Is Oleander Flower Toxic? Reproduction, Maintenance

Oleander Flower Toxic

Oleander flower is one of the plants that is easy to care for. It is a type of flower that is frequently preferred by those who want to grow durable and easy-to-care plants. The fact that this plant has received more attention in recent years has made the oleander flower even more popular. The pleasant smell it spreads around and the aesthetic pleasure it evokes help oleander to exist in almost every home and garden.

In this article, where you can get a lot of information about the oleander plant, we have mentioned the growing conditions of oleander at home, its story that has been told for centuries, and its benefits. Let’s get to know oleander, one of the ornamental plants of the Mediterranean Region, more closely.

What is Oleander Flower?

  • The oleander flower is one of the ornamental plants that contain poisonous substances.
  • This plant with dwarf and wide branches has pink fragrant flowers.
  • Oleander, which can be grown efficiently in Mediterranean countries, is preferred in landscaping and garden decoration.
  • Oleander, which can grow up to 5 meters in length but covers a very large area, is usually used when it is stunted.
  • The fragrant oleander, which is preferred to divide the roads on the ring road, to close the perimeter of large fields, has many names.
  • Oleander, which is resistant to dehydration, likes the river banks and their surroundings the most. Even if it is not watered, it keeps itself alive with the humidity in the air.
  • Other known names of the oleander plant are as follows: “Aug, zokum tree, Nerium oleander”
  • Resin, tannin, glucose, vitamin C, and a glycoside called oleandrin are found in the leaves of the oleander tree. These substances have been proven by scientific studies on the oleander tree.

Is Oleander Flower Toxic?

  • In case of unconscious consumption, oleander flowers will be damaged.
  • Because the leaves and flowers of this plant contain toxic substances.
  • It is a flower used for experimental studies and medical research.
  • You should not directly consume the leaves or flowers of the oleander plant on the street, in the garden or at home.
  • You may see dangerous consequences for your health.

How to Propagate Oleander Flower?

  • Reproducing the oleander plant requires some effort and patience.
  • If you want to reproduce by taking a branch from a large oleander flower; first you should choose the immature branch.
  • After separating the immature branch from the root with fine touches, you should keep it in water for a few days.
  • You can plant the oleander flower, which sprouts roots in water, in moist soil.
  • You will need a long period of time for the oleander plant, which you can take from its branch and reproduce, to adapt to the pot or garden.
  • Because oleander is a perennial plant, you should give it time to get used to its new location.
  • After a certain time, the branches of the oleander will multiply efficiently.

Oleander Flower in the Qur’an: Meaning and Story

The oleander flower is one of the flowers mentioned in the Qur’an. There are even many verses in which the name of this flower is mentioned. If you want to examine the verses:

  • Verses 17/60 of Surah Isra: We told you that your Lord definitely encompasses people (with His mercy and knowledge). We made the vision that We showed you (with the eye of the heart) and the cursed tree of the Quran (Oleander tree) only a trial (test) for people. And We scare them. But (this) does not increase anything but their great transgression (great sins).
  • Surah Duhan verses 44/43-46: “Verily, the oleander tree is the food of sinners in Hell. The oleander tree is like molten metal. It boils in people’s stomachs just like hot water boils”.
  • Surat as-Saffat, 37, 62-67: “Is this better as a treat? Or an oleander tree? Surely, We have made it a scourge for the wrongdoers. It is a tree emerging from the bottom of Hell. Its buds are like the heads of demons. The people of Hell eat from these and fill their bellies with them. Then they are given their drink, mixed with boiling water, on the oleander tree.”
  • Surat al-Waqia, 56/51-55: “Then you who stray from the right path and deny the truth! You will definitely eat from the oleander tree in Hell. You will fill your bellies with it. And on it, you will drink boiling water like the drinking of a thirsty camel”.

The oleander flower is known to be the flower of death. It is also known as the hell flower. It is not stated to be a positive symbol because it has a poisonous structure. It draws attention in the sources that it is a flower that symbolizes all the negativities in life. However, this flower’s pleasant smell and aesthetically striking colorful appearance make many people forget the meaning of the flower. As you pass by the oleander tree, the fresh and perfumed smell that hits your nose can enchant you.

How to Care for an Oleander Flower?

  • Soil Selection: The oleander flower has a structure that adapts to all kinds of soils. It likes clay, humus, moist and mineral soils.
  • Heat: It is a plant that loves heat and cold moderately. It grows smoothly in regions with a Mediterranean climate. Oleander, which is resistant to harsh cold, maintains its own structure in dry days. Ideal weather preference is humid and slightly windy periods.
  • Pot Preference: Large pots are recommended for those who grow oleander at home. The pot must be perforated and durable. Because as the oleander takes root, it wants to be comfortable in the pot. As it is watered, it wants to pour the excess water from the holes.
  • Water Requirement: You should water the oleander regularly. It is a plant that can live in dry soil but grows more efficiently when there is water. For this reason, it is recommended that you check it frequently and make metered watering according to the soil.

What are the Benefits of Oleander Flower?

When used in a conscious environment, the oleander flower becomes a popular plant with its benefits. However, it should be reminded again that this flower is poisonous. Some features should not be forgotten in order to become useful. If we talk about the benefits of the oleander flower; We can see the following items:

  • It is stated that the oleander flower has a diuretic effect. However, in order for it to show this effect, it must be used in an approved manner by a doctor.
  • Many medicinal drugs contain oleander flowers. Oleander, which is added to medicines by going through various processes, becomes a useful plant that cleans the urinary tract.
  • Oleander, which has the task of protecting heart health, is also found in many heart medicines.
  • From time to time, the oleander flower comes to mind for skin problems. By preparing an olive oil mixture of oleander flowers, you can eliminate problems such as itching and redness on your skin.
  • For this, you can soak the oleander flower in olive oil for two nights and apply the oil to your skin as a moisturizer.

Can Oleander Flower Grow At Home?

  • After creating the ideal environment for the oleander flower in your home, you can grow this plant at home.
  • You can witness the growth of oleander at home by regular watering without getting the strong wind.
  • You can help the oleander grow more easily by choosing a larger pot every year compared to the previous year.
  • When an infestation occurs, it is recommended to renew the soil.
  • Since the leaves and flowers of the oleander plant are toxic, it is recommended to grow them out of the reach of small children.
  • Oleander is a plant that can grow in pots and gardens for a long time.
  • As it grows and shows its flowers, it will spread its pleasant scent to the environment.

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