Where Does the Linden Tree Grow? When Is It Collected?

Linden Tea

Nature itself is a pharmacy, a source of healing. In this pharmacy, the secrets of which have not yet been fully discovered, there are many plant species that attract attention both with their smells and with their cures. Among these plants is linden, which enchants people with its fascinating flowers and dizzying scents. It is such a source of healing that it not only heals but also inspires. It has even been the subject of poems and has been a cure for heartache.

Although it is a tree species that attracts attention with its long height and majesty, the real fame of the linden tree stems from the healing hidden in its flowers and leaves. Especially in the winter season, it has a refreshing feature even with the smell of linden tea, which almost everyone seeks healing by brewing it at least once.

If you start researching by saying what linden is good for, you can see that the list is quite long. Linden tea, which has been consumed by people for centuries in both Europe and Anatolia for the purpose of healing, is among the top plant species with countless benefits.

The leafy part holds the active ingredient in the linden flower, so the leaves prevent the linden tea from showing the expected effect. A glass of linden tea with honey, especially in the winter months, is good for cough and also opens the breath. It is used in the treatment of colds due to the diaphoretic substances in linden, it plays a stress-reducing and calming role due to its pleasant smell.


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