Lettuce tea: this happens when you drink it every day

Lettuce tea

One of the benefits of lettuce tea is to relieve menstrual cramps.

Over time, people have been learning about lettuce tea, because it is used to treat certain conditions and maintain a good state of health, thanks to its relaxing properties.

Likewise, lettuce tea contains flavonoids, which are pigments present in food, specifically in vegetables, whose function is to protect the body from damage caused by oxidizing substances.

In addition, it has diuretic properties, so it facilitates the expulsion of fluids from the body. Similarly, being considered a sedative and has analgesic properties. Its caloric content is low and it has a high fiber content, which is why it has digestive properties and is satiating.

Benefits of lettuce tea:

  • Fights insomnia: thanks to its sedative properties, it will be possible to fall asleep more easily, if consumed just before going to sleep.
  • Helps delay aging: the flavonoids contained in lettuce tea fight against free radicals, for this reason said tea is capable of delaying aging, so consuming this tea will help you look young for a long time.
  • Cleanses the body: lettuce tea helps cleanse the body. It also treats obesity, cellulite and cystitis thanks to its diuretic properties.
  • Improves the respiratory system: consuming fighting tea is recommended for people suffering from bronchitis, cough, asthma and improves the symptoms that appear with these pathologies.
  • It is recommended for diabetics: this happens because it lowers blood sugar thanks to its diuretic properties and also does not contain sugar in its composition.

Although lettuce tea brings different benefits to the body, it, like many other foods, should be consumed in moderation because by taking disproportionate amounts of it every day, according to the OneHowTo portal , you can suffer from conditions such as:

  • Diarrhea.
  • intestinal gas.
  • Depletion of potassium in the body.
  • Tiredness and fatigue.

How do you sanitize lettuce correctly?

According to the World Health Organization, more than 200 diseases are caused by the consumption of food contaminated by bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemicals. These conditions are considered a serious public health problem, because the figures are worrying.

For this reason, the United States Food and Drug Administration emphasizes the importance of knowing the correct washing of food. There are people who “don’t know that fruits and vegetables can also cause outbreaks of foodborne illness.”

That’s why the CDC provides instructions on how to properly wash lettuce and other leafy greens. Although research shows that washing with water is a great option, no method really kills all microbes. In case of eating raw green leafy vegetables, the following recommendations should be taken into account:

  • Wash your hands very well with soap and water for 20 seconds before and after preparing the vegetables.
  • Remove the leaves that are damaged, especially the outer leaves of cabbage and lettuce.
  • Open the faucet and rinse the leaves under water. Use your hands to gently rub and remove dirt.
  • With a clean cloth dry the vegetables.
  • Some people have a habit of soaking green leafy vegetables in the sink for several minutes. This is not good, because by letting them soak, microbes on one sheet can spread to the others.
  • It should be noted that water is the best ingredient to wash green leafy vegetables. “Do not wash leafy greens or other fresh fruits and vegetables with soap, detergent, or a fruit and vegetable washing solution. Do not use chlorine bleach solutions ( bleach ) or other disinfectant products to wash fresh fruits and vegetables,” the CDC clarifies.

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