How to remove stains on a down jacket after washing

Quite often, a washed down jacket turns out to be stained. Dark, white, yellow ones spoil the appearance of outerwear. For what reasons do they occur and can they be removed with improvised means?

Why do “marks” remain on clothes?

Removing stains on a down jacket after washing is more difficult than preventing them. Therefore, it is worth figuring out why they appear. It is possible:

  • the product remained damp for a long time after washing or there were problems during drying;
  • the rinse mode is incorrectly selected. It is better to set the double one, which will certainly remove the remaining detergent;
  • the washing mode is not set correctly;
  • powder granules remain. For dense, bulky items, it is better to choose liquid compositions that are easily washed out of the fabric fibers. Also, you should not exceed the recommended dosage of washing machine powder.

If the stains are yellow, they may be greasy – the item was not washed to the end. It is advisable to remove them locally before washing.

What and how to withdraw

To begin with, you can try wiping the stains on the jacket with a clean soft cloth soaked in warm water. Didn’t help? Let’s try again.

  • If the stains cover a large area, the easiest way to remove them is to wash the down jacketagain according to all the rules. Most often, this is the most reliable and only way to get rid of dark stains, especially if they are found at the bottom of the product, in the area of ​​​​cuffs, fasteners. The reason for their appearance lies in improper drying, when “stagnant” water accumulates in these places. In addition, the clothes may begin to smell damp and musty.
  • A universal method for local removal of stains (yellow, dark, white) will be the use of a stain remover. These are the well-known Vanish, Antipyatin and other domestic and foreign compounds. They must be used in accordance with the instructions.
  • On a white down jacket, removing yellowish stains will require 2 stages. Washing will help lighten them, and stain remover will remove them completely.

There are many fairly simple “folk” methods for removing stains from jackets and down jackets after washing.

  • A teaspoon of dishwashing liquid is diluted in 200 ml of water. A napkin is moistened in the solution, then the stains on the product are wiped. After treatment, the foam is washed off with water. The product is effective against yellow, white, greasy stains, including on white clothes. You can not dilute the dishwashing gel, but immediately apply it to the napkin and rub the stain. Then, with a clean cloth soaked in water, also remove the foam.
  • You can apply hydrogen peroxide to a napkin and wipe away the stains with it.
  • To remove stains of fatty origin, use a vinegar-salt solution (0.5 teaspoon of salt + 1 tablespoon of vinegar + 0.5 liters of water). This mixture is used to treat the contaminated areas. However, the method is not applicable to white items – it can leave yellow stains.
  • But what to do if the yellowness remains on a white down jacket? In this case, you need to use regular wet wipes. The only condition is that they should not be alcohol-based (otherwise there is a chance of adding new stains).
  • In case of dark and yellow stains, you can use a soap solution (dissolve shavings of laundry soap or liquid soap in water). After treatment, rinse everything with clean water. In difficult cases, yellow stains are generously soaped, kept for 20-30 minutes, then the item is washed again.
  • Another means of removal is a mixture of ammonia and peroxide. They are mixed in equal quantities. This composition is used to treat stains, after 20-30 minutes it is washed off.
  • Using a salt solution is effective for removing soap stains and greasy spots. Mix salt with water until it becomes a paste. Apply it to the stain for 20 minutes, then rinse with clean water, after adding a little soda.

You can solve the problem of stains on a down jacket at home. But to ensure that your favorite item is always in order, you need to carefully inspect it and remove stains immediately after detection, and even better, go to a dry cleaner, especially for washing white items. Only then will the clothes last a long time, look attractive and neat.

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