an ingredient in other types of dishes around the world. The cute pumpkin, with its crusty exterior and long lines, has original features. It is also used as a fun decoration object during the Halloween period.

What Are the Benefits of Pumpkin?

  • Pumpkin, which is one of the indispensables of autumn and winter months, contains high fiber. With the help of fibers, the intestines work better and faster.
  • As a result of containing a high amount of vitamin A, it makes important contributions to beauty. It helps the skin and body tissue to renew itself.
  • A pumpkin mask is also very good for the skin. After mixing the mashed pumpkin with honey and non-fat yogurt in a bowl, apply to the face and wait for 10 minutes. Then, when you wash your face with warm water, a pumpkin peeling application is made. Thus, your skin is cleaned of dead cells.
  • Since pumpkin is low in fat and calories, it is ideal to add to the diet list. Those who want to lose weight may prefer to consume pumpkins. You can try the pumpkin diet option with fragrant baked zucchini.
    You can lose a certain amount of weight by applying a pumpkin detox for 3 days. Detox is prepared by cooking diced pumpkin in 1 cup of water, adding flavors of cinnamon and cloves.
  • The nutrient, which has great benefits for eye and brain health, prevents Alzheimer’s disease from occurring.
  • Pumpkin is light and nutritious. The puree is an ideal food for babies. On the other hand, it contributes positively to the bone development of children.
  • Mineral elements in pumpkin prevent anemia and help strengthen the immune system.
  • The substances in the pumpkin increase the level of serotonin and have a relaxing effect on the body.
  • The benefits of pumpkin seeds are also important for health. It greatly regulates the digestive system and strengthens the bone structure.
  • Pumpkin juice benefits include supporting the organism and immune system. Adding 1 teaspoon of honey to half a glass of fresh pumpkin juice and drinking it strengthens the body and provides protection against diseases.

Pumpkin Calories and Nutritional Value

Pumpkin is a type of food that is low in calories and keeps you full. In this respect, it is ideal for those who are on a diet. In one serving, in other words, 150 grams of pumpkin contains 37.5 calories. Showing a complete antioxidant property increases the nutritional value of the pumpkin. The Carbohydrate ratio has a great place in the nutritional values ​​of pumpkins. It is also rich in fiber and protein. The abundance of potassium and vitamins also makes pumpkin a useful food.

What are Pumpkin Varieties?

Pumpkin types are divided into two as cylinder-like long varieties and flat-round ones. When pumpkins are mentioned in popular culture, flat and round ones come to mind. When choosing pumpkins, it is necessary to pay attention to the ones with firm flesh. Buying pumpkin seeds can also be a good choice for those who are interested in botany and want to create a colorful environment in their home. Alternative results such as white miniature, giant classic pumpkin, pink banana can be achieved in this way.

When Is Pumpkin Ripe, When Is It Picked?

The autumn and winter months, when the weather starts to cool and there is a greater need for warm textured, heart-warming dishes, can be explained as the pumpkin season. There is a method called nail test to tell when a pumpkin is ripe. If your fingernail digs into the pumpkin’s skin, it’s still immature.

It is absolutely necessary not to tear the product before its time. It is useful to collect the seedlings, which find a good maturation environment in hot weather before the weather gets too cold. Pumpkin, which is kept in a warm atmosphere for a week or two, reaches the desired state after this period. Pumpkin oil can be seen as a magic antioxidant. It is easily used to heal minor wounds and strengthen the body.

How to Peel a Pumpkin? How to Cook?

The most troublesome issue with pumpkin, which attracts lovers of extraordinary flavors, is the peeling process. Pumpkin with hard shells is first cleaned thoroughly and is ready to be peeled. During the process in question, it is necessary to clean the inside of the pumpkin. After the upper part is carved, the core part inside is carved with the help of a spoon.

Pumpkin seeds benefit those who consume it in many ways. Therefore, it is a good decision to keep the beans rather than throw them away as they are useless. During Halloween, this process is done in a more elaborate and creative way, creating decorative shapes on the pumpkin that will add a gothic atmosphere to your home.

Dividing the food into slices provides convenience in terms of peeling. Although the hard shells of the food may seem like a disadvantage at first, leaving some of the food on it is beneficial due to the vitamin of the shells. To get softer skins, you can microwave the pumpkin for a while before peeling it.
When it comes to cooking the pumpkin, different methods can be chosen. If you want, you can boil it for a while in hot water or use the steam route. Baked zucchini can also be a good option that adds color to the tables. After baking at 200 degrees and for about an hour, the pleasant taste of pumpkin meets you.

How to Store Pumpkin?

Pumpkin needs to be stored in the freezer after certain conditions are met. However, it is important that the storage period is no more than nine months and that it is cooked immediately after taking it out of the freezer.

Since pumpkin is generally used in dessert making, it is a good method to first cut it into cubes. Before storing the pumpkin, it must be thoroughly cleaned. Pumpkin, which is a food that likes to be taken care of, should be kept in a closed storage container in the freezer or with a freezer bag. The upper part of the storage container should remain empty, as the pumpkin is likely to swell. If the bag is used, it is important that it does not get air.

What is the Price of Pumpkin?

Known for its freshness, benefits, and sweet taste, you can buy a pumpkin for an economical price. A kilo of pumpkin is sold in the markets for around 4 TL. It is also possible to find pumpkins in the markets when the season comes. Peeled pumpkin varieties are also sold. There is a chance to obtain these at good prices from organic product shopping sites on the internet.

What Are Pumpkin Harms?

Pumpkin, whose benefits are greater than its size, does not have any harmful aspects to the human body. It can cause an allergic reaction, albeit rarely, in somebodies. In people who have high blood pressure problems, on the contrary, it acts as a balancing act. Cooking pumpkin for too long can also cause it to lose vitamins. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful not to exceed 45 minutes or 1 hour as cooking time. In addition, it is beneficial in terms of hygiene to wash and clean it thoroughly for purification before peeling.

4 Favorite Recipes with Pumpkin

1) Tiny Tiny Flavors: Pumpkin Balls

You can fully experience the spirit of Halloween, which coincides with the end of October and is perhaps the most entertaining holiday in the world, with this practical and delicious recipe. When you want to make an alternative dessert, you can evaluate the Pumpkin Balls recipe every day of the year. You should definitely try the recipe where you will feel the delicious combination of chocolate and pumpkin puree. 

2) Diet Quits: Pumpkin Pie

For a light and soft-tasting, melt-in-your-mouth recipe, you can make pumpkin pie. With the practical, delicious, and flamboyant cake prepared in a short time, the warmth of pumpkin can come to your tables. 

3) A Traditional Taste: Pumpkin Dessert with Milk

If you want to try the classic dessert prepared with pumpkin, you should make this recipe, which brings a new approach to the understanding of dessert. Moreover, you can feel another delicious aroma, coconut, in the recipe. The decorations you add after making the dessert can also add value to the pleasant appearance of the result you get. 

4) If You Are Looking For Different Soups, Stop Now! Pumpkin Soup

You can get an ideal result with the soup you will make with the other ingredients that you will add to the delicious taste of the pumpkin. You can definitely feel the contribution of broth and spices when you taste the soup.

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