Melon Benefits, Skin Benefits and Nutritional Values

Melon Benefits

The queen of the cucurbitaceae family, melon is one of the indispensable fruits of summer with its golden yellow color and pungent musk. Healthy melon, eaten after lunch or dinner after the sea, is the best friend of raki and the main ingredient of some desserts. The taste of melon gums sold in the grocery stores of our childhood and candies prepared with melon flavor is still on the palate.

The benefits of melon are innumerable. It has many benefits for the skin and metabolism. Desserts made with melon and ice cream flavors with melon are something else. In addition, melon festivals are held in many cities from time to time in our country. In these festivals, information about melon cultivation, melon garden and melon field is given, competitions are held and prizes are distributed. Melon prices vary according to the type of melon, the weight and weight of the melon, and the season in which it is on sale. The price of melon is determined by weighing the weight of the melon and can vary from 3 lira to 10 lira depending on the type and season.

Those who are curious about the characteristics of melon, how to care for melon and how to store melon for winter can find answers to these in our article.


  • What is Melon?
  • What Are the Types of Melon?
  • Calories and Nutritional Values ​​of Melon
  • What are the Benefits of Melon?
  • What are the Benefits of Melon Seeds?
  • What are the Benefits of Melon for the Skin?
  • What Are the Benefits of Melon Peel?
  • How to Cut a Melon?
  • Refreshing and Yummy! 10 Practical Melon Recipes

What is Melon?

Melon is a fruit that can be grown easily in temperate and tropical climates. The melon plant is flowering. The fruit has an aromatic and sharp smell. It contains strong amounts of vitamins A, B and C. Its raw form is called kelek. Melon production can be carried out directly by sowing melon seeds, or it can be achieved with melon saplings. Irrigation and fertilization methods are applied in the care of melon seedlings. Melon planting is a labor-intensive process.

If you want to store melons for the winter, you can clean the seeds of the melons and put them in freezer bags in the freezer. The melon, which is taken out when it is desired to be consumed, can be eaten with peace of mind as it preserves its freshness on the first day after thawing.

What Are the Types of Melon?

There are varieties of melon that vary according to climate. The main type of melon grown in our country; Topatan is Van melon (cantaloupe), Hasanbey and Altınbaş melons. Apart from these; There are many varieties such as Kırkağaç, Yuva, Casaba, Honeydew, Galia.

The properties of melon are many. The melon, which you can find in flat or round shape, has a juicy and meaty structure. Since it contains substances that help thin the blood, it is also beneficial for heart health. It also contains sodium, which prevents hypertension. There is also cantaloupe vinegar made from melons and a healthy snack of dried melons.

Calories and Nutritional Values ​​of Melon

While the calorie value of an average of 100 grams of melon is 28 kcal, the calorie value of 1 serving, that is, 180 grams of melon, is 50.4 kcal. Most of its calories come from carbohydrates, and it’s very low in fiber. Since melon is high in sugar, the fruit has the ability to increase blood sugar quickly. Since melon is known to be harmful to diabetics, it is not recommended too much and the answer to the question of whether melon weakens is unfortunately negative, that is, it makes you gain weight.

Melon is a very strong fruit in terms of nutritional values. In addition to being rich in vitamins, melon contains sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper and alpha-beta carotenes.

What are the Benefits of Melon?

  • The first place among the benefits of melon is that it strengthens the immune system.
  • The vitamin C in its content is important in the development of children, and it also acts as a shield against diseases such as colds.
  • It is good for those who have cardiovascular disease due to potassium and reduces the risk of developing such diseases.
  • Melon, which also affects emotions such as stress and excitement by balancing the heart rhythm, also contains minerals that are good for eye and skin health in terms of vitamin value.
  • Contrary to those who think that melon is sleep deprivation, since most of it is water, it allows a comfortable sleep.
  • Does melon cause gas is an issue that varies completely according to the metabolism of the person.

What are the Benefits of Melon Seeds?

