Top 10 Anti-Cancer Foods

Anti-Cancer Foods
It has been proven that food plays an essential role in the health of the body. And to prevent cancer, the content of our plate is essential. Here are ten foods to eat.

How to try to protect yourself as much as possible from cancer? By favoring regular physical activity and a healthy and varied diet, we give our body more chances to protect itself. Here are our tips.

10 Anti-Cancer Foods

1. Fish side

Seafood is an anti-cancer food. Beware, however, of salmon and tuna that are often polluted. Prefer prawns, sea urchins, cod, oysters and pollock . All organic or wild if possible.

2. Spices

Do you know turmeric? Its action is close to that of ginger. This golden yellow spice helps prevent cancer but also slows down or even reduces the proliferation of cancer cells . Remember to consume one gram a day.

3. White meat

We know that red meat is less good for your health than white meats such as poultry. Red meat promotes cardiovascular disease , cholesterol and the development of certain cancers. How about swapping the rib steak for a slice of turkey or chicken?

4. Garlic is a treasure

We sometimes forget to add it to our dishes and yet… Invite it to your table ! Garlic is an excellent anti-cancer because it decreases genetic mutations.

5. Berries for dessert

If you need to avoid foods that are too sweet, berries are excellent for killing cancer cells . It is easy to imagine that they also protect our body from the appearance of certain diseases. Put berries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries on your menu!

6. A green tea

It’s teatime. Choose green tea ! It is recommended to prevent and even help in the treatment of cancers. Choose a tea without pesticides or heavy metals and certified organic.

7. Vegetable side

To avoid cancer, nothing like a diet rich in vegetables. Vary the pleasures, there are so many that you never consume! Cabbage , seaweed, mushrooms, soy, carrots are essential for a healthy diet.

8. Dark chocolate

Consumed in moderation, dark chocolate is recognized as anti-cancer thanks to its antioxidant properties. A single square of dark chocolate contains twice as many polyphenols as a glass of red wine and almost as much as a cup of long-brewed green tea. Studies have shown that dark chocolate delays the development of certain cancers such as lung cancer.

9. A therapeutic fast

We hear more and more about it: fasting. Fasting clinics are opening their doors all over the world and offer a real cure for the body . Deprived of food for a few days, the body will draw on its resources and get rid of its toxins. A little boost essential from time to time! Ask your doctor for advice.

10. Some foods to avoid

A list of foods to favor yes, a list of things to avoid too. Be aware that dairy products, sugar in all its forms (and even in fruit), fried foods or cooking at very high temperatures should be avoided.

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