Are dates healthy?

Are dates healthy
Are dates healthy

Are dates healthy? Of course dates are healthy, there is no doubt about that. A date is a very healthy fruit that comes from Arabia. More than that, because dates are considered a miracle fruit. Of course there is no other option, because dates have a very high nutritional value and many advantages.

Are dates healthy? Yes!

Dates are the fruits of a palm tree. The date palm is also called the Phoenix dactylifera in Latin. They are fruits with a high nutritional value. This is one of the reasons why dates are used abundantly in the month of Ramadan. Since Muslims are not allowed to eat or drink anything from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan, they must ensure that they eat well and healthy during the hours they are allowed to eat. Dates counteract hunger, which is very interesting during the period of Ramadan. Since dates counteract hunger, these fruits are often used in a healthy diet. This is because it prevents a person from overeating.

Vitamins in dates

As mentioned above, dates have a high nutritional value. They therefore contain a wide variety of vitamins. When you eat 100 grams of dates you get a large portion of the RDA. When eating 100 grams of dates you get 19 percent of the RDA of vitamin b6. Vitamin b5 and b3 are also abundant. It also contains vitamin A (5%), riboflavin (4.5%), B1 (4%) and B11 (4%). Dates are also rich in natural fibers that contribute to a healthy body and mind.

Minerals in dates

Also minerals are sufficient. How about copper? When you eat 100 grams of dates you have already consumed 40% of the RDA of copper. In addition, potassium, magnesium and manganese can be found sufficiently. Iron, phosphorus, zinc and calcium are also in this superfruit.

The benefits of dates

It goes without saying that dates are very healthy. Eating dates has many great benefits. The date offers a preventive effect against all kinds of diseases. Cancer can be prevented with it, because dates are very nutritious and because they contain natural fibers. Modern medicine has already shown that eating dates regularly is effective in the prevention of abdominal cancer. Another advantage of eating dates is that it is an excellent remedy for a weak heart, because dates strengthen the heart! It is also good against cardiovascular disease. Often dates are used in the treatment of obesity. It reduces the feeling of hunger, but also a lot of nutritious elements are absorbed into the body when eating dates.

These are just a few of the benefits of eating dates, as many still exist. Among other things, it relieves the pain during childbirth, but dates are also said to relieve blood loss after childbirth. Scientific research has revealed that dates contain hormones that strengthen the womb, as well as that these fruits also aid in the production of milk for breastfeeding mothers. So you can say that a date is preventive medicine.

Fresh versus dried dates

There are 200 different types of dates available. In the Netherlands we mainly know the dried dates, but there are also fresh dates available. The fresh dates are only available in the spring, while the dried ones are available all year round. The fresh date is a lot healthier than the dried date and is less sweet. Many people also find the latter an advantage, as the dried variant is sometimes perceived as too sweet. Please note that a date consists of 60% sugar, fortunately these are natural fruit sugars, but they do contain a lot of calories.

A well-known date is the medjool date or medjoul date. These dates are quite large and are therefore also called jumbo dates. Another well-known type of date is the Deglet nour. It is smaller and cheaper than the medjoul. Both types are tasty to eat in between, but can also be used in a dish.

In short: the date is in principle a healthy product with all its vitamins and minerals. It does contain a fair amount of calories and fruit sugars, but when you eat the dates in moderation it is fine.

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