Rose Oil Benefits, What Does It Do? How to use?

Rose Oil Benefits

Rose Oil for Skin – Hair Care and Aromatherapy! Rose oil is a product that you come across with roses in daily life. Rose is such a plant that; You can see the effect everywhere. Rose is definitely used in literature between the lines, in jam for breakfast, in desserts at tea time, in cosmetic products and perfumes. It is one of the most preferred sources of cosmetic products due to its smell and texture. Soap, shampoo and fragrances obtained with rose take their place in personal care products of many people.

There is another place where rose is used, which will be vegetable oils. Now, on this page, we have prepared useful information about rose oil obtained from roses. If you have questions about the use and benefits of rose oil; We are here to clear those question marks! Here is a lot of rose-scented useful information!

What is Rose Oil?

Rose oil draws attention with its pleasant smell among essential oils. Rose oil is obtained by steam distillation method tried on plants. To create rose oil, the plants first pass through moderate steam. The purpose of passing through steam is to take the fragrant part of the plant. The resulting fragrant steam is waited for cooling and the oil is filtered from the resulting water mixture. It takes a lot of rose petals to make rose oil, which is quite troublesome. About 3 kilos of rose petals are needed for 1 ml of rose oil. This method of oil extraction will be laborious as well as expensive. But rose oil is also prepared in a more economical way.

How to obtain rose oil economically? The more economical method to obtain rose oil would be to mix rose petals with a solvent. For this process, a chemical substance is used that takes the oil from the leaves. With the help of chemicals, rose oil is obtained more quickly and at less cost.

Rose oil obtained by cosmetic companies is presented to the market in various forms. While caring for your hair with shampoos containing rose oil, you can spread a pleasant scent in your home with rose-scented cologne or perfume. In Isparta, where roses are the most common in our country, there is almost nothing that cannot be done with roses. Rose soaps, foods, Turkish delights and more are always made for the benefits of roses. In ancient Greece, rose oil was preferred as a medicine for many diseases, and today it also solves many problems.

What Are the Benefits of Rose Oil?

You can take a look at the benefits of rose oil, which is used as a pain reliever in Ottoman medicine, with the following list:

  • Rose oil is used in the field of aromatherapy and with this feature, it relieves the person from stress. You can feel more peaceful with rose oil.
  • If you have constipation problems, you can relax your intestines when you apply rose oil as a massage to the abdominal muscles.
  • Rose oil attracts attention with its pleasant smell. Its use in oral care allows you to breathe more freshly.
  • With the calm scent of rose oil, respiratory ailments such as shortness of breath and asthma can be treated.
  • It helps the room to smell better by pouring it on the heater or applying it on the air conditioner.
  • Rose oil can be used in a hair mask to have healthy hair. Thanks to the vitamins it has, it meets the moisture that the hair needs.

What are the Benefits of Rose Oil for the Skin?

  • If you are wearing make-up during the day, you can use a few drops of rose oil for make-up removal. With rose oil, you can get rid of make-up without harming your skin. Rose oil will remove the dirt and oil from your skin as well as remove the make-up on your skin.
  • Rose oil is recommended for people who have spotting on their skin in hot cities and hot seasons. Because rose oil will lighten the appearance of sunspots on the skin and will eliminate them over time.
  • Rose oil can be used to heal your skin with minor wounds. Thanks to vitamins, it accelerates cell repair and heals the effects of eczema and wounds on your skin.
  • If you massage your skin with rose oil, you can accelerate blood circulation and make you look more alive.
  • Rose oil is recommended for people with dry skin. It protects the moisture balance of the skin, especially eliminates the dryness of the elbows and heels.
  • When applied regularly to skin cracks caused by various reasons, it heals cracks.
  • Dandruff in the hair can be caused by the drying of the scalp. You can use rose oil to solve this problem. Because rose oil will also moisturize the scalp and add health.

What Does Rose Oil Do? How to use?

You can use rose oil for many purposes:

  • in skin care
  • in the bath water
  • in hair care
  • Rose oil used in respiratory ailments will be the most natural medicine for you.

Can rose oil be applied directly to the skin?

When you want to use rose oil in skin care, you should obtain natural rose oil. If your skin is sensitive, you can mix rose oil with olive oil and use it. If there is no skin allergy, you can use it directly on the skin. If you are going to use it for the first time, you can apply it to a small spot on your hand and wait for 10 minutes. You can use it if there is no allergic condition. It will always be healthier to consult a specialist doctor to prevent a possible skin problem.

Can rose oil be applied around the eyes?

When using rose oil around the eyes, you should be careful not to get it into the eyes. For this, instead of pouring rose oil around the eyes, you can apply it with the help of a make-up cotton. It will be suitable for use for the treatment of wrinkles around the eyes by applying very slow movements. When used around the eyes, bruises and swelling can be removed.

You can also use rose oil as a daily moisturizer. For this, you can use it by pouring a few drops into the cream or vaseline you use. You can also see the moisturizing effect in this way.

To benefit from rose oil in hair care, you can pour pure rose oil into the shampoo. During the shower, your hair will be treated with rose oil and your hair will smell better with its pleasant smell.

Rose Oil Mask Recipe

On days when you care about your personal care, you can get the benefits by adding rose oil to hair and skin masks. For this, we will suggest 2 different masks to give you an idea. You can prepare a mask from rose oil in your home and apply these masks to see its effects

1) Mask for Acne Skin


  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of rose oil
  • 1 tablespoon of rose water
  • few rose petals


To give health to your acne-prone skin; Soak the rose petals in warm water for a few hours. Then crush these leaves with a blender and make it creamy. Then add the other ingredients and mix well. Apply the resulting cream on your skin and wait for 20 minutes. With the effect of rose oil, you can clear acne from your skin.

2) Moisturizing Skin Mask


  • 5 drops of rose oil
  • 2 spoons of honey
  • 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil
  • 1 drop of vitamin E


Mix all the ingredients and apply to the areas where you suffer from dry skin. It is a mask that can be applied to the elbow, heel, home and feet. You can also use it as a hair mask if you wish. Because mask materials have a feature that moisturizes your skin and hair. 1 time a week for hair; You can apply it to your skin at intervals of 3 days.

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