What are Pumpkin Varieties?

Pumpkin Varieties

One of the most well-known characteristics of zucchini is that there are different varieties. There are also different ways to cook zucchini. Depending on the meal to be made, one of these methods can be preferred.
You can decide to fry, steam, or make mashed potatoes according to your current taste. When you find a pumpkin, you can even turn it into a decorative element.

What Are Pumpkin Varieties and Names?

A member of the cucurbits, which is famous for growing in hot regions, zucchini is in the same family as watermelon and melon, which are indispensable for the summer months.
Pumpkin variety names make up a list.

  • The most known and consumed variety among the varieties in the list can be seen as gum zucchini. Gum zucchini varieties attract attention with their long and cylindrical structure. Like the cucumber, which is from the same family, it has an internal structure with seeds.
  • The pumpkin variety that has found the most place in popular culture is pumpkinIt is also possible to make delicious meals with pumpkin, which has become identical to Halloween, which is traditionally celebrated every year in autumn. Pumpkin varieties are known for their distinctive colors and interesting flavors.
  • Although the black zucchini varieties or otherwise known as the black zucchini are not well known, they make up the ingredients for delicious meals. Black zucchini, which draws attention with its meaty fruit, can be added to the table by making fried or boiled type dishes.
  • When stuffed zucchini is mentioned, gum zucchini and Cretan squash come to mind, which make up the ingredients for a classic stuffed with yogurt. Another good choice for stuffing, this type of zucchini is easily bought in markets. Small and round-looking zucchini is also extremely easy to stuff.
  • Although mastic squash is popular among the tall zucchini varieties, there is another good option that has become popular in recent years. This type of yellow squash is also known for its distinctive color. You can fry or stuff yellow zucchini, which is a summer squash variety. If you want a lighter taste, you can add flavor to the salads you make.

What are Pumpkin Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds?

When pumpkin seeds are mentioned, pumpkin seeds obtained from the pumpkin plant also come to mind. Pumpkin seeds, one of the most preferred types of snacks, are consumed fondly.

Pumpkin seeds are needed for the cultivation of all pumpkin varieties. Pumpkin seed varieties like the temperate climate where the sea effect is felt to grow.

Pumpkin cultivation is common in the Aegean and Marmara regions of our country.

What are the Benefits of Pumpkin and Pumpkin Seeds?

  • Since zucchini is a product that supports the slimming process, it should be preferred by dieters. The low-calorie content supports this aspect.
  • Pumpkin seed benefits result in the development of the body in many ways. Thanks to the substances it contains, the pumpkin protects eye health and thus provides better vision.
  • As it is rich in vitamin C and fiber, it protects the digestive system and helps to increase the strength of the body.
  • It contains a high level of antioxidants, it also protects skin health and the skin starts to look better.
  • It also positively affects the health of the hair and helps the hair to look more lively and shiny.
  • It contributes to a more energetic life by preventing the problem of insomnia and preventing the occurrence of many diseases.
  • Pumpkin has a positive effect on bone health by strengthening the spine. It also prevents the formation of joint problems.
  • Pumpkin seeds protect heart health with their magnesium content.
  • Eating pumpkin seeds before sleep makes you rest as it increases melatonin and serotonin hormones.
  • Pumpkin seeds are beneficial for prostate patients because they contain plenty of zinc.
  • With its intense omega 3 content, it reduces the effect of diabetes and prevents bad cholesterol. It increases the fluidity level of the blood and prevents the risk of vascular occlusion.

What are the Dishes Made with Zucchini? Types of Pumpkin Dishes

Many different dishes can be made with zucchini, which is an extremely rich plant in terms of nutritional value. Thanks to its abundant fiber content, it gives health to those who consume it and is beneficial to the body. The zucchini plant, which is generally seen with its large stem and yellow flowers, is one of the most popular products used for cooking.

Although zucchini is usually famous for its stuffed food, there are many different types of recipes that can be made with this product. If you want to prepare something light and healthy, you can set a good table with zucchini salad varieties. One of the most popular zucchini salads is yogurt salad. The practical recipe is made with strained yogurt. It also makes a good option as a side dish or appetizer. You can also try the walnut version of the salad as an alternative.

It is also possible to create delicious desserts with pumpkin. Pumpkin dessert varieties fall into the category of light desserts. If the sugar content is kept low, you can get a healthy dessert.

You can add interesting dishes to your table by trying the recipes among the pumpkin dishes. One of them is the recipe for zucchini with minced meat in the oven, which stands out with its resemblance to carrots and is easily made. Eating vegetables is also important for the development of children. The cheese recipe, which combines zucchini and puff pastry, is definitely loved by children.

Combining the zucchini with breadcrumbs and frying it, a meal is prepared that can be eaten both lightly and with pleasure. Adding various sauces to the fries also enhances the flavor of the dish and adds color to the look of the table. Béchamel sauce, which is known to be served with chickens, can also be valued with zucchini. You can add a different color and flavor to the tables by making this recipe called zucchini gratin.

Favorite Pumpkin Dish and Pumpkin Dessert Recipes

1) The Sweetest Form of Pumpkin: For Pumpkin Dessert:

Classic pumpkin dessert can be made economically because it does not require many ingredients. After slicing the zucchini and adding sherbet, it is enough to bake it in the oven and add walnuts on top. Pumpkin is an ideal type of pumpkin for dessert making. With biscuit desserts or pumpkin balls recipes, mouth-watering recipes can be prepared.

2) The Flavor Ground is Solid! Pumpkin Sandal Recipe for Cooking in a Sandal Bed:

You can try the Chicken Pumpkin Sandal recipe to make a delicious and rich meal consisting of zucchini combined with meat. You can get a good result by applying the explanations in the link. 

3) Crispy of Fries, Freshness of Yogurt and Amazing Presentation: Fried Zucchini

You can easily prepare the Fluffy Zucchini Fries, which leaves a soft taste in the mouth in accordance with its name, and serve it with yogurt sauce. This way you can add a good variety to your dinner table. You can consume the meal, the recipe of which you will find in the link, as the main course or as a side dish. 

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