  • While melon oil helps to moisturize and nourish the skin, melon seed juice is good for anemia and is perfect for stomach ailments.
  • Melon juice balances the acid in the stomach.
  • Melon leaves and melon flowers are beneficial natural wonders, just like their seeds. Leaves and shells can be used to make natural room scents, melon essence, and can be used in sherbet and olive oil recipes. The melon peel thrown into the pot in meat dishes ensures easy cooking of the meat.

What are the Benefits of Melon for the Skin?

  • Melon seeds have skin-whitening, spot-removing, and repairing properties while moisturizing. You can clean your skin by massaging the skin with melon seed oil. At the same time, cures such as a melon mask lighten the color of the skin and help the pores to breathe.
  • Melon, which has a great effect not only on the skin but also on the hair, prevents hair loss and allows the hair to grow healthier and thicker.

What Are the Benefits of Melon Peel?

The melon peel is also very useful, like all other parts of the melon. The bark has effects on toothache. The crust is sliced ​​and boiled and left to cool. Gargle when cool. This application is good for gum health as well as reducing toothache.

How to Cut a Melon?

First, the lower and upper parts of the melon are cut out like a hat. Then the fruit is divided into two. With the help of a spoon, the seeds are removed and the melon is cut into slices again (this time with longitudinal slices).

Each slice is cut from its shell, and the resulting moon-shaped slice is cut into small square slices. The melon, which is left to cool, is presented beautifully and eaten with pleasure. The only important point here is; the knife used should be large, serrated and strong.

Refreshing and Yummy! 10 Practical Melon Recipes

1) Hello Summer with Melon Sorbet

Those who want to try an ice-cold melon recipe specially prepared for those who are overwhelmed by the heat, come here. Just be careful! It is said that those who taste this recipe once may become addicted to it. Melon Sorbet

2) Grape Crowned Summer Recipe Decorates Your Special Days

This recipe, which will color your table with its fancy appearance on birthdays, celebrations and different organizations, is also very easy in terms of preparation. Summer Melon Crowned with Grapes

3) Melon Jam Is Coming For The Ladies Looking For A Change

Melon jam, which will attract the attention of ladies who are looking for different flavors other than classic jam recipes, enchants your heart with both a simple and a giant delicious taste. Those who miss the taste and smell of melon in the winter months are happy with this recipe. Melon Jam

4) 3 Ingredients Melon Ice Cream Sugar Free for Dieters

This natural ice cream, which you can prepare at home with only three ingredients, draws attention in terms of being both healthy and sugar-free. Melon ice cream made in a short time also looks nutritious and interesting for children. 3 Ingredients Melon Ice Cream

5) Melon Jelly Beauty

This recipe, which comes for those who cannot imagine a summer without jelly after jam and ice cream, is chosen as the beauty of the refrigerator and the table in terms of decorations! Melon Jelly

6) Kelek Melons Appreciate with Melon Sorbet

This recipe, which you can prepare with any type of melon fruit, sounds very enjoyable, especially for evaluating melons with kelek. Cold and sugar-free, delicious melon sorbet can be prepared in a short time. Melon Sorbet

7) Melon Ice Cream Steals Your Heart

Ice cream, the apple of the eye of the hot summer months, can be obtained from all kinds of fruits. Natural ice creams prepared at home have a different taste. Melon ice cream steals your heart with its practicality and taste. Melon Ice Cream

8) Refresh with a Melon Smoothie

Would it be summer without a smoothie? No way! Refresh yourself by drinking a melon smoothie inspired by the aromatic scent and sharp taste of melon. Melon Smoothie

9) Melon Lemonade Children’s Joy

Lemonade, which is one of the favorite drinks of children, can also be prepared with melon just like lemon. Melon lemonade is the joy of children and refreshing on hot days. Melon Lemonade

10) Drinking Melon Juice for Healing Purposes

Melon juice, which you can prepare by taking just a few minutes with honey and lemon, is drunk for healing purposes. The recipe, which you can play around with according to your own taste, takes its flavor from melon. Melon Juice


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