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Peas , known and adored by all thanks to their countless properties and the great help they offer you to enjoy a healthy diet and their easy conservation , a herbaceous plant known in the scientific world as “Pisum sativum” with a Mediterranean origin and that It is currently widespread in its cultivation and consumption worldwide. From it it is possible to consume both its seeds and the pod that protects them, with special emphasis on its delicious seeds that are also known under the names of peas , peas or the popular pea .

Being a widely spread food , it is understood that it is on everyone’s lips and that culinary and gastronomic conversations always mention peas, hence in this opportunity we will settle a historical debt related to clearing up the doubt about the type of vegetable to which the pea belongs and thus be able to enjoy what they offer you to nourish yourself while enjoying their great flavor and their antioxidant power thanks to the 40 mg of vitamin C offered and the help they give you to keep your bodily functions in optimal working order with their 244mg of potassium .

The great enigma of peas: is this food a vegetable?

A very low sugar content despite its sweet taste and good doses of soluble fibers allow optimal functioning of the digestive system, in addition, both the magnesium and potassium they contain achieve the objective of a properly functioning nervous system. Without forgetting the calcium through which you can enjoy healthy teeth and bones. Hence, it is an excellent food capable of being present in the Mediterranean diet and thus obtain preventive and nutritional benefits.

Spring has begun and with this change of season new foods arrive to strengthen and increase the effectiveness of our diet, these seasonal foods offer you the best relationship between quality and disease-preventive qualities as well as nutritional qualities. Now let’s take a closer look at the true classification of peas and thus determine what type of vegetables they belong to.

Peas: what kind of vegetable do they belong to?

A question that many of you at some point in your lives have asked yourself and that usually returns to mentally assault us every spring. What kind of vegetable are peas? Well, to honor the truth, these seeds are simply legumes , so they are obviously not vegetables . This false belief is rooted in our minds thanks to its characteristic green color and the fact that peas can often be eaten fresh.

Denominated under the scientific name of (pisum sativum) this legume is about the fruit of a herbaceous plant contained in a pod and whose composition offers you vegetable proteins , minerals, vitamins, fiber and carbohydrates. Like the vast majority of legumes, peas stand out, as do chickpeas and nutritious lentils.

Its consumption can be carried out in countless ways, in Europe it is very common to consume them fresh , while in Africa and Asia it is more common to consume them dry, as if it were a grain. In addition to offering you an incredible variety of ways to be incorporated into various dishes.

The pea plant

  • The pea as a plant has a very poor and poorly developed vegetative system, although it is complemented by a root that tends to go deep very well. As for its leaves, these are formed by pairs of leaflets and ending in tendrils, the seeds are inside pods with sizes that can range from 5 to 10 centimeters long.
  • These pea plants do not have a stable constitution, that is, they can maintain diverse forms, very variable in habits and in form. They are herbaceous annuals and climbers and their large amounts of protein and their great diversity allow precise control of their photosynthesis , inhibition and growth, among other functions.

A look at legumes and peas

Pulses constitute a part of the legumes that are harvested with the full intention of obtaining their seeds (fresh or dried). Among the most consumed legumes, it is possible to list lentils , dry beans and peas, all widely known and widely used in countless preparations and typical foods around the world.

Peas and thus legumes are listed as essential crops for a growing number of obvious reasons. They are full of nutrients and maintain a high content of vegetable protein, hence they are essential for vegan diets or where for some reason it is not possible to have animal protein and therefore meat and dairy are inaccessible economically or for other weighty reasons. .

Peas are also low in fat and rich in soluble fiber, incredibly helping to reduce cholesterol and control blood sugar levels. These qualities make them ideal to be added to diets and combat the incidence of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes , many types of obesity and countless cardiovascular ailments.

Remember that peas are legumes and not vegetables, a lesson and information that you will never forget and that you will keep in mind to clarify this doubt to your friends. With a nutritional and food composition very similar to that of other legumes and that without a doubt you have to include in your daily diet to enjoy the numerous benefits that a moderate consumption of them gives you.

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