Vitamin B11

Vitamin B11 is important for your nervous and immune system and is also known as folic acid. As you may know, vitamin B is soluble in water, so also vitamin B11. We can illustrate this easiest with an example. Cauliflower contains a lot of vitamin B11. When you boil this cauliflower in a large amount of water, only a small part of the B11 remains, because this vitamin is soluble in water. It is therefore important that vegetables and potatoes are not cooked in too much water. Vitamins such as vitamin B11 are very important. Vitamin B11 ensures a good and healthy immune system and also promotes the central nervous system. In addition, vitamin B11 also helps in the formation of DNA and RNA. This vitamin ensures the formation of cell components and it is precisely these cells that are the building blocks for your DNA.

Vitamin B11 and pregnancy

Vitamin B11 is very important in pregnancy anyway. It contributes to a healthy pregnancy and promotes cell growth. A pregnancy, in which the baby receives too little vitamin B11, increases the chance of the birth of a baby with an open back. Because folic acid is mainly found in fruits and vegetables, a pregnant woman is recommended to consume enough of it. You can also supplement this with nutritional supplements. This is to allow the pregnancy to pass as healthy as possible.

Overdose of B11 is not immediately harmful

A positive property of vitamin B11 is that it is not harmful if you take a large amount. However, this only applies if the vitamin B11 has been taken through normal food, not through supplements. This is because vitamin B11 must be obtained from supplements and through the body, and this is not healthy. This can lead to a vitamin B12 deficiency, which in turn can lead to other health problems.

What are the consequences of a shortage?

If someone is deficient in vitamin B11, chances are that this person has problems with his or her blood. The white and red blood cells are helped and strengthened by vitamin B11. If there is too little vitamin B11, this cannot happen properly and the blood is therefore affected. In addition, there are also the problems for pregnant women. Pregnant women are therefore almost always attributed a lot of vitamin B11. Sometimes up to 10x the amount normally recommended for a normal adult woman. This is not dangerous because it has never been shown that an excess of vitamin B11 is harmful to the body.

What does folic acid contain?

Folic acid or B11 can be found in the products below:

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Broccoli
  • Muesli
  • Semi-skimmed milk

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