What Are the Benefits of Plums?


A mouth-watering taste when the time comes and reaches ideal maturity, plum is one of the favorite fruits for many people. It is also interesting with its plum appearance, which is one of the most delicious products offered by nature.

It is also a pleasure to eat the prunes, which you can’t get enough of tasting with plenty of salt. Plum, which is an attractive fruit with its unique juicy and sour taste, has many different uses. You can also create alternative flavors with recipes using plums.

What are the Plum Types?

5 different types of plums, the indispensable fruit of the summer months, are grown.

Among them, 3 types of plums are important in terms of production and are frequently consumed. Green plums, which are famous for their cultivars, come first among the varieties.
European grade plums, on the other hand, have a flavor between sour and sweet and are another popular variety. These fruits are used in making jam and marmalade-type foods.
Japanese-class plums, on the other hand, attract attention with their large appearance and features. They also make a difference with their freshness.

What Are the Benefits of Plums?

  • Plum is a fruit that is useful as well as delicious, and one of these features is its high fiber content. The excess of fiber contributes to the digestive system.
  • Being an antioxidant and containing vitamin C, it provides increased resistance against diseases.
  • How many calories are in plums? Plum has low calories and in this respect, it is an ideal option for diet lists.
  • Plums also contain a high amount of iron and when consumed in sufficient amounts, it helps to eliminate iron deficiency.
  • Plum varieties prevent cholesterol accumulation and atherosclerosis-type diseases. It is also good against diseases such as asthma and rheumatism.
    Regulation of blood sugar and benefits for bone health are other advantageous aspects of plum. Although red plum is a sweet fruit, the sugar content of plums is not high.
  • Another beneficial aspect of green plum is its contribution to the skin. As a result of consuming plums, undesirable situations such as sagging are reduced to a minimum. At the same time, it shows a supporting feature to keep the skin young.
  • The high amount of vitamin A in plums positively affects eye health. Plum, which supports the resolution of eye problems such as cataracts, allows the eyes to see better.
  • The hard structure of the plum is also beneficial for dental health. As a result of consuming plums, the gums become more durable.
  • Plum helps to get rid of harmful substances accumulated in the body and in this way supports body health.
  • Consuming plums, which is a fruit with high nutritional value, can be harmful. Other than that, there is no known significant harmful aspect.

When is the Plum Season?

The plum time differs according to the varieties. Depending on the ripening process, it is possible to find different types of plums between April 15 and September 30. Green plums that come to mind when plums are mentioned are sold in the spring.
Afterward, Japanese plums begin to be collected and take their place on the counters. European type plums, also called red plums, are consumed in late summer and August. In addition, red plums are stored and used in the form of jam and marmalade in autumn and winter.

Aegean, Mediterranean, and Marmara regions are leading in terms of cultivation because plum likes a mild climate. Thus, the “where does the plum grow?” question is answered. Before establishing a plum orchard, it is necessary to ensure that it has good soil and that the water ratio is ideal.

In order to plant plum seedlings, it is necessary to dig pits of compatible sizes. The plum tree finds the opportunity to grow well in such an environment. In the spring, the trees bloom plum blossoms and a magnificent view occurs. With the arrival of spring, the plum branches turn into white flowers.

How to Dry Plums?

Those who are looking for the best method of drying plums, “how to dry plums?” wonders about the answer. You can easily make dried plums by keeping them in the sun for a while. Core and seedless drying methods can be preferred during the said process. It’s a good idea to make prunes, especially after the summer season.

If the seed method is followed, it is necessary to keep the plums in a sunny place after washing them thoroughly. If it is desired to be seedless, the seeds are removed with the help of a knife before the drying process.

Although it is an expensive method in terms of electricity use, it is possible to perform the drying process by using the ovens at home. After about 4 hours, you can see that the prunes are ready. The advantage of this method is that the dried plums are made in a short time.

What are the Uses of Plums?

Although plum is generally consumed as a fruit, it has many different uses. It is possible to evaluate the plums, which begin to soften towards the end of summer, in this way. It is possible to make a delicious plum jam using only sugar, water, and lemon.

  • If you want to create a more intense recipe, you can try plum marmalade. Plum compote can be made with damson plums as a refreshing drink for the summer months. Plum compote can be added to the table by adding alternative flavors such as cloves and turmeric to the plums.
  • A different taste can be created by trying the famous pickle with plums, which is famous for being a good aperitif with all meals. It is enough to take the plums in a bowl and add the classic pickle ingredients.
  • By combining a few ingredients such as sugar, starch, and water with the wonderful taste of plums, the fruit pulp is formed and an ideal dessert is obtained. In this way, the “how to make plum fruit pulp?” question is answered.
  • You can prepare plum juicewhich is an energy and vitamin store, in a short time.
  • This drink can be made immediately by mixing red plums with sugar, lemon juice, and pure water. “How to make prune juice?” This is the answer to the question.
  • The plum cider vinegar recipe is also extremely easy. Simply combine vinegar and plums with a little water.

Different Recipes Using Plums

1) For Plum Goers Special Plum Muffin:

You can try the Plum Muffin recipe to create a soft flavor covered with plums. You can make this practically prepared dessert in a short time with the help of muffin papers and cups. You can get a better result as a result of adding plenty of plums. You can add a delicious Plum Muffin to your table by following the recipe below.

2) Sour and Sweet Come Together Result Delicious: Plum Tart

Plum Tart, where you will enjoy the delicious taste of angelica plum, which is an ideal option for dessert making, is made with ingredients you can easily find at home. The appearance of the cake is just as impressive as its taste. You can follow the steps in the link to get a good result in terms of tart making and appearance.

3) Refreshing Homemade Drink Plum Compote

It is possible to easily make the plum compote, which resembles a cocktail, by adding sugar and water to a certain amount of plum. If you rest the compost you have prepared for a while, you can get a good result. You can create a stylish look by decorating the glasses with lemon slices. If you follow the recipe in the link correctly, you can get a compote similar to the ones in the photo.

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