A guide to using nangs in Melbourne


Nangs are a great way to top off desserts and add extra flavour. If you’re looking for a guide on using nangs in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of nangs and give tips on getting the most out of them.

So, whether you’re a veteran cook or just getting started, keep reading for some helpful ideas!

What are nangs, and what do they do?

Nangs are small, cylindrical canisters filled with nitrous oxide gas. When the canister is punctured, the gas is released and expands rapidly, causing the contents of the charger to become whipped cream.

Nangs are often used with whippets and small metal or plastic dispensers allowing controlled gas release. You can also use nangs to inflate balloons, clean wounds, and relieve pain in dental procedures.

How to use a nangs

Although nangs can be used for various things, there are a few factors to consider:

  1. Make sure that the charger is inserted correctly into the whippers.
  2. Charge the whippers with nitrous oxide by pressing down on the charger until it is fully inserted.
  3. Release the gas by pressing the release valve on the charger. Once the nitrous oxide has been released, it will quickly expand, resulting in a fluffy and creamy consistency.

Nangs can be used to create delicious and indulgent desserts, or they can be used for more practical purposes like piping icing or filling crepes. Regardless of how you use them, nangs are a convenient and versatile kitchen tool.

The different types of nangs available

There are two main types of nangs: nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide. Nitrous oxide chargers are the most common type and produce a thick, creamy whipping cream. Carbon dioxide chargers create a lighter, airier whipped cream perfect for decorating cakes and cupcakes.

Nangs are inexpensive and can be found online or at most kitchen supply stores. Using a nangr is simple: attach it to a whipping syphon and charge it with the desired gas. Then, press the Lever to release the gas into the whipping syphon and shake it until the mixture is thick and fluffy. Nangs are a convenient way to make perfect whipped cream every time.

The benefits of using nangs

Nangs are used to charge whipped cream dispensers. The nitrous oxide provides the cream with a burst of air, which helps to create a light and fluffy texture.

In addition, the gas helps to preserve the cream, preventing it from spoiling as quickly. Nangs are an essential tool for anyone who wants to make fresh, homemade whipped cream. The process is quick and easy, thanks to nitrous oxide, and the results are always consistent.

What sizes do nangs come in?

Nangs come in various sizes, from small 8-gram cartridges to large 16-gram ones. Your size will depend on the whipped cream you want to make and the amount you need. For example, if you want to make a small amount of light whipping cream, then a tiny 8-gram cartridge will be sufficient.

However, if you want to make a large quantity of thick whipping cream, you will need a larger 16-gram cartridge. Nangs are available in different colours, including silver, gold, and black. The colour of the cartridge does not affect the taste or quality of the whipped cream.

Using nangs to make whipped cream

To use nangs to make whipped cream you must follow these steps:

  1. Remove the top of the whipped cream dispenser and insert the tip. Make sure the end of the head valve is screwed on correctly. On the underside of the head, there must be an O-ring or gasket.
  2. Fill the container with your cream or preferred liquids, syrups, sugars, or extracts to the top fill line. Make sure you don’t fill it too full.
  3. Fill the canister halfway with water and juice, add one cream charger bulb into the charge holder and place it on top of the dispenser’s head. One cream charger bulb should be placed in the charging holder and twisted onto the dispenser’s head until a hiss is heard when the gas is released.
  4. Turn the whipped cream dispenser upside down and shake it a few times to combine the nitrous with the cream. If the cream is too runny, shake the dispenser before pressing the Lever back down.
  5. You’ll have to clean your whipped cream dispenser. When the nang is done, release any trapped air and remove the top and tip. After removing any residue from the nozzle, use warm water and a tiny brush to clean it.

Recipes that use nangs

Whipped cream is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of recipes. For example, you can use it to make light and airy mousse or rich and creamy custard. It’s also a delicious topping for pies, cakes, and other sweets.

In addition, whipped cream can be flavoured with a variety of fruit, chocolate, or spices. As a result, it can be used to create endless possibilities for delicious dishes. Whether you are looking for a light and refreshing dessert or a rich and indulgent treat, there is sure to be a recipe with whipped cream that will suit your taste.

The bottom line

We hope that this article has resolved all of your concerns regarding nang customs. If you are looking for a whipped cream charger in Melbourne, you can find them at Nang Wizard. We deliver nangs throughout Melbourne.

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