How to Eat Dragon Fruit Pitaya

Dragon Fruit Pitaya

Dragon fruit, which is among the most popular and curious fruits of recent years, is enough to attract attention with its unique appearance and different tasteIf you don’t have an idea about this fruit, which is also known as Pitaya (dragon fruit) and has an attractive appearance, sit back and start reading our article!

Although tropical fruits are not consumed much in daily life, they are almost a savior especially for those who create a healthy diet or seek different tastes. All fruits aside, if you say tropical fruits that impress with their colorful images, it means it’s time to meet pitaya!

Pitaya – What is Dragon Fruit?

  • Dragon fruit, which is a full vitamin C store, is known as the fruit of a plant from the cactus family.
  • Although it differs according to its type or genus, it has a dragon fruit, pink and thick peel. This fruit, which attracts attention with its color and flamboyant appearance, has a different aroma, a mixture of melon and kiwi.
  • If you haven’t seen dragon fruit before or if you don’t know its taste yet, you will want to taste it as soon as you learn about the different benefits of this fruit!
  • By consuming dragon fruit, you can protect against heart diseases, quickly repair wounds in the body, solve your respiratory ailments, or regulate your blood pressure.
  • At the same time, dragon fruit prevents diseases such as cancer and diabetes, meets the vitamins needed by the body and helps to quickly remove many harmful toxins from the body.

You are fascinated by the image of dragon fruit and want to take advantage of its benefits; but if you have no idea how to consume this fruit, we have come to offer both practical and different solutions for you!

1) Peel and Consume Fresh

  • When it comes to how to eat pitaya or dragon fruit, the first method that comes to mind is of course to consume it directly.
  • Like many tropical fruits, you can consume dragon fruit raw and fully experience its aroma.
  • It is possible to encounter dragon fruit, which is usually white inside, but you can easily consume dragon fruit with red inside and get the same flavor.
  • If you are going to consume dragon fruit for the first time, you can peel the outer skin and separate the fleshy part and eat it raw.

2) Prepare Yummy Drinks

  • The best thing about consuming fruit is making them into cocktails!
  • Fruits, which are the protagonists of cocktails with a vitamin store in winter and a refreshing effect in summer, are of course more effective when consumed in season and fresh.
  • Like many fruits, you can prepare a delicious cocktail with dragon fruit.
  • At the same time, you can supplement the dragon fruit with lemon or red fruits and double the flavor.

3) Add to Snacks, Keep Your Shape

  • If you are following a diet program or if you are one of those who pay attention to your weight, unfortunately, you need to pay attention to the portion of fruits.
  • Although many fruits are not included in the diet lists due to its rich sugar content, you can maintain your daily calorie balance by consuming dragon fruit in moderation and regularly.
  • In addition, you can have a satisfying and enjoyable snack by adding a piece of dragon fruit to foods such as hazelnuts, almonds or walnuts that you consume in between meals.
  • You will love staying in shape by consuming dragon fruit in moderation!

4) Prepare Sauce for Your Desserts

  • If you are good with the kitchen and your door is always open to different tastes, we have a pleasant suggestion for you!
  • If you are looking for a suggestion other than classical methods for the question of how to eat dragon or dragon fruit, this method will be your savior, which will provide both practical and difference.
  • Especially if you host guests frequently or if you like to combine different flavors in the kitchen, you can prepare various sauces using dragon fruit and add a different touch to your desserts.
  • You can also serve dragon fruit sauce, which goes well on cheesecake, with savory cakes, and create alternatives that will surprise your guests.

5) Add to Your Salads

  • If you are in doubt about how dragon fruit will look in your salad, get a dragon fruit at the first opportunity and enjoy this flavor!
  • Salads with plenty of ingredients and full of ingredients that have entered our lives in recent years are enough to appeal to both the eyes and the stomach!
  • If you want to add a different flavor to these salads, which also include many fruits, you can add dragon fruit, provided you do not overdo it, or you can add a different flavor to the salads with dragon fruit sauce.
  • In this way, you can turn your meals into a feast by preparing an alternative that is both healthy and satisfying and will provide the nutritional balance that the body needs.

Bonus: Trick 🍉

  • Although fruits are beneficial for the body, they can cause minor problems in some cases.
  • If you have previous allergic problems or if your body is resistant to different flavors, we recommend that you consult a specialist before consuming dragon fruit.

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