What is Tandoori? Where to Eat Better?

What is Tandoori

Tandoori: The Secret of Turkish Delight Divided Fiber by Fiber

When wood and fire come together, they create different cooking techniques. Many delicious meals are prepared thanks to the embers that emerge when the flaming wood starts to go out softly. A tandoori is added to known methods such as barbecue, grill, skewering.

So, what is a tandoor? In our article where you will get the answer to this question, we will take you all over Anatolia. You will travel across the land and learn about tandoori varieties.

The tandoor, which emerged thousands of years ago and was used to cook dishes in ancient times, is actually known as the name of a special dish today. Now let’s examine what tandoori is and the characteristics of the dish named tandoori. Let’s present the places that prepare the famous tandoori kebab in every corner of the country to the curious.

What is Tandoori?

  • Tandoori is a fire burning in a pit built centuries ago to heat homes.
  • A special soil mixture is prepared and shaped into a well. When woods were thrown into these pits opened on the floors of the houses in ancient times; large rooms were heated.
  • Over time, tandoori ovens, which were also used for cooking, are now preferred especially for cooking meat and bread.
  • In many regions of the country, tandoori bread was cooked enough to be consumed for a long time thanks to the tandoori set up in the village houses and on the roofs of the houses.
  • Over time, the tandoori culture developed and it became a barbecue used for cooking lamb meat in the consistency of Turkish delight.
  • Tandoori has also become a name given to a dish commonly prepared by cooking lamb meat on a special skewer over a fire.
  • Tandoori has been an ideal cooking method for lamb. Restaurants have prepared natural tandoori in their places, especially for those who love lamb.
  • Tandoori prepared by digging into the ground has a certain size. It is usually between 130 cm and 150 cm.
  • In eastern provinces, “tandoori bread” is baked in these tandoori ovens. The dough of the bread adheres to the tandoori pillow and the dough sticks to the tandoori wall with the help of the pillow. In a very short time, tandoori bread is baked and flavors the tables.
  • When the materials used to build the tandoor are examined, goat hair draws attention. Goat hair thickens the mud, and when the straw is added, it turns into a very hard-to-break furnace.
  • Meat cooked in tandoori is generally called tandoori kebab. Kebab lovers will wonder where to buy a tandoori kebab. In fact, many provinces have owned this kebab.
  • Tandoori kebab is consumed very often in Central Anatolia. Especially Yozgat and Tokat are among the provinces that appreciate and embrace this kebab very well.
  • For a delicious tandoori meat dish; masters recommend the use of lamb. However, tandoori kebab can be made with meat prepared according to taste.
  • Tandoori kebab, also known as Büryan kebab, is enjoyed by meat lovers.

Where to Eat the Best Tandoori? 8 Famous Places

1) Istanbul Restaurant Tandoori Kebab – Yozgat

Would you like to eat tandoori kebab, one of Yozgat’s famous tastes, right on the spot, in Yozgat? While the thin and soft lavash accompanies the tandoori meat in the presentation; You can also enjoy the tandoori kebab in the consistency of Turkish delight. You can order the meat that comes out of the well with or without bones. Those who have not tried tandoori kebab before will enjoy this flavor in Yozgat.

2) Maltiz Tandoori Meat – İzmir

Maltz Tandır Meat, which appeals to those who want to experience a meat feast in İzmir, is the perfect address for well kebab and lamb shank flavor. Maltz, which presents tandoori kebab in a delicious and meticulous manner, serves lamb meat in the consistency of cotton. Maltz Tandır Et will be your stop in Izmir to eat tandoori kebab with meticulous presentations in a decent place!

3) Famous Konyalı Kebab – Ankara

Famous Konyalı Kebap is a place that keeps the taste of tandoori alive in Ankara for those who are in Ankara. In this restaurant, which serves tandoori meat however you want, you will have soft and delicious meat. You can choose the famous Konyalı Kebab in Ankara to eat tandoori kebab in a friendly place with average prices.

4) Eğriçam Büryan House – Mersin

Would you like to try the taste of Central Anatolia in Mersin, in the heart of the Mediterranean? You will not be hungry in this restaurant, where Büryan kebab is served with warm oily nail pita. Soups, curtain pilaf and the famous tandoori kebab are prepared for you at Eğriçam Büryan Evi. You are invited to experience the most delicious meals when you are hungry.

5) Babaoğlu Kuyu Kebab – İzmir

Babaoğlu Lokantası, acclaimed by Vedat Milor, is one of the famous places of Tire. We would like to point out that you should go early, otherwise you will not be able to find the tandoori kebab. You can consume the good kebab deliciously by paying reasonable prices. Someone who eats this dish, which is served with pita bread soaked in the juice of cooked lamb, will want it again!

6) Haci’s Place Kuyu Kebab – Kastamonu

We are now tasting the tandoori kebab, which is consumed with pleasure in all corners of Turkey, in Kastamonu. You can admire this dish thanks to the trace left on your palate by the stringy lamb meat. Rice, appetizers, and salads that flavor your table will double the taste of tandoori kebab!

7) Nokta Kuyu Kebab – Istanbul

The place called Nokta Kuyu Kebab, which satisfies the longing for tandoori kebab in Istanbul, is one of the stops where tandoori meat is delicious. Chunk buttermilk, appetizers, and salads take their place on your table as delicious products accompanying tandoori meat. You can end the day with samovar tea in this restaurant, where you can feel better thanks to the warmth of the indoor stove.

8) Kebapçı Halil – Denizli

They serve such a tandoori kebab that their slogan is as follows: Please eat with your fingers… Because when the cold fork and knife touch the meat, it freezes the fat of the meat and reduces its flavor. If you are looking for a delicious place to taste Denizli’s famous lamb kebab, we direct you to Kebapçı Halil. While you are eating the juicy lamb meat cooked like cotton with your hand, you will say that you are glad you are in Denizli. Cards are not accepted in this place along with cutlery, so keep in mind that you will have to pay cash.

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